10 Likeliest Isekai Protagonists

When it comes to isekai protagonists, people generally think of their incredible strength. Isekai characters usually have the kind of powers that most non-anime protagonists can only dream of.

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But while many of these leads tend to be more arrogant, nervous, or mysterious, that’s not true for all of them. Some isekai protagonists find themselves in another world where they have the ability to help those around them. Their incredible powers are harnessed to make the world a better place, making them likeable protagonists, even when their shows aren’t always the best.

10 Adele Von Ascham uses her powers to help those around her (didn’t I say make my abilities average?)

adela points

Adele Von Ascham was a young woman who excelled at everything in her original life. But she led her to feel lonely and excluded from society, so she had a wish for her: in her next life, she wanted to be normal. She got her wish, but instead she became the average between the strongest and the weakest beings on this new planet, granting him immense magical powers. But instead of letting that go to her head, he chooses to use her powers to help other people and build a guild for her and her friends.

9 Myne just wants her own library (Ascendance Of A Bookworm)

Myne bucks the trend set by most isekai protagonists in the modern era. She is not endowed with a divine power to make me clean the floor with anyone. She’s not in control of an entire country or any of the other wish-fulfillment tropes that those characters have. She only wants one thing: her own library, to read as much as she wants. It’s such a cute and admirable goal, and it’s rare to have a lead that literally everyone wants to root for, but Myne is one of them.

8 Ginta Toramizu went from being nobody to being the protector of an entire country (MAR)

Ginta Toramizu in his own world was skinny and couldn’t defend himself, let alone anyone else. But the moment he is sent to MAR-Heaven, he realizes that he can see better and gains great strength thanks to the lightest gravity in the world.

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This strength gives him the desire to rise up and defend the MAR people against the Chess Army, a dangerous army that once conquered the country. Despite having no fighting experience, he refuses to back down from his forces. Instead, he creates a group that can help him fight the injustice of the Chess Army.

7 Azusa is constantly bringing in new kids to take care of (I’ve been killing slimes for 300 years)

azusa wil slime pills

Azusa is the main protagonist of I’ve been killing slimes for 300 years. She had a simple wish when she was reincarnated: to live in a place where she would not be disturbed. She spent three centuries living life that way, but despite that selfish desire, she is a kind person. In three centuries, she earned a legend as an immortal witch by healing the townspeople closest to her. And despite constantly having new people hanging around her house, she welcomes them all with a smile.

6 Ernesti Echevalier worries about building a new Mecha (Knight’s & Magic)

Ernesti pilots and me

Ernesti was a programmer with a wish: he wanted to pilot a giant robot. And the moment he was reincarnated into a world with giant robots, that desire changed to design his own robot. From that point on, he was determined in his devotion to being worthy enough to build his own giant robot of his own. But despite this focus on the goal of him, he is a good boy. He forms a group of friends to help with whatever the country needs. This has led him to rescue dozens with the superior technology of the giant robots he invents later in the series.

5 Cinque Izumi agreed to help a nation she didn’t know (Dog Days)

Dog Days Cinque

It’s not often that someone is summoned to another world and asked to fight, only to not only agree but be willing to play by the rules. On dog dayCinque is summoned by a desperate princess to assist in the sports combat battles taking place between her Biscotti nation and their Galette rivals.

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Cinque excels so much at her job that she not only helps Biscotti win, but also saves the princess’s life from an imminent threat. Afterwards, the whole country loves him so much that they regularly summon him and his friends to have adventures and participate in their future sporting events.

4 Karen Kohirumaki becomes her true self (Sword Art Online alternate)

Sword Art Online Alternative It’s unique ODS story in which neither Asuna nor Kirito appear in it. Instead, the protagonist is LLENN, or Karen Kohirumaki. Karen in real life is tall for a girl, and she is aware of it. So she creates an online personality, LLENN, who is small and cute. From there, she begins to find a kind of confidence in the world of “Gun Gale Online” as she establishes a name for herself. Her goals are always respectable, and it’s fun to see how her character develops in Sword Art Online AlternativeThe short race of the entire season.

3 Ryoma Takebayashi just wants to make a place where people are appreciated (by the grace of the gods)

Ryoma Takebayashi By the grace of the gods

Ryoma Takebayashi was a nice guy even on his original planet. He was sweet, kind and never really bothered anyone. So when he was sent to a new world, he kept that same aspect of himself. He just wants to be appreciated for his hard work and recognize people who work hard for themselves. He still has all the cheating abilities of most isekai protagonists, but in his case, he uses those powers for regular jobs. Despite being less than twelve years old, he uses his control over the slimes to run his own business and hire people to help him with the work. His biggest fear is being caught by an employment agency for not being nice enough.

two Shiroe built his guild, Log Horizon, to help save his friends (Log Horizon)

Shiroe was a lonely loner for years until he got trapped in the video game he loved the most. Seeing everything around him crumble, Shiroe put plans in motion to create an impromptu society. As a result, he was able to save not only several children who were trapped in the game, but also other friends. Shiroe’s hard work has created the titular guild, Log Horizon, where his best friends can feel at home, even if he doesn’t feel comfortable leading them. But despite his power and intelligence, he knows when to back off and step aside.

1 Catarina Claes takes care of the people she thinks will betray her (My Next Life as a Villain)

ladybug gets nervous

Katarina Claes was a normal high school girl until she was sent to another world. There, she realizes that she has been reincarnated into the last otome game that she was playing. In the game, her character was mean and ruthless. By refusing to be this way to try to save her own life, she Catarina becomes the sweetest protagonist who ever lived. Sure, she’s not very smart, but that’s part of the charm of her. She is very caring and spends time caring for the very people she fears will kill or exile her.

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