10 anime series that fans want to see more of

There is endless innovation going on in the animated industry and there have never been more options to explore for animation fans and newcomers alike. Anime is a medium that frequently deals with extremes, which has led some critically acclaimed series that last hundreds of episodes in which the end is still not in sight, as well as other vehicles that can tell a complete story in a dozen episodes.

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A strong ending is paramount to any story, regardless of its length. Some short anime series they take pride in finishing while they’re still at the top, but there are also plenty of unique anime worlds that audiences would love to return to.

10 Space Dandy only scratches the surface of his perennial brilliance

Anime Space Dandy End of the Universe

space dandy It consists of two 13-episode seasons that are pretty close to perfect. The unpredictable science fiction series happily jump to new planetsmany of which function as opportunities to engage in radical genre and stylistic exercises. space dandy they craft a satisfying conclusion together, but there are still an endless amount of possibilities that exist for the series due to their fascination with the multiverse.

Dandy and his crew could return for more adventures and they wouldn’t miss a beat. Adult Swim’s Toonami anime programming block has just announced the fourth and fifth installments of FLCL, but a third season of space dandy it would be an even more celebrated return.

9 Death Parade reveals the human condition through a strange anthology structure

Death Parade Pool

Death is a universal theme that fascinates everyone on some level. death parade is a sophisticated series that juxtaposes fallen souls with typically innocuous arcade games like billiards and darts.

death parade It slowly reveals a larger story involving its humble bartender, Decim, but it’s humanity’s unique exams that each of the series’ participants engages in. death parade‘s The greatest strength. the anime series condenses its offbeat challenges and harrowing character studies into a dozen episodes, but there’s such endless potential in its premise that it’s easy to imagine the anthology series running for hundreds of episodes.

8 Keep your hands off Eizouken! is a passionate love letter to the creative process


Part of what makes anime such a versatile medium is that some series can tell small-scale, niche stories. Keep your hands off Eizouken! it is an anime series 2020 which explores a trio of girls’ passion for art and their desire to express themselves through an ambitious anime production.

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Eizouken! it has a beautiful aesthetic and succeeds with its humble look at the creative process and the amount of work that goes into it. The anime completes its mission in 12 episodes, but it would be a lot of fun to go back to these characters and see what they decide to tackle next with their talents.

7 Kakegurui Celebrates High-Stakes Gaming Through Endless Excess

Anime has a tremendous ability to depict relatively mundane acts in hyperbolized ways so that they carry as much weight as a super-powered physical battle. kakegurui is set in the prestigious Hyakkaou Private Academy, which is revealed to have a highly regimented caste system that governs the school’s Student Council.

The students bet their extravagant wealth and reputation on gambling and the academy seemingly unconscious newcomer, Yumeko Jabamitotally changes the status quo. kakegurui it has two 12-episode seasons, but there are a lot more games of chance that these characters could engage in through more episodes.

6 Nana is a delicate narrative of life that deserves closure

anime lullaby gloomy friendship

by Ai Yazawa lullaby It should be a must-watch for anyone in their twenties, but the authentic and flawed characters feel real enough to resonate with any audience. the emotional series josei looks at two different friends named Nana who follow their creative, professional, and romantic dreams as they navigate the messy nature of early adulthood.

lullaby It has 47 episodes, which is more than many other series get, but the property doesn’t have an ending. Audiences are eager to see what Nana Osaki and Nana Komatsu are up to, whether it’s right after the last episode of the anime or a story that takes place a decade or more later.

5 The rich imagery and creative powers of Gurren Lagann have not exhausted their welcome

The Granzeboma wields galaxies in Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann

The mecha genre is one of the most abundant narrative areas in anime. Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann is a creative riff on mecha anime that turns two teenagers into humanity’s best hope to get out of their underground destinies. The anime’s story is emotional, but Gainax’s animation is truly a sight to behold.

Gurren Lagann it connects all its dots, but the anime has a very controversial ending that some audiences still haven’t gotten over. another season of Gurren Lagann You wouldn’t necessarily have to undo this conclusion, but you could provide it with more context or decide to explore an entirely different aspect of the rich Gurren Lagann universe.

4 Outlaw Star is set in an exciting space world that has not dried up

Toonami Outlaw Star Gene Starwind with crew on the ship

Gene Starwind and his unconventional team of space pirates make sure of that outlaw star it’s always entertaining. The bounty hunter’s sloppy angle has even become more popular through mainstream properties like The Guardians of the Galaxy.

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To some, it may seem like sacrilege to produce more episodes of foundational sci-fi anime like cowboy bebop or neongenesisevangelion, but outlaw star it’s the perfect compromise. She has an engaged audience and a rich universe, but not an austere reputation that places her beyond improvement. There is much more that can be said with these characters.

3 The vicious world of Claymore and the fearless heroines deserve a bigger spotlight

Clare fighting Priscilla in her half-awake state on Claymore

Old house is an aggressive mix of dark fantasy, action and horror that pits powerful female warriors against pure nightmare fuel. The 26th and final episode provides closure to Clare and her warrior allies, but it’s a very hasty resolution.

a return to the world of Old house which takes a more methodical approach to its action and doesn’t deviate as much from the source material, much like Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood in comparison with full metal alchemistit would appease old fans and also bring in a new audience. Old house‘s the monsters and the women who fight them have too much potential to be limited to such a short story.

two The legendary hero of Trigun still has more evil to overcome

the action anime trigun has gotten somewhat darker in recent years, but it was a standout title of the 1990s, along with its powerful protagonist, Vash the Stampede. trigun pits Vash against increasingly prominent mercenaries, and there’s a dark, brooding tone that consumes Vash’s nonchalant demeanor.

All 26 episodes of trigun that exist certainly get the job done, but the anime leaves a lot of the manga unexplored and the success of the follow-up movie, wastelands rumble, shows that there is still a demand for this world. Now is the perfect time to bring back the six billion dollar man.

1 Excel Saga has a whole new decade of anime staples to lampoon

There are few anime series that deliver such overwhelming madness at the insane speed of Excel Saga. the 26-episode prank series Set in the early 2000s, it’s about a simple mission of citywide domination, but each installment is dressed up as a perfect comedy-filled genre spoof.

excel series it covers most of the obvious bases and ends its performance on the highest possible note. However, anime has grown a lot in the following decades. excel series‘s ending that a new season would have a lot of new territory to tease.

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