10 anime that deserve a second season

There are many anime series that viewers find amazing to watch. They have memorable characters, fun plots, and engaging scenes. Some shows can captivate fans, get good ratings, and be incredibly popular, but still only last one season.

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Some animes need another season to cover the stories their manga adaptations have, like Kiss him, not me! and Yakitate !!Japan. Others need a second season to resolve plots left undone in their only seasons, including Monster Musume and doctor monster girl. Although these anime only have one season so far, they all deserve a second season as they are so memorable.

10 Sleepy Princess In The Demon Castle Has Fans Wanting A Second Season

Sleepy princess in the devil’s castle follows Princess Syalis, a hostage in the Demon King’s castle. She can’t do anything but sleep and wait for the hero to rescue her. Syalis begins to go to great lengths to make sure she gets a good night’s sleep.

The hilarity ensues as he often breaks out of his cell to find new pillows and cuts up monsters to make new sheets. Even though the demons captured her in the first place, they are the ones at her mercy. Fans agree that the ending is satisfying, but a second season would be fun to watch and definitely welcomed by fans.

9 Blend S’s hilarious relationship antics deserve a second season

Blend S follows Maika, whom Dino hires to work as a sadistic waitress at his cafe. In Dino’s cafe, other waitresses act out other types of “dere”, including the tsundere. Time Blend S received criticism for the relationship between Marika (16) and Dino (26), the anime adaptation won praise for its humor.

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It also helps that one of the other waitresses, Kaho Hinata, reaches out to her co-worker Koyo Akizuki. some hope Blend S gets a second season so they could see Kaho and Koyo’s relationship blossom.

8 The comical girl group’s antics could lead to a second season

Kaoruko Moeta from Comic Girls

comic girls follows a group of girls who are also mangaka. They live together in a dorm and help each other through whatever problems they have. This slice-of-life anime had many comedic moments after the group’s antics.

Some wish that comic girls has a second season so you can expand on the developments the characters have done so far. For example, Kaoruko learns to take his job as a mangaka more seriously.

7 Hinako Note’s theater company needs a second season to have more performances

Hinako’s Note focuses on the heroine, Hinako. She suffers from social anxiety and can also communicate with animals. She is part of a group of girls who attend her school’s drama club. They also form a theater company outside the club to put on performances.

However, they only performed two plays in the twelve episodes of Hinako’s Notes First and only season. Their opening implies that they would have more performances, so fans were disappointed by the lack of them in the episodes. Yes Hinako’s Note gets a second season, the characters get a chance to do more plays.

6 Kamichama Karin needs a second season to cover her manga material

kamichama karin has a season that features its heroine, Karin, learning that her ring gives her the powers of a goddess. She and her other friends wield the powers of the rings of gods and goddesses. They fight enemies like Kirihiko Karasuma, work together, and fall in love along the way.

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Even though kamichama karin it ends well at the end, some viewers wish it would have a second season. The manga adaptation has a sequel called Kamichama Karin Chu. kamichama karin it has a lot of material to use from the sequel if it ever gets a second season.

5 Monster Girl Doctor has a lot of plotlines it can focus on in a second season

doctor monster girl

doctor monster girl is an ecchi monster girl anime. Glenn, a human doctor, operates on monster girls. Glenn runs a clinic with Sapphee, a lamia. However, Glenn cannot get too close to any of the monster girls or he will lose the funds for the clinic.

doctor monster girl it has an unsatisfying ending as Glenn never falls in love with anyone, which means it has potential for a second season. Season 2 could cover more of the past war of monsters and humans. Glenn could also marry Sapphee, Tisalia, and Arahnia like he does in the manga adaptation.

4 Yakitate!! Japan needs a second season to cover the rest of its manga adaptation

yakitate japan azuma kazuma holding bread

Yakitate !! from Japan The anime adaptation covers most of the manga it is based on. However, Yakitate !!Japan she leaves out the last three arcs of the manga and never goes back to normal. A second season could cover the last three arcs and finish the entire story. This would be helpful for viewers because the final arcs show more information about the Kirisaki family’s tragic past.

Yakitate !! from Japan The manga also has an ongoing sequel series called Yakitate!! super royal. A new season could cover this material and the remaining plots of the original manga.

3 Interviews with Monster Girls has an OVA but not a second season

Sakie and Tetsuo, interviews with Monster Girls

Monster Girl Interviews it has only twelve episodes and one OVA. This series follows a teacher and some monster girls who are students in a school full of humans. Interviews’ The main protagonist, a human teacher named Tetsuo, wants to meet and study monster girls. He takes the time to get to know the monster girls and the teacher.

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Unlike most monster girl anime, Interviews is healthy Sakie, a succubus who is also a math teacher, falls in love with Tetsuo. Tetsuo reciprocates these feelings. However, neither of them confessed their mutual attraction. A second season could expand on this romance and give more insight into the monster students.

two Monster Musume needs a second season to solve the marriage problem

Monster Girls Musume

Monster Musume it ends with Kurusu deciding to date all the monster girls he lives with as potential marriage partners. Unfortunately, this doesn’t solve the real problem of choosing which monster girl to marry.

A second season would give Kurusu time to date all the monster girls and decide which one he should marry, if not marry all of them. The second season could also give more development to the characters that were introduced in the finale. This includes the Grim Reaper inspired monster girl who starts living with Kurusu and the others.

1 The second season of Kiss Him, Not Me! Might solve Kae’s reverse harem situation

Kiss him, not me! follows Kae, a girl who is also an otaku. She acquires a reverse harem. All of her love interests confessed their feelings to her, so she has one-on-one dates with them to see which person she should choose. In the end, Kae ends up delaying this decision.

This is because he found out that his favorite character could come back to life in the next season of his favorite anime. The manga concludes with Kae choosing Asuma Mutsumi, so a second season could cover this relationship.

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