10 Anime Heroes Who Aren’t Afraid To Fight Dirty

While many anime heroes pride themselves on honor, there are quite a few who aren’t afraid to fight dirty. And sometimes, it just gets the job done faster. Most characters who fight dirty tend to resort to underhanded tricks, while some use their full power to prove that their opponent is the undisputed loser.

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Either way, these anime characters tend to set aside morality for the sake of combat, using whatever means possible to defeat their opponents. They use all the power at their disposal to beat their opponent to pieces, but come out unscathed.

10 Magma uses dirty tricks to defeat his opponents

Dr. Stone Magma Feature

magma of dr stone has made fans question his true intentions multiple times throughout the anime. However, one thing is for sure: this man enjoys fighting dirty. Considering how torn this guy is, one wouldn’t think Magma would have to rely on such underhanded tactics to win a fight. However, Magma’s tactics are so underhanded that they are quite inappropriate. On dr stone, his tactics were childish, like throwing rocks at his opponents when they weren’t looking. For Magma, the end justifies the means.

9 Usopp’s tactics are unorthodox

Usopp as Usohachi in One Piece

use pp of One piece he is known for being the weakest member of the Straw Hat Pirates. One of his tactics to get out of difficult situations is to use falsehood and deception to his advantage. Usopp carries around an impressive supply of makeshift weaponry that he uses to scare his opponents back.

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Usopp lies so well that he can make an inflatable hammer look sinister if it means getting rid of an opponent. Although Usopp is the comic relief of One piecehis methods certainly deserve some credit for being as unorthodox as possible.

8 Sousuke is far from honorable

Sousuke from Full Metal Panic pictured

Sousuke Sagara from Full Metal Panic! he grew up surrounded by guerrilla warfare, informing his tactical style. And it certainly has some unpleasant elements. Some of Sousuke’s methods of defeating his opponents are downright sociopathic, like when he kidnapped his opponent’s brother.

There were also several incidents where he used weaponry that was much stronger than needed. Sousuke once drew weapons during a martial arts fight, then proceeded to up the ante by pulling out a hand grenade when he was losing.

7 Karma could fight with honor, but she chooses not to.

Karma Akabane intimidates Koro - Assassination Classroom

Karma Akabane from assassination classroom he is known for his cunning personality and almost sadistic behavior. He is smart enough to be an honorable fighter, but chooses not to be. Everyone notices Karma’s mischievous behavior at first sight. When Karma fights, he has no qualms about humiliating and tricking his opponent. He likes to push people to the limit.

On her first day with class 3-E, Karma attempted suicide by jumping off a mountain to test Koro-sensei. If Koro-sensei allowed Karma to fall, she would crush his reputation. Ultimately, Koro-sensei saved him, but Karma was still hiding a BB gun in an attempt to assassinate the teacher.

6 Kiritsugu Emiya contradicts himself

Kiritsugu Emiya killing someone in the anime Fate Zero

Kiritsugu Emiya from fate/zero He has a very dualistic personality. Half of him is an avid believer in ethics and morality, but the other half is willing to ditch his own beliefs to achieve the best possible outcome.

Since Kiritsugu seems to value justice to some extent, his actions in fate/zero they were quite shocking, to say the least. Manipulating others into committing suicide to ensure your success is certainly far from ethical, and that’s not even one of the worst things Kiritsugu has ever done.

5 Aoi Everything hates everything boring

All of Jujutsu Kaisen

One of the most exciting and eccentric characters in jujutsu kaisen It’s Aoi Todo. When she was younger, she grew tired because her strength far exceeded that of anyone else her age. Jujutsu sorcery essentially saved Todo from boredom with him. Of course, he’s still a polarizing guy who has an unpredictable way of fighting.

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When Todo first met Megumi, he beat up the poor guy just because he thought the latter was too boring for him. Todo judges everything about other male sorcerers based on his taste in women. It could be said that Todo only fights dirty until his opponent demonstrates his strength, in which case, he will be on equal terms with them and even mentor him, as he did with Yuji.

4 Inosuke believes that he is always the strongest fighter, no matter what.

inosuke running

On Murderer of demonsMuch of Inosuke’s behavior during combat stems from his underlying desire to always be the best. He tries to go into every situation he faces with the mindset that he is the strongest fighter. Whether this is true or not, Inosuke tends to severely overestimate his own power.

Besides, Inosuke would rather be killed than give up. He might be bleeding to death, but he will never admit that he was defeated. Along the Murderer of demonshis strategy in battle revolves around taunting his opponents by dropping comments that are bound to annoy them.

3 zora ideale is unpredictable

Zora from Black Clover

After her first appearance, Zora’s black clover It left a bad taste in many people’s mouths. Initially appearing as a disrespectful prankster who relies on deception, Zora practically announces that she cannot be trusted. Although it is revealed that his behavior is a result of his background, Zora is still unpredictable.

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Any opponent facing Zora had better be prepared for her Magic Trap, which allows her to set up numerous types of Magic Traps to capture her opponent. Sometimes, Zora will even fall asleep in the middle of battle and let his teammates take care of it, until he decides it’s time to engage.

two Joseph Joestar is the best joker

Joseph and the thread

Joseph Joestar of jojo’s bizarre adventure it certainly underwent many changes as it grew throughout the series. However, one thing never changed: he is still a dirty fighter. Joseph Joestar often uses his quick wit to turn a situation in his favor. He is smart and always finds a way to turn the tables.

Somehow, Joseph always has a backup plan that he seems to pull out of nowhere, much like the Tommy gun he used against Straizo. To this day, fans debate where he suddenly got that thing from. Joseph always tries to stay a few steps ahead of his opponent, and he has so many resources that it’s almost impossible to beat him.

1 Bakugo is simply ruthless

Bakugo in his hero outfit

Katsuki Bakugo from my hero academia he is known for his ruthless personality. Many people mistakenly label him a villain because of it. However, he is only determined to win, no matter what. Bakugo certainly isn’t shady, but he gives everything he’s got in every battle.

Bakugo knows never to underestimate his opponent, and that’s why he has to defeat him as soon as possible before he has a chance to overtake him. He also enjoys taunting his opponents to cheer them up, much to the dismay of those on his side.

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