10 Funny Anime Moments for a Good Laugh on April Fool’s Day

Day of the Innocents

Happy “don’t trust anything on the Internet” day everyone! In honor of the first day of April being the worst time to have a legitimate ad, I thought I’d write a list of ten anime moments that make me go “ha” and “ha”.

Formation B!

Serie: jujutsu kaisen

Nobara and Yuji cling to Megumi.

At the end of jujutsu kaisen episodes of the first season is a comedy segment called “Jujutsu Stroll”. One of the later segments has Yuji alerting Nobara and Gojo to a major crisis: Megumi is getting beat up! The three of them rush into action with Gojo telling them to get into “Formation B”, leading to Nobara and Yuji latching onto Megumi and accusing him of tricking them. Gojo puts an end to his antics by calling ALL of them homewreckers because Megumi has violin practice with him.

In the end, it turns out that Megumi wasn’t being flirted with at all, but many questions remain: why does a plan like this exist? How many times have they practiced it? What other formations are there?

Sailor Moon’s kitchen can’t fight evil in the moonlight

Serie: sailor moon

sailor moon

In the last season of sailor moon, there is a moment where a monster fight takes place in Usagi’s own kitchen. Unfortunately, her kitchen can’t handle the size of her winged bow, nor can she handle the sheer number of Sailor Senshi who are there to try and save the day. Usagi has to crawl through the hallway to try to avoid knocking things over, and certain attacks cannot be performed for fear of causing too much chaos.

This is not the first time the girls have been in close quarters during battle. In the first season, there is an attempted alley fight that goes awry, but he only had three scouts on deck compared to a full kitchen.

Please don’t take dad!

Serie: SK8 the infinity

Daddy don't leave me!  SK8 episode 6

It was either this or Langa’s deadpan “push me” when trying to skate again in the second episode, but beach episodes are a time-honored tradition in anime, and SK8 he has a pretty big one. They all “just happen” to go to the same place, which leads to fun in the sun at the beach. At one point, Joe does what he does best and flirts with the ladies, and Miya decides to be an absolute troll by claiming to be her son.

To double down on the gag, he points to Cherry and claims that he is her mother, implying that Joe is dating his partner and their son. The women leave, Miya seems smug, and Reki and Shadow celebrate a joke well done.

Clearly that Christmas invitation is for murder.

Serie: Persona 4: The Golden Animation

person 4 golden

person 4 it’s one of my favorite JRPGs of all time, but its anime attempts are so hit and miss. Goldenin particular, it’s a bit of a bummer because it tries to condense so much story into 12 episodes, but one thing it gets right is the Christmas episode where the girls assume Yu’s invitation to their house is some sort of date.

Except Naoto. Naoto doesn’t think it’s a date at all. Naoto somehow comes to the conclusion that this is an elaborate attempt to assassinate her. Because for some reason that makes more sense to her than her asking him out as a date. She even shows up at Yu’s house in police riot gear, assuming the worst. To be fair, it DOES look like a crime scene in Yu’s kitchen thanks to all the girls making such a big mess.

Don’t forget the kids food banner.

Serie: tokyo avengers


tokyo avengers it’s an anime series that can get pretty heavy and to be honest the manga is even worse. However, there are a few moments that offer a bright spot in the heartbreak, like the previous episodes where Takemichi learns that the big bad leader of the gang he’s gone back in time to stop is an absolute kid.

Takemichi follows Draken and Mikey to try to prevent a fight that is supposed to happen between the two. He think found the source of the problem, only to find out that the screaming is because Mikey ordered a kid’s meal… but he did NOT have a flag. As the second-in-command of the gang, Draken is always prepared, so he pulls a flag out of his pocket and sticks it in Mikey’s food. Mikey screeches like a 5-year-old, eats, and then goes to sleep in the middle of the restaurant.

I’ve been here the whole time… except this time

Serie: kuroko’s basketball

Kuroko without basket

I was torn between this gag and the fact that Kagami, in his big self, is terrified of the puppy the team ends up taking care of. However, the “there all the time” part won me over in the end, because he is a mainstay of the series. Kuroko has perfected the fine art of being seemingly invincible on the basketball court. He’s so good at it that it seems like he’s sneaking up on everyone around him, but really, he’s been there the whole time. This catches his opponents AND his teammates off guard, as they often end up looking for Kuroko, only to find that they just… didn’t notice.

However, there was a time when Kuroko wasn’t actually with the group. He was running late, but when he got there he told them, “I’ve been here the whole time,” to try to make it look like he wasn’t late. Kagami notices that Kuroko is out of breath, which means that he ran to catch up with the team, so he was not, in fact, there all the time.

You’re a Z-Fighter who can’t drive

Serie: Dragon Ball Z


Before I realized what a filler episode was, I legitimately thought that the driver’s license episode of Dragon Ball Z it was part of the regularly scheduled program. It made sense to me that fighters would take a break before trying to fight someone as daunting as Cell, I just didn’t expect that part of that break would be two of the world’s strongest warriors going to driving school.

Chi-Chi, fed up after a long day of carrying groceries home and waiting for him to cook and clean, tells Goku and Piccolo to learn something useful, like driving a car. What unfolds is an episode of pure chaos, particularly for Piccolo, who dresses up as a civilian and greets the driving instructor from hell.

I don’t know why I got carried away…

Serie: my hero academia

my hero academia

Yeah, I almost envisioned Mirio’s iconic “garbage, am I right” intro, but then I remembered the first episode of season five. The first few episodes of each new season tend to work like recaps with Deku and Class 1A engaging in something random. One season had a reporter doing research on the school and another season looked like a sports anime pilot as the kids challenged each other in swimming.

The first episode of the fifth season gives the kids a training mission against hypothetical villains that ends up being Nejire and Tamaki with Mirio acting as a helpless civilian in trouble. However, his acting skills are hilarious, and at one point, after the kids think he’s safe, he throws himself off a bridge and wonders how life came to him so quickly.

This moment calls for a passed out couch

Serie: Sky Design Team

venus in trouble

Sky Design Team is a quirky and educational anime that actually teaches us about different animals. The way the series does this is by having the angels take orders from God because God doesn’t feel like doing the work. The problem? Orders are vague at best, and can sometimes cause a great deal of stress to the design team.

Venus, who usually ends up making birds, gets an order so ridiculous that she feels the urge to pass out on a couch. However, there is no sofa in the work area, so she leaves the room, drags a sofa back into the room, and then falls on it and complains about her work order. Since this is the last episode of the season, viewers have seen how God’s orders aren’t detailed enough to work. In fact, when the team saw how things were done in Hell in a previous episode, they realized that the orders there were much better organized.

That time Excel killed the creator of its own series

Serie: excel series

Standing out

Honestly, excel series All in all it’s a wild ride. If you want a comedic anime that parodies other genres and is completely ridiculous, then Excel is your girl. At the very least, go watch the first episode as it sets the tone for what you’re getting into.

Besides the fact that the main character dies faster than any isekai character, she dies multiple times, only to come back to life because, well, the show must go on. She too, in the first episode, is sent on a mission to assassinate the creator of her own series. This, of course, means that the story has to be reset AGAIN, because if you kill the creator, you can’t have a story.

This is all in the first ten minutes of the first episode, by the way.

Happy April Fools’ Day everyone! Take care out there!

(Image: Crunchyroll/Hulu)

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