Over-the-top moments, cosplayers, and more: Scenes from LCK’s first offline finals in 2.5 years

The 2022 LCK Spring Finals garnered attention and excitement not only from fans in Korea, but from all over the world. It was a series between two teams that are widely considered to be the best in the world, and the anticipation was further raised by the fact that the two teams did not play … Read more

Meet Rhylee, the “cursed cosplay” TikToker with fans in Hollywood locations – Latest Breaking News

If the Academy Awards add a category for ‘Best Cosplay’, there’s a certain Aussie who will be in the running. Rhylee Passfield, also known to her 1.8 million TikTok followers as @rhyleep95, has become all kinds of infamous on the internet. James Gunn, the occasionally esteemed American director and screenwriter behind Guardians of the Galaxy … Read more

Liyuu Talks About Cosplay, Singing, And Voice Acting Internationally

Source: Horipro International How would it feel to put the most effort into your hobby to receive the support of many people and find an opportunity to work abroad? Liyuu is a Chinese cosplayer, singer, and voice actress who works in Japan. She couldn’t speak Japanese a couple of years ago. She now, she shows … Read more

Interview with Cheyenne Ewulu from Shades of Cosplay

cosplay shadesa short documentary film focusing on four black cosplayers, was released in 2015 by filmmaker cheyenne ewulu. cosplay shades it was Ewulu’s first film, and he decided to re-release it because he felt the conversations were still relevant today. He’s right, which is pretty telling since the movie touches on racism in the cosplay … Read more