10 Anime Characters Who Have Bottomless Stomach Pits

Some of the most lovable characters in anime are known for their specific qualities; maybe it’s the way they talk or a gag within the anime. Either way, characters that have a defining trait seem to be some of the biggest favorites among fans, so it’s no surprise that these big eaters are popular.

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Able to finish bowls of ramen in a single sitting or completely demolish an entire feast, characters with relentless appetites are always entertaining to watch on screen. Whether it’s to fuel up for the next battle or if they’re foodies, some anime characters definitely have bottomless pits for their stomachs.

10 Gluttony: The Man Who Eats Anything (Fullmetal Alchemist)

Fullmetal Alchemist Gluttony

Perhaps Gluttony’s name is a dead giveaway, but this character is the gluttony of sin personified, so it’s no surprise he has an appetite to match. As one of the main villains of full metal alchemist and fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood, Gluttony has no qualms about eating corpses along with anything else he can get his hands on. The appetite of this deadly homunculus is so great that he will even ask about his next meal during an intense battle.

9 Natsu Dragneel: The Wizard Who Will Even Eat Fire (Fairy Tail)

When Lucy first meets Natsu, her first impression is that the Dragon Slayer devours anything he can order at a restaurant in Hargeon. With food flying everywhere and plates piling up by the second, Fairy tale Fans knew from the start that Natsu was a big eater.

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However, it is only later that fans learn that Natsu not only has a huge appetite, but is also known to eat strange things, such as fire and other forms of magical power.

8 Monkey D. Luffy: The Man with the Elastic Stomach (One Piece)

Luffy smiling and staying upbeat, ready for the next challenge

Being made of rubber, it is easy to eat a lot of food and one piece Luffy has definitely mastered that technique. The future Pirate King is a big eater, sometimes eating enough for his entire stomach to expand to digest it all. Luffy also has an epic love for meat, a love that sometimes gets him into trouble with his crewmates when he drags them on a wild adventure when he wants to try something tasty.

7 Rimuru Tempest: The Slime Who Eat to Power Up (That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime)

Rimuru tempest smiling

After reincarnating as a slime, the only thing Rimuru immediately learned to do was eat. The slime grew rapidly in strength and skill with each bite he took. Rimuru’s appetite even turned into one of his strongest abilities, “Devourer”, making him an impressive foe in battle. As Rimuru carries on with his life (slime’s life), That time I reincarnated as a slime fans will find that his enormous appetite makes him either the dumbest character or the scariest depending on what or who the little blue slime decides to eat next.

6 Naruto Uzumaki: The Ninja Who Loves Ramen (Naruto)

naruto giving a thumbs up

Even as the Hokage, of naruto Naruto Uzumaki still has his love for ramen. The ninja is known to constantly go to Ichiraku Ramen for every meal and order his favorite miso ramen. However, Naruto never gets full from just one bowl: the ninja usually eats several, finishing his meal with a bloated belly full of noodles. Granted, with the amount of trouble he’s gotten himself into, the training and missions he’s completed, it’s no wonder Naruto is a big eater.

5 Charmy Pappitson: The magic knight with a huge appetite (Black Clover)

Charmy from Black Clover

With this Magic Knight of black clover, size and appearance are definitely misleading. Despite her adorable chibi appearance, Charmy of the Black Bulls has a huge appetite and can easily outrun the rest of her teammates.

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Charmy is known for letting her stomach rule, sometimes even ditching her comrades on missions to chase something that smells deliciously delicious. However, despite her huge appetite, Charmy also loves to share her love of food with her friends, often forcing them to eat something delicious to replenish their strength.

4 Sasha Braus: The woman who constantly eats potatoes (Attack on Titan)

attack on titan features a world consumed by a war against terrifying beings, so it makes sense that food would be scarce. For Sasha Braus, she spent every day looking for something to eat. As Sasha grew older and joined the Survey Corps, her appetite grew as well. Food was one of the only things that could make her happy despite living in constant fear of titans, which later became a compulsive habit. Her classmates will often find her sneaking food out of kitchens or will find her absentmindedly eating a potato.

3 Fat Gum: The hero who eats to protect others (My Hero Academia)

Anime My Hero Academia Fat Gum Food

With a look at this Pro Hero from my hero academia, fans might assume that he would make a great eater due to his sheer size. However, when it comes to Fat Gum, his love of food is more than it initially seems. Due to his quirk, Fat Gum stores large amounts of fat and can later use it to absorb attacks or burn the fat to attack villains. Every time a fan sees this Pro Hero chomping down on some takoyaki, they’ll want to be reminded that Fat Gum’s eating habits are actually a form of protection.

two Maple: The girl who would even eat a final boss (BOFURI)

Maple smiling and laughing in Bofuri Anime

With the adorable appearance of Maple, BOFURI fans can only be amazed at his unique style of play. However, when it comes to Maple, nothing is normal. The novice player also has an impressive appetite and is known to try all the sweet spots in the game to eat something delicious.

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However, what is most impressive is not Maple’s appetite, but the strange things she has eaten in the virtual world of NewWorld Online. Considered an impressive boss-like character, some of Maple’s skills and abilities come from the things he ate in the game. The adorable “Walking Fortress” even managed to defeat the first boss of hers, the hydra, by taking a bite out of it.

1 Kuro: The Girl Who Absolutely Loves Chicken Curry (Restaurant to Another World)

Kuro Restaurant To Another World

On restaurant to another world, Kuro is one of the oldest creatures in the world, exiled to the moon to protect the living inhabitants of Earth. With that background, it may not surprise fans that Kuro has a huge appetite. When the door to the Western Restaurant Nekoya appears, Kuro can’t help but be curious. She also couldn’t help ordering plate after plate of chicken curry, earning her a hefty bill and an impressive reputation. Fortunately, Kuro is able to continue eating her chicken curry and pay for it by working as a waitress.

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