10 Embarrassingly Weak Villains Goku Has Faced In Dragon Ball, Ranked

As possibly the strongest mortal in the Dragon Ball franchise, it is interesting to think that Universe 7 Saiyan has had humble beginnings. His opponents, once somewhat difficult for him, now seem irrelevant to even the weakest of the Z Fighters. Obviously, in hindsight, these earlier threats seem completely irrelevant and weak. While they were … Read more

10 Dragon Ball Characters Who Are Neither Villains nor Heroes

Loyalties in Dragon Ball have always been somewhat confusing for certain characters. Some of these characters never indicate true allegiance or allegiance throughout Dragon Ball. Others eventually drift to one side or the other, even if a change of course is needed first. Many characters, especially those introduced in dragon ball super, can never truly … Read more

8 Androids In Dragon Ball, Ranked From Most Powerful To Least

androids in Dragon Ball tend to be some very heavy hitters, capable of withstanding, if not resisting, punches from Super Saiyans and beyond. Naturally, since there have been so many, debates continue as to who exactly is the strongest Android. The introduction of Android 21 into the Dragon Ball FighterZ game certainly upped the ante … Read more