10 Anime Characters Who Never Judge A Book By Its Cover

For every villainous character in anime, there are just as many characters with hearts of gold. These anime characters will sacrifice anything to protect people no matter what shape or size they are. These kinds of characters often have backstories that make them incredibly empathetic to other people’s plight.

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Refusing to judge someone based on their appearance does not automatically make someone a good person. However, it definitely makes them more trustworthy, especially towards those who have only been shown hate or violence instead of kindness.

10 Midoriya wants to save everyone (My Hero Academia)

Midoriya has been obsessed with becoming a hero for most of his life and that’s not because he wants to be rich or famous, it’s because he truly wants to help people. Whether it’s a villain, a civilian, or another hero, Midoriya will do whatever he can to make sure everyone is safe.

After all, he struggled a lot as a child with no quirk, so it makes sense that he understands people who have it worse.

9 Tohru is a genuine person (Fruits Basket)

Tohru Honda Fruit Basket

Tohru may be an airhead, but she’s also a genuinely kind person who will go out of her way to help people. She often pesters herself to make sure that she is not a burden to anyone else.

Even when the members of the Sohma family treated her poorly, Tohru refused to back down and promised to help them. Sohma’s curse would never have been lifted if she hadn’t gone out of her way to befriend Akito. The Sohma family definitely owes it to her for that.

8 Tanjiro understands the suffering of people (Demon Slayer)

Tanjiro smiles softly.

Tanjiro cares deeply for his family and friends, which makes the loss of his family even more tragic. Even though his family was killed by a demon, he doesn’t use hate to feed as a Demon Slayer. The things he has been through have given him a deep understanding of people’s suffering.

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No matter who they are, demon or human, he will treat that person with kindness, even if it means killing them so they don’t suffer pain. The fact that he understands the suffering of demons shows how kind he is and makes him the perfect Demon Slayer.

7 Orihime is everyone’s best friend (Bleach)

Orihime is the type of person who can make friends with everyone. Her bright and kind demeanor draws people to her and that’s probably why she was able to make so many allies during the Soul Society Arc.

Even her enemies will receive her kindness no matter how badly they have treated her. The fact that she was willing to save the life of one of the Arrancar after she was brutally beaten just goes to show how little she judges other people.

6 Luffy is friends with creatures and humans alike (One Piece)

One Piece: Will Luffy's New Powers Appear In The Next Movie?

It makes sense that so many people would be willing to rally behind Luffy considering the fact that he doesn’t have a bad bone in his body. He definitely has a sassy side, but he’s not the type to kick someone while he’s down.

Whether it’s a whale, a human, or some other type of magical creature, Luffy will befriend anyone. Though that doesn’t mean he’s a pushover. Anyone who mistreats his crew will face the wrath of the future pirate king.

5 Princess Syalis only cares about sleep (The Sleepy Princess in the Devil’s Castle)

Syalis get in trouble

Princess Syalis may be kidnapped by demons, but she certainly doesn’t act like one. She pretty much has free rein of the demon castle she’s supposed to be trapped in and they even let her ride when she’s in the mood. Oftentimes, she’s a complete menace torturing poor devils, but it’s certainly not for the looks of her.

She’s perfectly happy to be friends with any demon if they’re cute and cuddly enough and she’s not the least bit scared by any of the other demons that roam the castle. As long as she can sleep well at night, a person’s appearance means absolutely nothing to her.

4 Natsu is incredibly protective (Fairy Tail)

Natsu vs Jellal

Natsu is the happiest and most carefree member of the Fairy Tail guild and while he can be a bit annoying, he is generally loved by everyone he meets. That’s mainly because his personality type lends itself well to friendship and he’s willing to be friends with anyone, no matter who he is.

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Like many shonen protagonists, he is fiercely protective and loyal to those he loves. Not only will he not judge people based on their appearance, but he will protect them from others who judge them as well.

3 Haruhi understands difficulties (Ouran High School Host Club)

Haruhi can be a bit cynical about her club members, but that’s usually due to the ridiculous antics they get into. To everyone else, she is incredibly caring and understanding of people’s situations, which is why she can become such a popular host.

Most people would despise the rich and their problems, but Haruhi is not like that. She understands that people face difficulties no matter how well off they may be, so she forms friendships with basically everyone.

two Bojji knows what it is to be an outcast (Ranking of Kings)

Bojji holding a stick in Ranking of Kings

It would make sense that Bojji would hate the people of his town considering how often he is laughed at and belittled. Despite that, he is genuinely kind to everyone and easily befriends a ShadowClan member who has been ostracized by everyone else.

On the other hand, it makes sense that he empathizes with those who are judged by others considering how often people judge him.

1 Somali doesn’t treat demons like monsters (Somali and the Forest Spirit)

Somali has every right to despise the demons as they enslaved her and probably killed her family. However, she never shows an iota of fear of demons and she actually makes friends very easily.

The fact that he treats demons like people instead of monsters is probably why everyone he meets changes their minds when it comes to his human prejudices.

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