8 Lava Users In Naruto, Ranked From Weakest To Strongest

Lava Element (or “Lava Style”) in naruto is a combination of Kekkei Genkai of Earth and Fire. As with other Kekki Genkai, there are various applications and abilities that lava users can perform, from making molten rock solid and liquid to acidic sludge. As with other combined technique users, these users have abilities unique to … Read more

4 Characters Who Can Take On Luffy’s Gear Fifth (And 4 Who Can’t)

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4 Students Who May Become Top 10 Pro Heroes (And 4 Who Never Will)

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10 Fortnite cosplays that bring the character of the game to life (2022)

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10 Funny My Hero Academia Moments That Still Make Fans Laugh

my hero academia it’s never without its laughs, despite its relatively dark subject matter. Shonen manga often maintain a delicate balance between serious and humorous moments. my hero academia it is no different in that regard. Fans always expect goofy interactions between the heroes. Even the villains get a chance to show their comedic timing. … Read more