4 Characters Who Can Take On Luffy’s Gear Fifth (And 4 Who Can’t)

Disclaimer: This article contains massive One Piece spoilers. Very few characters can surpass Luffy’s Gear Fifth in One piece. At this point in the story, Luffy is on his way to becoming the Pirate King. Now that he has fully awakened his devil fruit, he can use the “most ridiculous power” in the series. Gear … Read more

Garou goes through another transformation, the battle with Saitama continues

one punch man The manga is heading in the right direction, and fans believe that the recent chapters have been some of the most exciting yet. There has been a lot of development in the series and it looks like the story is heading towards the conclusion of the ongoing Monster Association arc. In the … Read more

Luffy’s Thunder God Attack, Raizo’s Detailed Plan, and More

Additional One piece Chapter 1046 spoilers have been released ever since the initial scant spoilers came out. These additional One piece The spoilers for chapter 1046 detail exactly what Raizo’s plan is, as well as dedicating a few pages to Luffy versus Kaido. Unfortunately, due to the removal of leaker Redon, fans are not getting … Read more

A fatal attack against Lucifero, Licita’s past with Asta becomes clear

After last week’s break, black clover Chapter 328 returns this week with the continuation of Asta’s fight against Lucifer. The raw scans released today focus on Licita de Liebe’s fight and memories. The chapter is 15 pages long and there are no rumors of a break for next week. The official chapter comes out on … Read more

The Kozuki clan is somehow connected to Joy Boy.

Hiyori’s part in One piece Chapter 1044 should not be forgotten, considering that it has some importance with the Joy Boy lore. No wonder Luffy stole the spotlight with One piece Chapter 1044 Eiichiro Oda shocked everyone with the big reveal that Luffy ate the Hito Hito no Mi, Model: Nika. The Straw Hat also … Read more

4 Reasons Anime Viewers Should Read The Manga (And 4 Reasons They Don’t)

One Piece anime watchers have passionate reasons why they do or don’t read the manga. Most of them will argue their point vigorously. This article dives into some of the arguments put forward by them. Eiichiro Oda began as a manga series for Shonen Jump in 1997. Two years later, Toei Animation broadcast it in … Read more