4 Students Who May Become Top 10 Pro Heroes (And 4 Who Never Will)

Very few my hero academia characters will ever become Pro Heroes, let alone top 10. However, Japan’s next generation of heroes has great potential. Be it Shoto Todoroki or Inasa Yoarashi, the students in the series are highly regarded for their powerful quirks and brave attributes. Fans should definitely expect these students to realize their … Read more

Why Dabi’s goal was always self-destruction

my hero academia is preparing to further explore Dabi’s origins and ultimate motivations for becoming a villain, but in that exploration one thing has already become clear. As Dabi continues to burn at the cost of his own life, it becomes clearer that there is something more he wants. With the series keeping him mysterious … Read more

10 Funny My Hero Academia Moments That Still Make Fans Laugh

my hero academia it’s never without its laughs, despite its relatively dark subject matter. Shonen manga often maintain a delicate balance between serious and humorous moments. my hero academia it is no different in that regard. Fans always expect goofy interactions between the heroes. Even the villains get a chance to show their comedic timing. … Read more

4 My Hero Academia Characters Who Are Very Smart (And 4 Who Certainly Aren’t)

For every genius in my hero academiathere is someone who does not reach the IQ threshold. Intelligence is a very important quality in the series. Characters with low intelligence often hold back in battle. Meanwhile, fighters with high intelligence can make up for their lack of physical ability with cunning strategic planning. Note: This article … Read more