10 Fortnite cosplays that bring the character of the game to life (2022)

Fortnite is packed with fantastic skins and characters that cosplayers can bring to life.

Cosplaying is a relatively new art form, but it’s more prevalent in recent memory. It’s when people dress up, realistically, as famous characters from games, television, movies, and other forms of media.

The Battle Royale created by Epic Games has been the center of cosplay due to its large number of different characters. There is no shortage of unique costumes that come from the game.

Note: This article is subjective and reflects the opinion of the writer.

The most realistic Fortnite cosplays

10) Power Chord

A Power Chord cosplay (Image via Sylvercy)Rust Lord cosplay (Image via DTJAAAAM)rest sir it’s an OG skin, and it’s hard to bring it to life. In terms of realism, this one comes off beautifully. You have to be picky though, as the blue is too bright and the bracelet is on the wrong arm.

8) ruby

A Ruby cosplay (Image via Sylvercy)A Lynx cosplay (Image via CarryKey)Brite Bomber cosplay (Image via Littlejem)A Fishstick cosplay (Image via NewScapeGames)A perfect Jules cosplay (Image via Andcosplay)A realistic Drift cosplay (Image via Gibson)A Cuddle Team Leader cosplay (Image via Di Simon)Cosplay Value (Image via Reilin)

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