10 Anime That Are Totally Different

Like any other medium, anime can fall into the traps of its tropes and bring out the same tired story and characters over and over again under a new name and author. For avid anime fans, this can get annoyingly monotonous as the search for something unique becomes increasingly difficult.

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Even a good anime can become too similar to other series in its genre. However, there are some anime that are totally different from the rest despite shared tropes and comparisons, be it the characters, the world, the animation, the plot, or the relationships.

10 Noragami is a unique Shonen with interesting relationships

The main characters of Noragami

Noragami follows the story of Hiyori, an average teenage girl, who saves a homeless minor god, Yato, from being hit by a car. From there, things turn chaotically into the realm of gods, monsters, and weapons. This series takes interesting tropes, like people becoming weapons, souls being extracted from their bodies, and gods working among humans, and puts completely unique spins on each and every facet.

Noragami It’s already a must-see for its beautiful fight-scene animation, incredible soundtrack, and surprising humor, but it also boasts a horde of interesting relationships.

9 Baccano! It’s a wild ride from start to finish


Baccano! is a multi-point of view anime set in the era of prohibition in the United States, filled with a plethora of completely unique characters, plots, and relationships. While the majority of the show takes place on a peril-filled train ride with a handful of immortals, two gangs, a mythical hit man, members of the mob, and a beautiful assassin, the show manages to seamlessly tie together multiple plotlines. and ongoing lives. the generalized cast in one.

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This anime is not for the faint of heart, as it features many gory and even torture scenes, but it also has a humorous streak that viewers won’t want to miss.

8 Psycho-Pass is a one-of-a-kind dystopian thriller

psycho_pass characters

Psycho-Pass It seamlessly melds a dystopian future Japan with thrilling criminal chases, psychological warfare, and cyberpunk weapons all rolled into one right from the start. Set in a society monitored by the Sybil System, each citizen’s brain scan is monitored for the potential to commit crime, mercilessly weeding out those who are not just criminals, but have the potential to become one.

This concept drives the series, carefully examining effect events and others play on one’s state of mind. The animation is unique and visually interesting, and the soundtrack is refreshingly diverse and engaging. For those looking for a crime anime with a twist, Psycho-Pass is the perfect choice.

7 Mushishi is a visually tantalizing look at folklore


Mushishi is an episodic anime that follows Ginko, a Mushi master who helps humans deal with Mushi. Mushi are inhuman life forms different from spirits, animals, and humans; Like the European concept of fae, they are neither good nor bad, but they do tend to cause a lot of trouble for humans.

While the overall animation style is fairly typical of a Funimation production, the way the Mushi are animated is absolutely engaging, each scene different from the last. While this series doesn’t have an overarching plot, viewers will still be forced to watch the next episode to follow Ginko on his ever-changing journey through Edo and Meiji Japan.

6 Princess Jellyfish Is A Slice-Of-Life Romantic Comedy Unlike Any Other


jellyfish princess follows Tsukimi, a self-proclaimed otaku who lives in an apartment with a sorority of NEETS, who refuse to allow men into their building. This hinders her new friendship and possible romance with the crossdresser Kuranosuke, as he must constantly keep his true identity as a man a secret from his friends.

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Tsukimi is obsessed with jellyfish, whose tendrils she compares to princess dresses. The characters are completely interesting and not typical of a romantic series or everyday life, and although some may find them strange, it is impossible not to grow to love them by the end of the series.

5 Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood is popular for a reason


Time full metal alchemyIt is incredibly popular, there is no denying that this is because it is completely different from other anime. The show’s layered intricacies not only extend to character and plot, but also to world building, relationships, and concepts. full metal alchemist follows a fantasy world inspired by the European industrial revolution era where alchemy is a real science that can be used to transmute various materials.

full metal alchemist follows Edward and Alphonse Elric on their adventures through a beautifully animated country, exploring themes of war, sacrifice, race, identity, and family without feeling like you’re bogged down by the theme in a way few anime can mimic.

4 Death Parade is a new version of the afterlife

Death Parade Characters

While many anime deal with the afterlife, none do it like death parade, where those who have passed away play ordinary games to reveal their true selves and be judged as reincarnated or banished to the void. The anime’s atmosphere is unparalleled, creating strange bars that feel almost like a dream, adding to the overall unease felt by the departed who compete within.

death paradeThe characters in are refreshingly original and the animation is sharp and engaging. While it adds a lot of humor to the heavy theme, the overall plot is heartbreaking and begs to be watched again as soon as it’s over.

3 Gangsta is a Seinen with a twist

Gangsta anime characters

gangsterThe world-building of features the intricacies of the “Twilights,” humans who gain super abilities by taking a drug called Celebrer, with some serious drawbacks. The social aspect of the Twilights is interesting on its own, but coupled with the fast-paced world of crime they live in and the complications of working with the mob and corrupt cops, the concept is fascinating.

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The series follows mercenary tinkerers Nicholas and Worik, and former sex worker Alex, as their world is turned upside down in a thrilling battle for control of the city. For Seinen fans, this is a must see.

two Kill La Kill is more than just fanservice

Kill La Kill Characters

kill the prey follows Ryuko Matoi on her quest for revenge after her father’s death. The series is primarily known for its racy costumes, which leave very little to the imagination and sexual undertones in general, but there is much more to this series than racy clothing; world domination, cunning storylines, over-the-top fight scenes and power-ups, and humor in abundance.

While this series also draws heavily from many anime tropes, it’s never exactly what you’d expect, and the fast pace and animation more than make up for the clichés.

1 Soul Eater is a world different from the rest

Soul Eater is another well-known anime that does it differently than other shonen, with world building completely unique to the series. The series follows Maka and his soul mate as they attempt to absorb 99 evil human souls and a witch’s soul in order to graduate from Death Weapon Meister Academy while a war with madness rages in the background.

The characters are quirky and much loved by fans, but the atmosphere is what really makes this anime great. The animation style, background, and overall world of anime put other fantasy series to shame.

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