10 Anime Characters Who Are Always Up To Something Bad

It goes without saying that some of the funniest and most endearing anime characters can also be the most annoying. This is not because they are the kind of villains that viewers love to hate, but because they are mischievous tricksters who are always up to something bad.

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Whether it’s because jokes are just in their nature or something else drives them, these characters’ definition of a good time can be funny at best and mildly insufferable at worst. Either way, none of these pranksters intend to do harm or harm.

WARNING: Spoilers ahead.

10 Lucky Star — Konata Izumi enjoys playing with her friends

Konata stands out in her group of friends not only because she is an otaku but because she is the biggest troll in the group. Whenever she gets the chance, Konata teases Kagami, usually calm and serious, just to see how she would react. Despite her best efforts, Kagami always falls for Konata’s antics and makes herself look silly.

Kagami isn’t the only one subject to this, as Konata also picks on Tsukasa and Miyuki, but to a lesser degree. That said, Konata and Kagami really are friends, even if Kagami often gets annoyed at Konata’s mere presence. lucky star he not-so-subtly hinted that there could be more to this friendship, and fans embraced it.

9 Asobi Asobase: Hanako Honda represents the majority of the Pastimers’ Club’s crazy escapades

Hanako arrives in her crazy outfit at Asobi Asobase

To be fair, everyone in the underrated asobi asobase he was up to no good. That said, Hanako was without a doubt the main culprit out of the main trio. Whenever Hanako had the chance to mess with Olivia and/or Kasumi, she would attack as fast as she could. The problem is that almost all of Hanako’s pranks and tricks backfired terribly.

Take your high-stakes board game, for example. Each frame held an embarrassing challenge, and Hanako was forced to undergo some of her most humiliating punishment. Every time the Hobby Club (a club dedicated to doing nothing) found themselves on another crazy escapade, it was either Hanako’s fault or her idea in the first place.

8 Aho Girl — Yoshiko Hanabatake is clumsy beyond belief

Yoshiko eats a banana in Aho Girl

It’s not an exaggeration to say that Yoshiko is one of (if not) the dumbest girls in anime history. While she may seem like a hyperactive but otherwise normal teenager, Yoshiko is incredibly dense. The only things Yoshiko has on her mind are bananas and her childhood friend A-kun, whom she has a huge crush on and wants to marry in the future.

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Yoshiko is always up to some mischief, which usually comes down to throwing herself at A-kun or bananas. Although he cares for her, A-kun is still upset at Yoshiko’s mere existence and wishes that she would grow up already. Unfortunately for him, the two are practically inseparable and Yoshiko’s affection for A-kun isn’t going to wane anytime soon.

7 Teasing Master Takagi-San — Takagi flirts through teasing

Takagi gives a knowing smile as he mocks Master Takagi San.

Nishikata and Takagi are best friends, but they have a weird dynamic. Takagi relentlessly teases Nishikata for anything he can think of, and he constantly doesn’t pay her back. The reason Takagi does this is because it is the best way he can communicate his affection for Nishikata, something that is obvious to everyone but him.

Meanwhile, Nishikata denies his feelings for Takagi, which only gives him more ammunition. While Nishikata knows that Takagi always has a new prank ready, he always fails to counter them. Every time the two hang out in the hit romance anime. Teasing Master Takagi-SanNishikata always falls for Takagi’s antics, much to the latter’s amusement.

6 A Certain Scientific Railgun: Shirai Kuroko has an aggressive way of showing affection

Kuroko is dragged into a certain Scientific Railgun

As a member of Judgment, Kuroko is a dedicated peacemaker. However, outside of her part-time job, Kuroko is Mikoto Misaka’s closest friend and her most annoying love interest. Kuroko’s infatuation with the level 5 esper borders on obsession, and she was always plotting ways to spend some time alone with Mikoto, whether the latter wanted it or not.

