10 anime that mix different genres

There is so much infinite creativity and bravery that is present in the animated industry that often feels as if there is a specific program for everyone. There may be certain intimidating barriers that keep people away from diving in the animation medium, but there are unique genres and varieties of storytelling that are at play in anime.

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Anime can be governed by rigid stereotypes, and many shows lovingly embrace tropes. That said, there are also programs that use anime genre conventions whether it’s subverting expectations or telling complicated narratives that mix many eclectic tones, themes and genres.

10 Excel Saga turns each episode into a different degree of genre madness

excel series it accomplishes in just 26 episodes what most anime series do in twice that amount. In essence, anime is one of the series of most hyperbolized and surreal jokes in the middle, but it emerges as much more than just a clever anime spoof. There is an innocuous narrative about world domination (but not before city domination) running through Excel Saga. However, each episode transforms the series into a perfect satire of anime’s elevated genres. excel series draws on mecha, magical girls, romance, slices of life, musicals, and even sports series in his fearless deconstruction of the medium.

9 Cowboy Bebop embraces the spontaneous nature of jazz with its storytelling

Anime Cowboy Bebop Pierre Le Fou Horror

cowboy bebop has being elevated to totem status in the anime industry and is considered one of the strongest titles of all time. It has even left a mark on the non-anime crowd. cowboy bebop is an elegant space opera that follows a motley crew of bounty hunters during their desperate efforts to survive and heal their psychological wounds as they travel the galaxy. cowboy bebop The futuristic sci-fi world is perfect, but the anime’s iconic, jazzy soundtrack teases the series’ eclectic narrative sensibilities. The largely episodic nature of cowboy bebop it allows installments to touch on genres like western and horror, but with a sci-fi influence.

8 Angel punches! Turn the afterlife into an angelic game for everyone with endless music

It’s never a good idea to judge an anime by its cover. The medium has become so savvy with audience expectations that familiar art styles or character tropes can intentionally subvert the norm. Angel punches! is a 13-episode fantasy series that is set in an afterlife that puts lost souls in a structured school environment.

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These unassuming students face Angel, the ruler of the afterlife, and this the cheerful fantasy world gets progressively darker. Angel punches! it leans towards fantasy, action, melodrama, and there are even frequent opportunities for musical interludes due to the all-girl rock band, Girls Dead Monster, being present in the series.

7 JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure fearlessly changes its script and characters

Anime JoJos Bizarre Adventure Joseph Lisa Vampire Horde

by Hirohiko Araki JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure has built a passionate and dedicated fandom that has endured for over three decades and has become an important part of the anime meme community. jojo it’s a shonen action series at heart, but it’s one of the more unconventional and surprising versions of the genre. jojo’s interconnected narratives cover a shifting roster of protagonists from around the world. The beginning of jojo it is full of horror allusions and has a strong focus on vampires. diamond is unbreakable changes to an aesthetic more of slices of life, golden wind turns into a mob story, and steel ball race watch a cross-country horse race.

6 Another is a harrowing horror story contained in a school setting

terror has become one of the most popular anime genres to experiment. Dark themes are often juxtaposed with other genres in incredibly powerful ways. The raw nature of visceral horror is an extraordinary catalyst towards emotional epiphanies. Other is a hybrid of horror and moody mystery that keeps the audience guessing until its end. Koichi, a transfer student, enters a sinister school with a dark and murderous past. The sincere friendship between Koichi and Mei is the driving force behind Other, but her school environment allows the frivolity of everyday life to occasionally invade the dread.

5 Space Dandy celebrates the infinite possibilities of the universe

space dandy plants episode

Initially, space dandy feels like a dumber alternate reality version of Cowboy bebop. Both anime hail from Shinichiro Watanabe and follow perpetually overwhelmed bounty hunter crews in space. space dandy Hop from planet to planet as Dandy and his team search for their next big thing.

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space dandy succeed with how each of these planets looks completely unique from each other, but it’s as if each world settles for a totally different genre. Dandy is always up for adventure and this has filled the anime with breakneck races, dance shows, zombie outbreaks, and multiverse madness.

4 Puella Magi Madoka Magica subverts the magical girl paradigm

Mami faces her death in Puella Magi Magica Madoka

The magical girl genre of anime is one of the most popular narrative styles in the medium. There’s nothing wrong with a straightforward version of this idea, but there have been some extremely effective series that explore dark and nihilistic themes through joyful veneer of magical girl tropes. Puella Magi Madoka Magica it’s an effortless mix of magical girl theatre, horror, and depressing melodrama. The special privilege of becoming a magical girl is analogous to a Faustian deal with the devil. The bodies start falling early on and keep coming.

3 Erased blends fantasy and sci-fi mechanics into a ripping murder mystery

Funjinuma and Kayo

There’s a lot going on in the anime. Erased and it’s a testament to the series’ careful juggling act that all of these disparate elements come together and feel justified by The conclusion of the 12-episode series. Erased is a grim murder mystery where Satoru is determined to stop the crimes of a child killer. This alone would make a compelling story, but Erased mix this suspense and terror with a great fantasy through Satoru’s “Revival” ability. Satoru not only tries to solve this murder, but he does it in the past, in his child’s body. this mix of Return to the future and Zodiac departs from the norm.

two Lupine III’s wild capers have taken him around the world and to many genres

the antics of the infamous knight thief, Lupine IIIthey have lasted for more than 50 years in various manga, anime feature films and more than 150 episodes of exciting heists. Lupine III has persevered for so long because of the easy-to-replicate formula surrounding Lupin’s criminal misadventures and the elaborate detective work. As with James Bond, Lupine has become a cipher for larger stories that can often be enjoyed by different genres. The basic angle of action for Lupine III is usually around, but the franchise has built such a distinct voice that it can experiment with elements of romance, horror, and fantasy, like time travel.

1 Gintama’s Samurai Swordplay Is A Gateway To Surreal Nonsense

star wars gintama reference

It is extremely rare for an anime series to produce more than 350 episodes where they are practically all winners. gintama is one of the silliest and most celebrated shonen series of its kind. Gintoki and the rest of the Odd Jobs team struggle to keep Edo safe from an oppressive alien invasion, but are even happier to laze around and sleep. of gintama The plot-heavy installments are emotional hybrids of action and drama, but the anime also gleefully pokes fun at itself and other anime staples. gintama has made off-the-cuff jokes and full-on parodies on the many genres that dominate the medium, as well as hits like Dragon Ball Gundam, and Doraemon.

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