10 anime heroes who have no honor

In anime, just because a character is considered a hero doesn’t mean they’re honorable. While many fans may associate honor, loyalty, and righteousness with the words “anime hero,” this is not always the case. Many anime heroes have done terrible things or are absolutely terrible people.

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Sometimes the things some anime heroes have seen lead them down a dark path. Other times, the situation calls for a certain level of shadow, and these heroes are willing to do whatever it takes. Some characters are cowards who will run away from a fight. Regardless of the reason, these anime heroes have proven to be without honor.

10 In Berserk, Griffith was willing to blame anyone for his failings.

mad griffith

Throughout Griffith’s time as a hero in crazedHe did great things and unbelievably terrible things. He was willing to do whatever it took to gain power, prestige, and achieve his goals. Those things included killing and sacrificing his men, committing sexual assaults, and becoming a monstrous person.

Griffith was both a hero and a villain throughout Crazed. His lack of honor was precisely what allowed him to exist on both sides of the protagonist-antagonist spectrum.

9 Zenitsu is the biggest coward in Demon Slayer

scared and crying zenitsu - demon slayer

On Murderer of demons, one character who was the first to run away from fights was the notorious frightened cat, Zenitsu Agatsuma. Joining the Demon Slayer Corps was not the best option for someone who was very afraid of demons and wanted nothing to do with fighting, but Zenitsu had a secret: when he fell asleep, he was no longer afraid and could to struggle.

Still, the real, awakened Zenitsu was too scared to get into trouble and without Tanjiro Kamado’s help, he never would have made it as a Demon Slayer as his fear made him too dishonorable.

8 Boruto tricks and lies

Boruto has a high compression rasengan.

of boruto Boruto Uzumaki was very different from his father, Naruto, for many reasons. Naruto was obsessed with hard work and earning respect. However, in Boruto’s case, winning and proving himself was the goal, no matter the cost. Within the first season of borutoBoruto showed the fans that he was arrogant and a cheater.

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Boruto cheated on his best friend during the Chunin Exams and was even put on probation for it. Also, he took his friends for granted, thought he was better than everyone else, and regularly got into trouble.

7 Endeavor was an abusive father in My Hero Academia

intense facial effort

Even though from my hero academia Endeavor (Enji Todoroki) was a professional hero who even ranked #1 after All Might’s retirement, he wasn’t always a heroic person. He was a terrible father, he neglected three of his children and abused Shoto and his wife. This caused a lot of pain to his family.

Endeavor did a good job of putting on a show for the public, but he couldn’t hide his cold personality. Those who knew him personally knew of her dishonorable nature off the battlefield. Fortunately, she began to change her ways as she took on more responsibilities in the hero community.

6 Joseph Joestar was a cheater who worked with bad people in Battle Tendency

A young Joseph Joestar ties his headband

Joseph Joestar was a much loved character in JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Battle Tendency, but it was not without flaws. Self-preservation was often the first thing on his mind. He was guilty of running away from fights and even working alongside a Nazi soldier. While it was just an alliance to stop the Pillar Men, it was still reprehensible for him to work with such a character.

There are many other reasons why Joseph was a dishonorable character. He tried to spy on women when they were changing, cheated on his wife and left his son out of wedlock to his fate.

5 Mugen was cruel to women and a fugitive in Samurai Champloo

recliner mugen

the protagonist of samurai champloo it was controversial. While fans generally praise the anime, the main character of hers had a lot to work on, that is, her treatment of women. Jokes or comments about sexual assault were not uncommon for Mugen throughout samurai champloo and Fuu often had to deal with the brunt of her bad behavior.

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On top of that, Mugen was a fugitive from the law. No one would particularly blame Mugen for running away from his execution, especially considering the unjust nature of the accusations, but running away doesn’t have the most honorable connotation either.

4 Jotaro wasn’t afraid to cheat or curse his mother in Stardust Crusaders

jotaro without friends

Jotaro Kujo is another character from JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure who is highly regarded and has become a fan favorite. However, he is not without serious faults. He had misogynistic tendencies and even cursed at his mother for no reason. He was also mean to other women, like his classmates, who liked him because of his cool exterior.

In fights, Jotaro would also take a less than honorable approach when it meant saving his friends and getting close to fighting Dio. He cheated in games against the D’Arbys and wasn’t afraid to fight fire with fire. Jotaro was smart and would do whatever it takes to survive, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but it could be dishonorable.

3 Sasuke Uchiha was an antihero who did not respect his friends in Naruto

Sasuke frowning

of naruto Sasuke Uchiha was ungrateful to all his friends and sensei did it for him. When offered a found family after losing his clan, Sasuke still chose revenge. When they refused to allow him to fall into the path of evil, he confronted them with extreme violence. He was willing to kill his friends to get revenge even though his friends supported the search for him.

Sasuke was willing to use people, gain power from suspicious and unsavory sources (like Orochimaru and his curse marks), and didn’t care about the optics of his activities.

two Hawks did dishonorable things forever in My Hero Academia

hawks thinking

Hawks was another hero of my hero academia that he would do whatever it took to get things done, including being a double agent when the time came. He worked with the villains to find out his secrets and keep an eye on them when told to do so by his superiors.

For Hawks, being a hero was tedious. He didn’t care much about the royal status of hero. He cared about saving people, but he also yearned for a world where people didn’t need to be saved and heroes could be a little freer. It was this desire that led him down the path of doing more unpleasant work to do what other heroes with more honorable images could not.

1 Spike Spiegel had his demons in Cowboy Bebop

Spike takes one last shot at Cowboy Bebop.

cowboy bebop Spike Spiegel was not a nice guy. He worked for a huge and influential crime syndicate, stole his friend’s girlfriend and ran away from his problems. However, his problem was the syndicate and there was no way he could take on that entire entity on his own, especially after betraying and enraging Vicious.

However, Spike had other problems as well. He was mean to Faye Valentine and Ein the genius dog, and regularly took Jet Black for granted. Everything had to focus on Spike and finding him to escape from his problems.

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