10 Anime With Awesome Supporting Characters, But A Terrible Lead

The protagonists of anime are usually the absolute stars of the show, or at least they are supposed to be. However, that doesn’t always turn out to be the case. In fact, some of the best anime of all time have completely horrible leads. In these cases, a series is often starred by a lovable supporting cast. The supporting characters may be some of the best in anime.

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They often have much more interesting vibrant personalities than the main character, which makes them more fun and enjoyable for fans. Thanks to these amazing supporting characters, the series isn’t spoiled by a boring lead, and the audience still has a lot of fun watching it.

10 The Goddesses of Oh! My Goddesses Are The Cutest Characters

Oh My Goddess Belldandy and her sisters

Oh! my Goddess is one of the first harem anime and has many of the classic characteristics that anime fans have come to recognize. Like many other similar series, it features a bland and boring male lead who suddenly finds himself surrounded by beautiful women.

Keiichi Morisato is the epitome of a nondescript male lead. He easily fades into the background compared to Belldandy and her sisters, with his average looks and unassuming personality. Without a doubt, the three sisters are the fan favorites of the series and they totally steal the show.

9 Re:Zero has many beloved supporting characters.

Re Zero anime cast

As one of the best known and most loved isekai, it’s no surprise that Re:Zero – Starting life in another world has a host of beloved characters. From female lead Emilia to honorary best girl Rem, there is no shortage of cute girls and waifus in this series.

Unfortunately, Natsuki Subaru doesn’t get as much love from fans as the girls. She is seen as weak and without personality, which makes him much less likeable than her peers. As a result, she is usually pushed aside and most of her focus remains on the girls and supporting characters.

8 Tenchi Muyo’s Protagonist Is Dumb, But The Supporting Cast Is Great

Cast of Tenchi Muyo

Tenchi Masaki is yet another example of a boring and obnoxious male lead. He has very little presence in the whole tenchi muyo franchise, despite being adored and fawned over by a group of beautiful girls. He asks viewers to wonder what they see in him, honestly. Each of the girls has a strong presence, vibrant personality, and aesthetic character design.

When combined with old Tenchi, it’s absolutely baffling how any of them can be so in love with him. Tenchi may be desirable to them for some reason, but when it comes down to it, without the rest of the cast, he’s nothing.

7 The secondary characters of Konosuba are much better than its protagonist

Cast of Konosuba

Konosuba is a very popular anime series, gaining more fans with each new season. Everyone loves the girls at Kazuma’s party, from the goddess Aqua to the powerful wizard Megumin. They each add their own unique flavor to the series, not to mention they’re all absolutely adorable.

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Then there is Kazuma himself, who is probably one of the worst protagonists out there. He is rude, obnoxious, perverted and unhelpful to his group. Despite being the one destined to defeat the Demon King, the girls would honestly be better off without him.

6 Both protagonists of Sword Art Online are unpleasant

Sword Art Online cast

sword art online is a series that anime fans either love or hate. However, with such a colorful and interesting cast of characters, it’s no wonder why so many people still enjoy the series despite its flaws. Each series introduces a new group of characters who play an integral role in the overall story. Unfortunately, even the best stories in the series get bogged down by the two leads, Kirito and Asuna.

Despite being the main characters and incredibly powerful, they are some of the least interesting in the entire franchise. With their suave personalities and effortless power, nothing is exciting or surprising. Fortunately, the supporting characters are there to mix things up and add some much-needed interest.

5 Boruto is the least interesting character in his own series

Boruto and his friends and family

Even though the series is called boruto, the main character is probably one of the worst characters. The fans can’t stand him, they see him as spoiled, selfish and ungrateful. He lives an easy and charmed life compared to the characters in the original series, and longtime fans of naruto don’t take kindly the way he treats his father.

Almost every other character is loved much more than Boruto, with many believing that others like Sarada or even Boruto’s sister Himawari would make better leads.

4 Shinji Ikari is the worst part of Evangelion according to most

Neon Genesis Evangelion Shinji Asuka and Rei

The Evangelion The franchise is one of the most iconic in anime history. Fans love the complex and interesting cast of characters, each adding a layer of interest to the series. Unfortunately, one of the weakest characters in the group is the series’ protagonist, Shinji Ikari.

Most fans despise Shinji, seeing him as weak and pathetic. It is true that he has been involved in a very traumatic situation and it makes sense that he cannot handle it. But viewers expect a leading man to be strong and face problems head-on. Instead, Shinji just cries and wallows in self-pity.

3 Attack On Titan is adored but its protagonist is not

Cast of Attack on Titan

attack on titan is possibly the most popular modern anime series of all time. Since its debut, it has captured the hearts of anime lovers everywhere. There are many lovable characters, and fans have grown fond of them as the series has progressed.

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Protagonist Eren Jaeger was once adored like the rest of the cast. But since the final arc of the series, he has become a completely different character than the one fans knew. He has gone from the hero of the story to the villain, and many now see him as one of the worst characters in the series.

two The Quintessential Quintuplets features five cute sisters and a boring lead.

The Quintessential Nakano Sisters Quintuplets

It’s hard for fans of The quintessential quintuplets to choose which sister they love more. No matter who fans consider “best girl,” the Nakano sisters have vibrant and colorful personalities that absolutely steal the show. Despite being the protagonist of the series, Futaro is easily the least interesting of the cast.

Next to each of the sisters, Futaro leaves almost no trace. He is the typical simple protagonist surrounded by beautiful girls who, for some strange reason, are madly in love with him. Like most of the protagonists before him, he acts as something of a self-inserted character and has little to no personality as a result. At least the girls make up for what he lacks, multiplied by ten.

one Dragon Ball Has A Lot Of Great Characters, But Goku Isn’t One Of Them

Dragon Ball Z cast

The Dragon Ball The franchise is one of the biggest and most iconic anime of all time. Everyone has heard of him, and everyone has at least one character they like. However, that character is most likely anyone but Goku. There is no denying that Goku is an amazing and incredibly powerful Saiyan. However, he is by far one of the worst characters in the series.

Goku’s immaturity and obsession with fighting and strength is a bad image for someone who is supposed to be a loving husband and father. The fact that even Vegeta is a more developed and better person than him shows how horrible Goku really can be. He still has a lot of fans, of course. But when it comes down to it, the supporting cast is far better than Goku could ever hope to be.


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