8 Lava Users In Naruto, Ranked From Weakest To Strongest

Lava Element (or “Lava Style”) in naruto is a combination of Kekkei Genkai of Earth and Fire. As with other Kekki Genkai, there are various applications and abilities that lava users can perform, from making molten rock solid and liquid to acidic sludge. As with other combined technique users, these users have abilities unique to … Read more

YouTuber cuts a whopping 115 hours of Naruto anime filler for GF

“Don’t worry, I took care of it.”Image: Toei Animation / VIZ Media / Kotaku An anime YouTuber boldly edited the entirety of narutofill arcs and all, into an “easier” and more enjoyable viewing experience. the “Big Three” Anime, naruto, BleachY One pieceThey are essential watches for each Shōnen-Loving otaku. Along with the influence of being … Read more

Why was the supervisor sick in Naruto?

For a long time, naruto fans wondered what was going on with Hayate Gekko, who was the proctor for the Chunin exams and oversaw the fights, which included Naruto. He was a Jonin, of the same rank as Might Guy, and was reported to be skilled in both Kenjutsu and Shadow Clone techniques. However, he … Read more

Why is the tournament arc the most popular Shonen anime trope?

From Mortal Kombat to World Martial Arts Tournaments in Dragon Ball, Tournament arcs in shonen anime and other media tend to be incredibly popular. This particular trope doesn’t seem to bother anime fans as much as it does others, which may seem surprising at first glance.. But regardless, there are plenty of reasons, ranging from … Read more

Naruto’s Otsusuki vs Dragon Ball Saiyans: Which is superior?

The Otsutsuki Clan and the Saiyans are two highly recognizable races of naruto and Dragon Ball. Both are known to destroy planets, are arrogant, and have many legends and conflicts throughout their respective series. Naturally, fans of both series have speculated who would win if these destroyers of worlds ever made contact: the methodical and … Read more

10 Most Popular Husbands In Anime Of All Time

Once in his life, almost every fan considers one of the anime characters as his ideal partner. The terms they use to refer to these characters are Waifus and Husbandos. While the former is more prevalent in the anime community, they are closely followed by Husbandos. Husbands are often idolized for being compassionate and courageous, … Read more

7 Wind Release Users In Naruto, Ranked From Most Powerful To Least

The Wind Release chakra has incredible potential due to its malleable nature. He can take on the roles of attack and defense while also providing support to other shinobi. It can also have any other chakra nature used in conjunction with it. This is shown whenever Naruto uses a Rasenshuriken with additional Kekkei Genkai or … Read more