10 Advantages Of Joining The One Piece Straw Hat Crew

Becoming a pirate sounds like a fantasy scenario to many people. Looking at the adventures that Monkey D. Luffy and the Straw Hats have had in One piece, it’s not hard to imagine how much fun it could be to join such a group. In the dangerous world of One pieceit might even be one of the safest places for a person.

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a great topic of One piece it’s the freedom of adventure, and nothing captures it better than the joyous spirit of the Straw Hats. With his colorful personalities and a ship that can sail anywhere in the New World, joining his pirate team would have many advantages.

10 The opportunity to travel the world

In real life, traveling the world can be a rare and expensive affair. That is not the case with the One piece‘s Straw Hat Pirates, as they have the freedom, and certainly the means, to sail wherever their adventurous hearts desire.

As a member of the Straw Hat crew, a person could enjoy sailing through the Grand Line and the New World. They could see new destinations with few restrictions. Exotic places, new cultures, food and wildlife are common things in the life of a Straw Hat pirate.

9 Being able to eat food cooked by Vinsmoke Sanji

sanji cooking

Partaking in fancy dinners is something most people get to do from time to time, but one of the perks of joining the Straw Hat crew would be living on the same ship as Vinsmoke Sanji. The famous chef One pieceBaratie’s restaurant is well known for being a master chef who can create gourmet meals with just about any ingredient on hand.

Under Sanji’s care, a new member of the Straw Hat crew can enjoy food of the highest quality as often as they like. Not to mention, the menu would be as diverse as the pirates themselves.

8 Listening to wonderful music performed by Brook

Brook playing the violin in One Piece

Listening to music is essential when traveling for long periods. As a member of the Straw Hat Pirates, the melodies would be provided courtesy of One pieceBrook’s friendly skeleton. Despite his outward appearance, Brook turns out to be a master of music.

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Whether it’s a legendary sea song like “Binks’ Sake” or other sea-friendly songs, a Straw Hat can be expected to have their ears serenaded by Brook’s golden flutes whenever the state arises. of spirit.

7 Free and excellent health care options provided by Tony Tony Chopper

tony tony chopper in one piece

Health care is a frustrating problem for many people in the real world. Health insurance is expensive and wait times for appointments can take months. in the world of One piecethe Straw Hats have a top tier doctor aboard the Thousand Sunny, so this would never be a problem again.

With Tony Tony Chopper in charge of the crew’s welfare, worrying about physical injury or illness would be a thing of the past.

6 The opportunity to find the famous One Piece itself

Gol D. Roger is standing against a pink background smiling

When Gol D. Roger met his fateful end at the hands of the Marines, he proclaimed that the greatest treasure the world had ever seen was at stake. The legendary piece has not yet been found by any pirate crew of the new generation.

However, for someone who is part of Monkey D. Luffy’s crew, the chances of finding the unique piece are much higher. The Straw Hats have made great inroads into the heart of the New World, and have been constantly dealing with the Emperors of the sea along the way.

5 The most protection a pirate could ask for

Roronoa Zora Scene Nothing Happened

Being a capable fighter is not a prerequisite for being part of the Straw Hat crew. One piece Characters like Nami and Usopp frequently find themselves in situations where they are at a distinct disadvantage.

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The reason joining the Straw Hats is still a good idea is that a new member can rely on having strong teammates like Roronoa Zoro and Sanji. Buddies like these provide all the protection a novice pirate could ask for.

4 Constantly meeting new people and cultures

Navigating the sea of ​​the New World would be a journey fraught with danger. But it also presents the opportunity to meet dozens of new people, including potential friends. Each new island is an opportunity to meet a new culture of people.

On One piece this could mean traveling to the underwater Fish-Man Island and befriending the ocean dwellers; It could also mean visiting the desert land of Alabasta and meeting someone as wonderful as Princess Nefertari Vivi.

3 Learning all about technology from Franky

Learning and using new technologies is essential to daily life, and could be just as vital at sea as it is on land. By joining the Straw Hats, a new pirate could get acquainted with the cyborg mechanic Franky.

Having built the Thousand Sunny, as well as a variety of other vehicles and weaponry for the Straw Hats to use, Franky is one of the most technically capable pirates in One piece. Befriending the friendly enthusiast and learning all about the technology could prove invaluable to a person’s experience and of course potential adventures.

two A chance to eat a devil fruit and gain wondrous new powers

Devil Fruit

in the world of One piece, various pirates have gained supernatural powers by eating devil fruits. These mysterious fruits can grant remarkable abilities, but at the cost of the user being unable to swim for the rest of their lives.

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As part of the Straw Hat crew, a new pirate might find some Devil Fruits during his many maritime adventures. It would be the perfect opportunity to acquire new and fantastic skills.

1 Have friends who take care of you and take care of you

the thrill of exploring One piece‘s ocean, encountering new cultures full of friends and enemies, and finding devil fruits are all good reasons to join the Straw Hat team.

However, what makes it worth doing is the camaraderie along the way. As part of the Straw Hats, a new pirate could meet the lovable characters and become true friends with some of the most light-hearted personalities in all of anime.

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