10 Most Important Character Developments In Anime

In the hit shonen anime jujutsu kaisen, the heroes, and even the villains, improve as fighters and grow in personality. As the plot develops, so do these characters, and sometimes it is due to a character’s growth that the plot changes. The story has fans patiently waiting on the edge of their seats to see how much more these beloved characters will change and be changed.

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Although there are many moments of character development throughout the series thus far, only a few moments hold any great significance to both the characters and the plot. Whether moving the story forward or developing the main character, these developmental moments continually reshape this exciting series.

10 Yuji decided to eat Sukuna’s finger, it was the first important action in the series.

At first, the idea of ​​eating one of Sukuna Ryoumen’s fingers repulsed Yuji, but the moment he saw his friends in danger it stopped mattering. Just thinking of gaining the power to save his loved ones, Yuji swallowed the cursed item and gained immense power.

The decision not only reveals Yuji’s conviction to save those in danger, but also drives the plot forward. It was the movement that started it all, and without it, Yuji most likely would not have lived to tell the tale.

9 Yuji shows his bravery by facing the special grade alone

yuji powering up to face the special grade curse

On their first mission as Jujutsu Sorcerers, freshmen Yuji, Megumi, and Nobara are tasked with rescuing inmates in a prison where a Special Grade curse is rapidly growing. Assistant Manager Ijichi leaves the young wizards with the warning: If you come into contact with the Special Grade, run or die.”

The trio ends up biting off more than they can chew in the prison and seeing no other choice, Yuji decides that he alone will face the Special Grade curse so his friends can escape with their lives. Yuji quickly realizes that he is no match for the Special Grade, but despite his emotional breakdown, he faces the enemy head-on.

8 When Megumi confesses why she spared Yuji, she reveals an ugly truth about Jujutsu wizards.

megumi using her cursed energy against sukuna in jujutsu kaisen

On their first mission, Yuji, Megumi, and Nobara are tasked with rescuing prisoners from a special grade curse, but they are too late. With Yuji and Megumi arguing over their differing opinions on who should be saved, it begs the question of why Megumi wanted to save Yuji’s life earlier in the series.

Megumi doesn’t get a chance to reply, as the special grade attacks them and the trio split up. But when she realizes that Yuji is going to die, she confesses that she just couldn’t bear to see another good person die if she could help. This scene also comes after a glimpse into Megumi’s past, another layer of the story to be told. More than that, her distinction of “I’m not a hero. I’m a Jujutsu Sorcerer” illuminates the truth about the hard path they walk.

7 Gojo’s Challenge To Director Gakuganji Adds A Layer To The Story And World Building

gojo-sensei threatening the director gakuganji

At first, the audience is given a glimpse of how Gojo-sensei thinks ahead of everyone else. But, for the most part, his recklessness and his overbearing humor are more apparent. His plan to use Yuji as a vessel to contain Sukuna and eventually destroy them both is just one of his many twisted plans towards a better future.

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When Gojo confronts the Gakuganji principal of Jujutsu High’s Kyoto campus, he threatens the old man with the knowledge that the powers of both his enemies and his allies are growing far beyond the conservatives’ control. The scene also gives a bit of development to the Director himself, revealing his own hidden twisted side.

6 Sukuna’s decision to reject Mahito puts a dent in the villains’ plans.

jujutsu kaisen sukuna

With all the main villains finally introduced, their plan of attack comes to fruition beginning with the manipulation of Mahito’s curse. The villains’ plan is to bring Sukuna over to their side to give them a power boost, and Mahito’s way of doing it is through the innocent high school student Junpei, who befriends Yuji.

After killing Junpei, angering Yuji, Mahito approaches Sukuna’s soul. The two of them had already laughed out loud at Yuji’s expense, so it already seemed that Mahito’s plan would succeed. Surprisingly, Sukuna immediately rejects Mahito, showing little interest in his cause. He even tries to kill Mahito for unintentionally touching his soul a second time.

5 The truth behind Mai and Maki’s relationship shows the internal struggle within the sorcerer families.

mai and maki zenin

In the Kyoto Goodwill Event arc, viewers delve into the world of the Sorcerers of Jujutsu learning about the layout of the school and the other students. The biggest reveal in regards to the students is that Maki, a sophomore from Tokyo, is the twin sister of Mai, a sophomore from Kyoto, and their confused relationship is due to family pressure.

Within the society of Jujutsu Sorcerers, there are three main families, Maki and Mai being one of them. When they were little, the sisters supported each other, but everything changed when Maki left the family. Being born without any cursed energy, she Maki was always mistreated, so she, leaving the family, intends to become a great sorceress to spite them all.

4 Nobara’s rejection of the ideal sorceress is another step towards changing the twisted society.

Nobara _ Rubber hammer

During the Kyoto Goodwill Event Bow, one-on-one battles between the Tokyo and Kyoto students ensue, giving the first-year students, Yuji, Megumi, and Nobara a chance to show their mettle. In her fight with Kyoto student Momo, Nobara was forced to listen to a lecture on the pressures of being a sorceress and how “perfect” women must be.

Nobara rejects Momo’s ideals and exclaims that she won’t go crazy to achieve such impossible standards. Forging her own path, Nobara affirms, “I love myself when I’m strong.” This was Nobara’s first battle all alone, and she won on her own terms.

3 Yuji learns his most powerful move in his battle against Hanami.

yuji using black flash for the first time

The heroes’ situation went from bad to worse during the Kyoto Goodwill Event arc when the villains intervened and trapped the first and second years. Megumi and Noritoshi’s battle is interrupted when the Hanami curse attacks them. The combatant students then join forces and fight the curse to no avail.

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When it looks like Hanami is about to win, Yuji and Todo arrive just in time to save the day. Although Yuji had shown his brute strength in his fight with Mahito, the battle with Hanami is the first in which he shows his immense control of cursed energy with the Black Flash move.

two Megumi finally accepts Yuji’s help and Nobara establishes the trio as teammates.

Yuji, megumi and nobara together

For most of the series, Megumi is more of a loner character with a tragic hidden backstory. She’s the type to keep her emotions in check and rarely ask for help, so when she finally opens up about saving her sister from a curse that threatens her hometown, it’s a big step for him. .

Thanks to Yuji and Nobara’s persistent meddling, Megumi had the backup she needed to help him exorcise the curses that appeared that night. Establishing their strong friendship also meant that they finally bonded as a force to be reckoned with and would support each other no matter how daunting the challenge became.

1 The cries of the cursed brothers show that there are more curses than murderous intentions

the last tears of it by kechizu

At the beginning of the series, the curses seemed to be mindless killers that should be destroyed without a second thought. As the series progressed, the need to destroy them remained clear, however there was more to them than the Jujutsu Sorcerers initially thought.

Curses like Mahito and Hanami, who possess deep thought and reason behind their movements, are still threats to the peace of human beings, however, when the cursed brothers Kechizu, Eso and Choso were introduced, another dimension was added to the curse. the curses. In their battle against Yuji and Nobara, Kechisu and Eso revealed the humanity within them that is rarely shown with curses. The Greater Curse Eso cried at the loss of Kechisu, a painful sight for Yuji, but was destroyed soon after.

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