Kuroko’s way of flirting was very brazen and daring, and he would throw himself at Mikoto whenever the right moment arose. Some of Kuroko’s plans included hosting a surprise dinner for Mikoto in his bedroom or filling his thermos with aphrodisiacs. Mikoto always retaliated with electrical force, sometimes much to Kuroko’s delight.

5 Sayonara, Zetsubo Sensei — Kafuka Fuura always messes up her teacher’s plans

Kafuka looks back at Sayonara Zetsubo Sensei

In short, the brooding professor Nozomu Itoshiki really wants to die (or so he says). In every episode of Sayonara, Zetsubo Sensei, he tries to kill himself whenever things go a little wrong. But at every suicide attempt, Kafuka, his irritatingly optimistic and endlessly happy student, was there to save his life, much to his chagrin (or relief).

Kafuka was always happy but, as far as the pessimistic Nozomu was concerned, he was up to no good. However, Kafuka had a dark side, as his seemingly cheerful actions often nearly killed Nozomu and his class. The anime never really made it clear whether or not Kafuka was malicious, but it was obvious that her cheerfulness hid an inner darkness.

4 The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya — Haruhi always has a crazy plan

Haruhi blackmails the Computer Club in The Melancholy Of Haruhi Suzumiya

Upon reaching high school, Haruhi was determined to make the best memories of school life she could. To this end, she recruited her classmate Kyon and others into The SOS Brigade: an organization created specifically to bring her impulsive ideas to life. Failure to satisfy Haruhi would lead to the end of the world and reality itself.

Because her bad mood could literally end the world, the brigade complied with Haruhi’s increasingly annoying and selfish wishes. But even without the fate of reality on the line, things always went haywire whenever Haruhi stormed into the SOS Brigade HQ with another wacky idea, since he didn’t need his subconscious divinity to be eccentric and excitable. .

3 My Hero Academia: Gentle Criminal and La Brava will go all out for online infamy

Gentle Criminal impresses La Brava in My Hero Academia

The supervillains of my hero academia they are mostly dangerous criminals and super-powered terrorists, which is what makes Gentle Criminal and La Brava stand out. Instead of achieving grand goals like ending world peace or leading Japan into anarchy, this outlaw duo’s sole motive was to become famous online.

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Gentle Criminal and La Brava were basically Silver Age supervillains, or petty criminals with colorful tricks. Although they were both villains, Gentle Criminal and La Brava were known for committing relatively harmless crimes and streaming them online. Their most ambitious plan was to disrupt the UA school festival, but Izuku Midoriya stopped them.

two Pokémon: the Team Rocket trio is always ready to capture Pikachu

Team Rocket announces its arrival in Pokémon The Series

After bumbling Team Rocket agents Jesse and James (and their talking Pokémon, Meowth) lost to Ash Ketchum and his Pikachu, they became convinced that the electric rat was the most powerful Pokémon they’d ever seen. Hoping to impress their boss, Giovanni, the three of them chased Ash and Pikachu for the better part of over a thousand episodes.

The Team Rocket Trio appeared in almost every episode with a new plan to kidnap Pikachu and any new Pokémon that appeared as well. At every turn, the three of them failed comically and shot into the sky just as they were close to victory. That said, Jesse, James, and Meowth were really more annoying than evil.

1 Pop Team Epic: Popuku and Pipimi are the biggest trolls in anime

Popuku and Pipimi blow up the world in Pop Team Epic

Based on their unmoving smiles alone, it’s obvious that Popuku and Pipimi always have something up their sleeves. Whether Popuku or Pipimi subjected the other to slapstick violence or did the same to some poor stranger, the pair spent the entirety of the epic pop team making life hilariously difficult for everyone around them.

If Popuku was the more aggressive and moody of the two, Pipimi was the more subdued. However, this does not mean that Pipimi was above trolling. Most of the time, Pipimi goaded Popuku into exploding or picked on her friend for the heck of it. Either way, nothing good ever came of the two united forces.

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