YouTuber cuts a whopping 115 hours of Naruto anime filler for GF

“Don’t worry, I took care of it.”Image: Toei Animation / VIZ Media / Kotaku An anime YouTuber boldly edited the entirety of narutofill arcs and all, into an “easier” and more enjoyable viewing experience. the “Big Three” Anime, naruto, BleachY One pieceThey are essential watches for each Shōnen-Loving otaku. Along with the influence of being … Read more

7 Wind Release Users In Naruto, Ranked From Most Powerful To Least

The Wind Release chakra has incredible potential due to its malleable nature. He can take on the roles of attack and defense while also providing support to other shinobi. It can also have any other chakra nature used in conjunction with it. This is shown whenever Naruto uses a Rasenshuriken with additional Kekkei Genkai or … Read more