How Anime Showed Me That Anger Is Valid, Necessary, And Really Cool

spoilers for Promare, Jujutsu Kaisen (anime), My Hero Academia (anime), Y Revolutionary Girl Utena (anime and movie)/ One of the (many) things I love about anime is its creative use of animation when telling a story, especially when it comes to illustrating how characters feel in certain situations. Sure, you can make the characters blush … Read more

8 Lava Users In Naruto, Ranked From Weakest To Strongest

Lava Element (or “Lava Style”) in naruto is a combination of Kekkei Genkai of Earth and Fire. As with other Kekki Genkai, there are various applications and abilities that lava users can perform, from making molten rock solid and liquid to acidic sludge. As with other combined technique users, these users have abilities unique to … Read more

Toronto is getting a new anime-inspired Wing Spot and here’s a sneak peek

This review article is part of a Narcity Media series. The views expressed are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of Narcity Media. Crave Wings has soft-launched in Toronto, and they’re serving up anime culture with a side of wings. This new restaurant is digging deeper into popular anime fandom … Read more

How Fire Force and Soul Eater are connected

fire force Y Soul Eater Author Atsushi Ohkubo is well known for creating two very strange and enjoyable series that focus on strange powers and conflicts. When the former first came out on July 5, 2019, many people speculated whether or not it was related to his previous work. Soul Eater. At the time of … Read more

Why Sanemi Was Perceived As A Bad Hashira In Demon Slayer

Sanemi Shinazugawa is one of the most popular and well-known Hashiras in the world. Murderer of demons series, at least among manga readers. Sanemi’s introduction to the series wasn’t pretty, and that’s a bit of an understatement. Due to the way he was introduced, many fans believe that he is a cold-hearted person who does … Read more

4 Characters Who Can Take On Luffy’s Gear Fifth (And 4 Who Can’t)

Disclaimer: This article contains massive One Piece spoilers. Very few characters can surpass Luffy’s Gear Fifth in One piece. At this point in the story, Luffy is on his way to becoming the Pirate King. Now that he has fully awakened his devil fruit, he can use the “most ridiculous power” in the series. Gear … Read more

Garou goes through another transformation, the battle with Saitama continues

one punch man The manga is heading in the right direction, and fans believe that the recent chapters have been some of the most exciting yet. There has been a lot of development in the series and it looks like the story is heading towards the conclusion of the ongoing Monster Association arc. In the … Read more

Luffy’s Thunder God Attack, Raizo’s Detailed Plan, and More

Additional One piece Chapter 1046 spoilers have been released ever since the initial scant spoilers came out. These additional One piece The spoilers for chapter 1046 detail exactly what Raizo’s plan is, as well as dedicating a few pages to Luffy versus Kaido. Unfortunately, due to the removal of leaker Redon, fans are not getting … Read more

Crunchyroll announces that dub content will be uploaded to Funimation’s YouTube channel

Crunchyroll is one of the most popular anime streaming platforms around the world and they have some exciting news for the anime community. Recently, they made an announcement about Funimation’s YouTube channel and the content change that is about to happen. If you’re someone who loves exploring Funimation’s collection of YouTube videos to find your … Read more

Why was the supervisor sick in Naruto?

For a long time, naruto fans wondered what was going on with Hayate Gekko, who was the proctor for the Chunin exams and oversaw the fights, which included Naruto. He was a Jonin, of the same rank as Might Guy, and was reported to be skilled in both Kenjutsu and Shadow Clone techniques. However, he … Read more

Why is the tournament arc the most popular Shonen anime trope?

From Mortal Kombat to World Martial Arts Tournaments in Dragon Ball, Tournament arcs in shonen anime and other media tend to be incredibly popular. This particular trope doesn’t seem to bother anime fans as much as it does others, which may seem surprising at first glance.. But regardless, there are plenty of reasons, ranging from … Read more

4 Students Who May Become Top 10 Pro Heroes (And 4 Who Never Will)

Very few my hero academia characters will ever become Pro Heroes, let alone top 10. However, Japan’s next generation of heroes has great potential. Be it Shoto Todoroki or Inasa Yoarashi, the students in the series are highly regarded for their powerful quirks and brave attributes. Fans should definitely expect these students to realize their … Read more

Naruto’s Otsusuki vs Dragon Ball Saiyans: Which is superior?

The Otsutsuki Clan and the Saiyans are two highly recognizable races of naruto and Dragon Ball. Both are known to destroy planets, are arrogant, and have many legends and conflicts throughout their respective series. Naturally, fans of both series have speculated who would win if these destroyers of worlds ever made contact: the methodical and … Read more