WonderCon 2022 Cosplay Gallery: Marvel, Star Wars, DC, Star Trek

gif: Visit Anaheim/Getty Images After some years of covid-19 Driving conventions online, the 2022 scam season has begun a strange startas fans step out in their best geek masks and the best in clothing. this past weekend WonderCon was no exception, bringing everyone fcomic book heroes rom to the stars of Emigrate and wars in … Read more

The best Apex Legends cosplays

Horizon is made for cosplay! (Credit: Electronic Arts) In the latest part of our cosplay series, we showcase the best fortnite cosplay. This time, we continue with our favorite. Apex Legends Cosplay! There are some really cool looking costumes out there, and we’re here to give you a sneak peek… Cosplay is truly an art … Read more

8 cosplayers at Zenkaikon talk about how their costumes came together, from Chainsaw Man to Luigi [photos] | Entertainment

Zenkaikon gives people in the city of Lancaster the chance to see some of their favorite characters from anime, TV shows, movies, and video games. How often can you say hello to Luigi on a Saturday afternoon? People who dress up are cosplaying (short for dressing up). Anyone can cosplay regardless of body type. For … Read more

Meet Rhylee, the “cursed cosplay” TikToker with fans in Hollywood locations – Latest Breaking News

If the Academy Awards add a category for ‘Best Cosplay’, there’s a certain Aussie who will be in the running. Rhylee Passfield, also known to her 1.8 million TikTok followers as @rhyleep95, has become all kinds of infamous on the internet. James Gunn, the occasionally esteemed American director and screenwriter behind Guardians of the Galaxy … Read more

Cosplayer Alyson Tabbitha transforms into Jack Sparrow, Wonder Woman

Take it from a master of disguise: Costumes don’t have to be creepy to wow people. A Florida-based artist and cosplayer who goes by Alyson Tabbitha has amassed 1.1 million Instagram followers and nearly 400,000 YouTube subscribers, for her dazzling transformations into characters like Captain Jack Sparrow, Wonder Woman and Lydia Deetz from “Beetlejuice.” ” … Read more

To black cosplayers, a love letter

Since the dawn of what would become fandom as we know it, cosplay has been a part of how fans expressed themselves and showed their interest in different nerdy properties. For black fans in particular, cosplay became a way to embody the characters they knew and loved, characters that didn’t always look like them. Despite … Read more

Your Guide to Tempe FanCon 2022: Cosplay, Vendors, Schedule, and More

Arizona scam season is about to begin. In the coming months, local nerd-exclusive events will return after taking a year or two off, offering local cosplayers, comic book fans and other members of the Valley’s nerd community and the chance to get out in public. First up is Tempe FanCon this weekend, the free event … Read more

5 Last Minute Cosplay Tips Before Zenkaikon Returns To Lancaster In 2022 | Entertainment

This weekend, you might see someone with a spiky blue wig and a foam gun walking around the city of Lancaster. Friday marks the first day of the Zenkaikon weekend anime convention, which is being held at the Lancaster County Convention Center for the first time since 2019. Zenkaikon, and its attendants who dress in … Read more

Kids of Cosplay: Thurstan Redding Shoots the Cosplay Community

Jessica Rabbit took the train to London to meet Thurstan Redding in full regalia. Or at least one cosplayer dressed to look like her. Thurstan, a photographer used to collaborating with brands like Gucci, Chanel, Miu Miu and Marc Jacobs, had spent years trying to get a group of cosplayers together for a book project. … Read more

‘Shades of Cosplay’ explores the black cosplay experience

In 2015, Cheyenne filmmaker Ewulu released a black cosplay documentary called cosplay shades. The documentary looked at the lives of four black cosplayers and how they navigated the cosplay scene, addressing issues of racism and a lack of inclusion in certain spaces. The film premiered at Magfest’s “Games on Film” event in 2016 and has … Read more

Interview with Cheyenne Ewulu from Shades of Cosplay

cosplay shadesa short documentary film focusing on four black cosplayers, was released in 2015 by filmmaker cheyenne ewulu. cosplay shades it was Ewulu’s first film, and he decided to re-release it because he felt the conversations were still relevant today. He’s right, which is pretty telling since the movie touches on racism in the cosplay … Read more