10 Anime Characters Who Would Hate Batman

DC Comics’ bat Man is a legendary comic book series starring the Dark Knight himself. He is Gotham City’s vigilante sworn defender against endless crime and a legion of famous villains like The Joker, Scarecrow, Mr. Freeze and many more. He has teamed up with other comic characters in the past, such as his fellow Justice League members.

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While many fictional characters would admire Batman and what he stands for, many others would dislike or outright hate him, either because they disapprove of vigilantes or would see Batman as a serious threat to their way of life. This includes various characters not only in DC Comics, but also in the world of Japanese animation.

10 Soichiro Yagami is not fond of vigilante action (Death Note)

At Death Note universe, the brilliant detective L is almost like Batman, especially since he has the support of his elderly assistant Watari and the help of the Japanese police. This means that Soichiro Yagami is Death NoteCommissioner James Gordon.

Despite having a bat Man role, however, Soichiro would actually not like Batman himself. Soichiro follows the rules and has his own rigid and opinionated view of justice and law. He isn’t comfortable with the idea of ​​a heavily armed ninja in a bat hood dispensing justice on the fringes of the law.

9 Batman is Himiko Toga’s worst enemy (My Hero Academia)

himiko toga curious

Some anime characters would disapprove of Batman because he operates outside the law. Others would hate him because he is his enemy and would capture them, and that includes the shapeshifting villain Himiko Toga. He loves to run free and cause chaos, but Batman would stop her.

If Himiko somehow ended up in Gotham, she would soon fear the bat-signal appearing in the night sky, deeply upsetting Batman and his efforts to throw her into Arkham. She must be free, and Batman will not allow it. How dare she?

8 Lin Beifong has no time for would-be heroes (The Legend of Korra)

Lin Beifong

Like Soichiro Yagami, the talented Master Metalworker Lin Beifong would rather operate within the law and protect the innocent with tried and true methods. She’s Republic City’s chief of police, after all, and she knows how troublesome independent heroes like the Avatar can be.

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Batman is not a bender, but he would still cause chaos in Republic City by going after the Triple Threat Triads, and Lin would spend all night trying to identify and stop him. Having Korra around is enough of a headache, even without Batman being mixed up.

7 Mikey makes his own rules (Tokyo Revengers)

mikey tokyo avengers

Mikey is the leader of the criminal street gang Toman, and he takes pride in his tough punk lifestyle. He loves to run free and make his own rules, and he has a legion of fellow criminals to protect him and enforce his will. No adult can command he around.

If Batman were to show up, he would use clever tactics to disrupt Toman and Valhalla’s actions, and Mikey would be furious at the interference. Worse yet, Batman would lecture Mikey and urge him to get their act together. Mikey would be deeply insulted.

6 Magma doesn’t need Batman’s rules (Dr. Stone)

Magma _ Close-up

The brutal Stone Age villager known as Magma is an aspiring warrior-king, a strong young man who prides himself on his strength and influence in the village of Ishigami. However, he doesn’t like being ridiculed and can’t stand being told what to do. In fact, he only reluctantly helped Senku build the Kingdom of him.

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Magma would feel deeply threatened if Batman emerged from the stone and took command of the Ishigami village. Batman’s own rules are rigid and strict, and Magma would challenge him for the position of leader of the tribe, only to lose, and it would infuriate him even more. Batman threatens everything Magma loves about his life.

5 Admiral Akainu is his own justice (One Piece)

Akainu from One Piece

Admiral Akainu is known for various things, from his devastating magma-based devil fruit powers to his role in the death of Portgas D. Ace to his ruthless sense of justice. This imposing Admiral is a strict and ruthless leader who acts like a villain in pursuit of his own justice, and that would put him at odds with Batman.

If Batman started operating on the Grand Line, Admiral Akainu would react angrily and see the Caped Crusader as a threat to his own narrow view of justice. Akainu would work overtime to bring down the hammer of molten justice on Batman and curse him the entire time.

4 Ayato Kirishima would find Batman (Tokyo Ghoul) annoying

Touka Kirishima’s little brother Ayato fully accepts his ghoul nature and revels in it. Ayato often looks down on humans and weaker ghouls, and cannot bear the thought of someone trying to capture or arrest him for his misdeeds. no one can tell he what to do except for the leaders of the Aogiri Tree.

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Ayato would scoff if he heard the news of a human in a bat costume rampaging through Tokyo looking for criminals and demons, and would try to take Batman down to show him who’s boss. But Batman is stronger than Ayato would expect, and Ayago would be insulted that this disguised human could stand up to him. what a plague!

3 Inosuke Hashibira has no patience with Batman’s methods (Demon Slayer)

Most demon hunters would be delighted if Batman came to early modern Japan to help them fight Muzan’s demonic hordes, lending him wisteria to augment his batarangs for effectiveness. Batman would make an excellent anti-demon ninja like Tengen Uzui, but not everyone would want to join his team.

Inosuke Hashibira, having been raised by animals, only trusts his own instincts and cannot stand strict laws or rules of any kind, nor does he take orders well. He would quickly lose patience with Batman’s stealthy and patient methods and would be insulted if Batman scolded him for being reckless.

two Lupine III would feel threatened (Lupine III)

lupine III

Master thief Lupine III already has his hands full running from persistent detective Zenigata, and he’s been around Zenigata and the police one too many times. lupine wouldn’t personally he hates Batman, but would be deeply concerned if Batman showed up.

Batman would see Lupine as another Catwoman, a cunning thief who steals things with impunity, and her mission would be to put Lupine behind bars. Lupine, for his part, would be stressed and upset about having Batman behind him, as would Jigen and Goemon.

1 Lieutenant Riza Hawkeye does things by the book (Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood)

riza hawkeye by a car

Like Soichiro Yagami and Lin Beifong, gunslinger Riza Hawkeye likes to do things according to protocol and respects the chain of command. She wouldn’t like the idea of ​​a trained ninja running around Central City beating up criminals on her account, and she might even be assigned to capture him.

However, Riza would change her mind during the Promised Day. Anyone trying to save Amestris from Father’s plan would make an exception and request Batman’s help against Father’s army, though Riza would demand that Batman leave Amestris once the day was done.

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