10 Missed Story Opportunities In The Legend Of Korra

the legend of korra often causes arguments among fans, but overall, he’s a much-loved addition to the Avatar universe. The series not only introduced a lot of fun story elements to the world of Avatar but Korra was also able to make a name for herself as Aang’s successor.

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While most of the story is fun to watch, the series suffered from a lot of behind-the-scenes issues, which had a lasting effect on the series as a whole. Many story elements were left out entirely, negatively affecting character growth and world development. The series has a sequel comic in which a lot of issues have been addressed, but it definitely would have been better if these story elements were addressed during the run of the series.

10 Mako and Bolin’s family did not contribute to the growth of their character

9 bolin and mako

Mako and Bolin were orphans living in Republic City and didn’t seem to have an extended family until they traveled to Ba Sing Se. By chance, they met their father’s relatives and formed a royal family.

However, once the family moved to Republic City with the two brothers, they didn’t contribute much to the story, which is unfortunate. Learning to be part of a family could have been a great moment of character growth for the two brothers.

9 Korra should have worked for her flex

For many fans of the series, Korra regains her bending powers too quickly. Although it took her the entire season to gain control of the air, she mastered the Avatar state without even trying, which made her dominate throughout the second season.

Season two would have been much more interesting if Korra had to work on getting her bending powers back. That kind of character development would have felt more earned than what fans got.

8 There were no lingering effects of the egalitarian movement

amon from the legend of korra

Amon was one of the better villains, but he didn’t have as much of an effect on the series as a whole. The inequality between teachers and non-teachers should have been a big problem, especially in Republic City. While Amon’s methods may have been wrong, he was right about the inequality non-benders suffered.

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After his death, the city should have been filled with equal ex-members looking to gain equality and Korra should have been stuck in the middle trying to figure out which side she should be on. Letting Korra learn to be a good avatar for everyone and not just the voice actors would have been a good way for her to grow as a person.

7 Aang should have been a guide to Korra as Roku was a guide to him.

Avatar Roku played a very important role in the growth of Aang’s character. She could often go to him for advice and learned how to be a better Avatar through Roku’s life story. Korra didn’t have that even when he mastered the Avatar State.

The creators may have wanted to avoid putting Aang in the series, but doing so prevented Korra from learning through previous Avatars. That connection is what made the series so great and Korra should have benefited from it too.

6 Korra’s parents could have shown what it’s like to raise an avatar

Korra’s parents are incredibly underrated, especially her mother, who barely gets any screen time. Although the series showed their relationship to some extent, the audience didn’t really get a chance to learn much about them.

How a future Avatar was raised and the pressure it would have put on her family is important to the family dynamic and would have given fans a better understanding of why Korra is the way she is.

5 Airbending Nation had to adapt to a modern world

Tenzin's sons

It’s a miracle that airbenders could come back from extinction. Thanks to Korra, the airbenders were able to reintegrate into society. But considering how long it had been since there had been airbenders, that integration should have been much more difficult.

Modern sensibilities and technology clashed with the airbender’s beliefs, but that didn’t have much of an effect on the story, especially since most of the airbender’s growth was skipped due to the time jump. For someone like Tenzin, who tends to get stuck in his ways, modernizing the airbenders could have led to an interesting conflict.

4 Aang’s family experienced generational trauma

Learning that Aang wasn’t a perfect father was a tough pill to swallow, but it was important for his and his children’s character growth. However, his family history was not talked about enough, leaving fans with a lot of questions.

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Korra may have been the main character, but as her airbending master, Tenzin was just as important to the story. Learning about his and his brother’s trauma could have given context to his behavior and his relationship with Korra.

3 Mako was not interested in the murderer of his parents

Although Mako was a featured character at the beginning of the series, his character development definitely suffered as the show progressed. In some ways, her backstory is similar to Katara’s, which makes it strange that the series has never really explored her.

He often talks about his parents, but never seemed interested in knowing who killed them, which would have been a good way for his character to grow up and get a little closer. As the most serious and emotional member of the team, it would have made sense for him to spend some time as a vigilante and hunt down the killer of his parents.

two The character of Prince Wu was missing

Prince Wu played a prominent role in the final season, but his character didn’t have much resolve. Most of his character development was carried to the end and his decisions about the decision were reversed in the comics, making him pretty much irrelevant to the series as a whole.

Rather than tie him to Mako, he should have been given a chance to rule so he could develop as a character on his own.

1 Korra and Asami’s relationship was vague

korra and asami

Korra and Asami’s relationship was one of the first queer relationships to appear in a children’s series. Unfortunately, some fans didn’t even realize their relationship was confirmed in the end due to how vague it was. It also didn’t help that Asami’s screen time dropped significantly in the final season.

It’s understandable why they weren’t as overt about the relationship, but they should have at least highlighted Korra and Asami’s friendship more, so their change in relationship wouldn’t have felt so sudden.

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