10 Anime With Frequent Outfit Changes

A character’s appearance is incredibly important when it comes to anime. The most memorable characters are recognized only by their silhouette, which is why most characters don’t change outfits very often. After all, Naruto wouldn’t be Naruto without his iconic orange jumpsuit.

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That said, it’s not impossible for anime characters to wear different outfits throughout a series, especially if an anime focuses on fashion. On the other hand, sometimes manga artists love to put their characters in different clothes, and frequent outfit changes express their creativity in fashion.

10 Fairy Tail Guild has the right outfit for any occasion (Fairy Tail)

fairy tail cast

Fairy tale characters may have a standard outfit that they return to, but that doesn’t mean they don’t like changing it up. Lucy especially likes to wear new clothes during each outing and many times Natsu’s clothes fit her well. The champion of outfit changes, however, is definitely Erza Scarlet. Not only does she have the perfect outfit for any occasion, but each of her weapon techniques comes with her own outfit.

9 Lelouch’s wealth is shown through his clothes (Code Geass)

Lelouch takes off his helmet in Code Geass

As a member of royalty, it makes sense that someone like Lelouch would have several fabulous outfits. He can be seen in his uniform on many occasions, but it is obvious that he prefers to wear an outfit once. He isn’t the only one seriously with very good taste either. Different characters wore clothes as costumes to portray themselves in a certain way in the first episode. If there’s one thing this anime is good at, it’s showing off the opulence of royalty, especially through their clothing.

8 Hero students express themselves through their clothes (My Hero Academia)

My Hero Academia Season 1 Poster

UA students may be required to wear their uniforms most of the time, but outside of school, they love to wear unique and sometimes fun outfits. Midoriya doesn’t have the greatest fashion sense, especially when she wears shirts that say “t-shirt” on the front, but they certainly do a good job of showing off her personality.

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The other members of the class have also worn some amazing outfits that show what kind of people they are. Yaoyorozu may have to wear a skimpy hero costume, but he dresses conservatively during her free time. With all the unique fashion choices showcased throughout the series, fans could almost mistake UA for a school of fashion instead of a school of heroes.

7 History affected clothing (JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Part 1 & 2)

For an action-adventure anime like jojo’s bizarre adventure, the characters had a surprisingly frequent number of outfit changes. At least, in the first two parts of the series anyway. Unlike other anime, the protagonist did not have an outfit that defined them. Instead, his outfit depended on what was happening in the story and what they were doing. Unfortunately, the outfit changes stopped after part 2 of the anime, which is a shame considering the frequent outfit changes made a lot of sense in the story.

6 The cast wore something new every episode (Anohana)

anohana friends in an upset line

anohana it was a short anime, but it certainly didn’t fall short on outfit changes. In fact, most of the characters had a new outfit every episode, especially Anjou, who wore 11 outfits throughout the twelve-episode series. For a slice-of-life anime with magical elements, this series did an excellent job of portraying the characters as real people going about their daily lives. The outfit changes may not seem like much of a deal, but they help make the characters feel like real people, which probably explains why fans love the show so much.

5 Sakura is the best dressed magical girl (Cardcaptor Sakura)

While most magical girls only change outfits when they go through a power up card captor sakura Sakura has many different outfits for almost any occasion. In fact, she practically has a new outfit every episode. Not to mention, the series’ openings also give him several unique costumes.

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This series is a gold mine for cosplayers looking for something cute and frilly to wear. For those who don’t like cosplay, you can also enjoy all the references that the CLAMP studio makes with their costumes. They have made several references to other media, including Alice in Wonderlandwhich can be difficult to spot but is definitely worth a try.

4 Soul reapers use more than black (bleach)

Ichigo and his friends in Bleach

the characters in Bleach they’re often relegated to wearing school uniforms or the Soul Reaper Shihakusho, but that doesn’t mean creator Tite Kubo doesn’t like putting his characters in modern outfits whenever he gets the chance. In fact, most of the characters have had several different looks ranging from Renji’s hippie outfit to Orihime’s casual dresses. Even Kon has worn several different outfits even though he desperately tries to stop playing dress up.

3 Amu is trying to find herself through her clothes (Shugo Chara)

It is surprising how often the characters of sugo chara changing her appearance, then again the whole series is about the main character Amu trying to figure out how to express herself. Chara’s transformations of hers range from pink and bubbly to dark and devilish, but she also has a unique style of her own that is somewhat gothic. While she is often depicted in her school uniform, this series makes sure to bring some diversity to her outfits.

two It’s a display of style on and off the runway (Smiles on the runway)

smile down the catwalk

A series about fashion is sure to have tons of amazing clothes and this series is no different. The characters exhibit incredibly unique styles on and off the runway. Even Chiyuki, who is at a disadvantage when it comes to height, wears her various outfits much better than anyone else. For anyone interested in fashion and how the fashion industry works, this series is definitely worth watching.

1 A slice of life that isn’t just about school (Hyouka)

An anime about a school club is unlikely to feature many outfit changes, but then again, this series is about much more than just a club. This slice of life follows the daily lives of the members of the classic club, and as anohana the characters are often depicted in their casual after-school clothes. While the outfits aren’t flashy or fancy, they help tell the story. Not to mention, it’s much easier to relate to the characters wearing several different outfits instead of just their school uniform.

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