10 Most Popular Husbands In Anime Of All Time

Once in his life, almost every fan considers one of the anime characters as his ideal partner. The terms they use to refer to these characters are Waifus and Husbandos.

While the former is more prevalent in the anime community, they are closely followed by Husbandos.

Husbands are often idolized for being compassionate and courageous, with a rare smile that can brighten the mood around their fans. Since there are many Husbandos in the anime universe, here is a list of some considered to be the best.

Ten Most Desirable Husbands in Anime

10) Usui Takumi- Maid Sama!

Usui Takumi, as seen in the anime 'Maid Sama!'  (Image via JCStaff)“/>
Usui Takumi, as seen in the anime ‘Maid Sama!’ (Image via JCStaff)

Takumi is basically an all-rounder, as he is good at sports, academia, and cooking. He quickly became the talk of the town among the girls for his charming looks and athletic physique.

Despite being followed by girls at his school, he doesn’t even bother paying attention to them.

The reason behind this would be that Takumi has developed an interest in Misaki. He cares deeply for her and would do anything for Misaki’s happiness, making him one of her best husbands in existence.

9) Sakamoto- Haven’t you heard? i’m sakamoto

Sakamoto, as seen in the anime 'Haven't You Heard?  I'm Sakamoto' (Image via Studio Deen)“/>
Sakamoto, as seen in the anime ‘Haven’t You Heard? I’m Sakamoto’ (Image via Studio Deen)

Sakamoto has a unique feat that he can transform his enemies into loyal followers as if he had some magical abilities. He is a widely acclaimed “Tensai” at his school who mostly prefers spending time alone and sticks to his routine.

Sakamoto can unintentionally draw attention to himself, where everything he does turns out great.

He has a variety of strange secret techniques like blowing bubbles that look like smoke and catching an insect with a compass. Although he strives to understand human emotions, he does not fail to lend a hand to anyone who needs his help.

8) Daisuke Kambe- The balance of the millionaire detective: UNLIMITED

Daisuke Kambe, as seen in the anime 'The Millionaire Detective Balance: UNLIMITED' (Image via CloverWorks)“/>
Daisuke Kambe, as seen in the anime ‘The Millionaire Detective Balance: UNLIMITED’ (Image via CloverWorks)

While Daisuke may seem like a bratty brat who thinks money is the answer to everything, he has no ill intentions behind his behavior. Born into a wealthy family, he adopted what he could from his surroundings. He is a calm and collected individual who doesn’t let things get on his nerves.

No matter how dire the situation gets, Daisuke continues to have an unflappable disposition as he thinks about finding the best possible outcome.

7) Hijikata Toshiro- gintama

Hijikata Toshiro, as seen in the anime 'Gintama' (Image via Bandai Namco Pictures)“/>
Hijikata Toshiro, as seen in the anime ‘Gintama’ (Image via Bandai Namco Pictures)

Hijikata tries to keep his composure as long as possible, but the people around him bring out the worst in him. He is a strict individual who is dedicated to his work and abides by the Shinsengumi law.

Hijikata has a strange taste for mayonnaise, where he tends to make a thick layer on top of everything he eats.

He never confessed his love to Okita Mitsuba and even distanced himself from her when she expressed her desire to follow him on her way. However, it was later revealed that he was actually in love with her. He wanted Mitsuba to choose someone who wouldn’t lead a dangerous life and would take care of her more than he did.

He even cared deeply for the people around him and would risk his life for them when the moment called for it.

6) Tatsu- The Househusband’s Way

Tatsu, as seen in the anime 'The Way of the Househusband' (Image via JCStaff)“/>
Tatsu, as seen in the anime ‘The Way of the Househusband’ (Image via JCStaff)

Once a feared legendary member of the Yakuza gang known by his epithet “The Immortal Dragon”, Tatsu is now a full-time househusband. He is an excellent cook and all-rounder in almost all household chores. He gets too involved in things that he won’t walk away from unless the job he committed to becomes a success.

He loves his wife very much and goes out of his way to make her happy in extravagant ways. He sometimes goes the extra mile for the people around him without caring about the consequences.

5) Mikey- tokyo avengers

Mikey, as seen in the anime 'Tokyo Revengers' (Image via LIDENFILMS)“/>
Mikey, as seen in the anime ‘Tokyo Revengers’ (Image via LIDENFILMS)

Majiro Sano, popularly known as Mikey, is the founder and leader of the Tokyo Manji Group. Everyone in the gang loves and respects Mikey for his leadership and casual demeanor.

Proclaiming himself as the foundation of the group, he does not allow himself to show any weaknesses that affect others in any way. However, behind his stern facade, Mikey is still a kid at heart who likes to joke around and play pranks on those close to him.

4) Giyu Tomioka- Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba

Giyu Tomioka, as seen in the anime 'Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba' (Image via Ufotable)“/>
Giyu Tomioka, as seen in the anime ‘Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba’ (Image via Ufotable)

Giyu is always seen as someone who has detached himself from the world he lives in and likes to lead a lonely life. While he wants to be around others, his inferiority complex and survivor’s guilt gets in the way of him.

He was shocked at what others thought of him when his fellow Hashira, Shinobu Kocho, stated that everyone in the Demon Slayer Corps hated him. This despite the fact that the facts were false, as she was only making fun of him.

Giyu showed his compassionate side after learning the truth behind the Kamado brothers. He even risked his life, vowing to disembowel himself if Nezuko tries to harm any humans.

Tomioka cares deeply about the people around him, but he doesn’t like to show it to others.

3) Satoru Gojo- jujutsu kaisen

Satoru Gojo, as seen in the anime 'Jujutsu Kaisen' (Image via MAPPA)“/>
Satoru Gojo, as seen in the anime ‘Jujutsu Kaisen’ (Image via MAPPA)

The most charismatic individual in the series, Satoru Gojo, takes his fans’ breath away every time he appears, even for a brief moment. He is considered to be the strongest curse user due to his Ocular Jujutsu bloodline, known as the Six Eyes.

Unlike other teachers, Gojo uses unconventional ways to teach his students. He likes to play with students, colleagues and friends, regardless of his hierarchy.

Gojo appreciates his students more than anything, and if anyone tries to hurt them, not even the Sorcerer executives will be spared his wrath.

2) Levi Ackerman- attack on titan

Levi Ackerman, as seen in the anime 'Attack on Titan' (Image via Wit Studio)“/>
Levi Ackerman, as seen in the anime ‘Attack on Titan’ (Image via Wit Studio)

Levi is most known for his stoic demeanor and the cold impression he gives to others. He is the most serious individual he has ever seen smiling. However, the only time he ever smiled a bit was when Historia punched Eren after becoming queen.

In addition to being the strongest member of the corps, he is considered the most attractive person known for his intimidating appearance. Levi can get a little tougher on his subordinates, but he cares about them, which he never shows.

1) Itachi Uchiha- naruto

Itachi Uchiha, as seen in the anime 'Naruto' (Image via Studio Pierrot)“/>
Itachi Uchiha, as seen in the anime ‘Naruto’ (Image via Studio Pierrot)

Itachi is considered a prominent and elite member of the Uchiha clan. From a young age, he began to ponder his views on the world around him, similar to how a Hokage thinks. He also showed his ultimate proficiency in Ninjutsu and his Dojutsu, which undermined the abilities of his companions.

Itachi’s intelligence and impressive appearance made him one of the unforgettable characters of naruto. He started out as a character that everyone would hate, but fans of him became more attracted to him after learning the truth behind his actions.

Note: This article reflects the author’s opinion only.

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