10 Popular Anime Characters That Fans Came To Hate

Not all anime protagonists maintained their popularity throughout their series. Fewer still have retained as many fans in subsequent revisions of the anime. A lot of this can come down to changes in fans’ lives, changes in the world, and new realizations about the anime or its characters.

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Anime leads sometimes lose their popularity because the things they did may not have aged well. Other times, the leads lose their fans after they go down the path of villainy or don’t fit well into their respective shows as events progress. Whatever the reason, these characters find themselves losing traction with their old fanbase.


10 Sasuke Uchiha from Naruto stopped being cool after a while

sasuke with aura

in the original naruto series, Sasuke Uchiha was the cold-natured prodigy who was top of his class and never showed affectation. As he and Naruto Uzumaki grew closer, the two grew frustrated and provided options for fans when it came to which leads to root for. However, after Sasuke left town and tried to kill his friends on multiple occasions, fans felt differently.

As Sasuke became more and more of a villain, he lost more and more fans, thanks to his bad attitude and treatment of his comrades from both Orochimaru’s crew and the Hidden Leaf Village.

9 Eren Yaeger from Attack On Titan went downhill

Eren watches his mother get eaten by the Smiling Titan.

like the end of attack on titan got closer, Eren Yaeger got closer to being a villain until he completely ended up in infamy. While fans are used to anti-heroes or heroes turning evil to do something good, and often love this plot point, something Eren was willing to do about as a result of his trauma felt unacceptable. .

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In the end, Eren’s proximity to The Rumbling and their organization was disappointing to many fans. It was an interesting and dynamic event in the show, but it showed a lot of fans how bad Eren had become and caused a lot of people to hate him. attack on titan fans.

8 Samurai Champloo’s Mugen can’t hold up in Rewatch

recliner mugen

Mugen and all of samurai champloo they had a coolness and sass that attracted many fans. During its initial run, it was well received and critically acclaimed. Looking back though, there were a lot of things that didn’t age well, especially regarding Mugen.

Mugen was not above threatening sexual assault and treating women poorly on the show. There was an obvious misogyny to her character that made many fans uncomfortable in hindsight. Even if fans still like the show, there is still a lot of criticism about Mugen’s character.

7 Inuyasha wasn’t good enough for Kagome.

Inuyasha carries Kikyo

Inuyasha didn’t know what he had in Kagome, and his obsession with Kikyo felt like an idiotic move when considering his relationship with the former. He always felt like Inuyasha saw Kagome second only to the late priestess. It was a miracle that Kagome stayed with Inuyasha, despite having other options open to her.

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Inuyasha could also become annoying throughout the show. He had a one-way mind, was a loudmouth and took others for granted. While Inuyasha didn’t necessarily do anything wrong, fan support began to waver in favor of other characters like Sesshoumaru and Koga.

6 Death Note’s Light Yagami May Have Been a Protagonist, But He Was a Villain

Light with a calm expression

Started Light Yagami Death Note With good intentions, but absolute power can corrupt anyone. It wasn’t long before Light was spiraling thanks to her god complex. However, even with that level of self-importance that Light portrayed, it was fun to watch him struggle, at least for a while.

This problem was that Light began to become more indiscriminate with his kills to the point where he killed other beloved characters. Also, his ego and melodrama became so prevalent that his character began to seem more like a frustrating villain than a fun-to-watch antihero.

5 Shinji Ikari was insufferable despite the success of Evangelion

Shinji receives your congratulations in Neon Genesis Evangelion

Whether or not Shinji Ikari was liked at the beginning of the Evangelion The franchise might be up for debate, but when fans first met the character, there was a lot to relate to. He had a complicated family dynamic and history. Also, he was going through a coming-of-age moment in his character arc.

Unfortunately, Shinji quickly became a nuisance, and the combination of his whining and shivering towards many of the female characters on the show had him losing fans quickly.

4 In KonoSuba, Aqua’s antics grew old quickly.

Aqua is standing in front of her statue with clouds behind her.

aquamarine KonoSuba she was a goddess with great potential. She was capricious and fickle, and she didn’t consider the ramifications of her actions. Being something of an anti-hero in her anime, she made a lot of enemies and got into a lot of trouble. It didn’t help that she was self-centered and impulsive.

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Much to the dismay of fans, her antics didn’t stop and it got to the point where Aqua was just frustrating and annoying. She lost a lot of fans that she might have had if she hadn’t continued her bad behavior.

3 Emma’s Genki girl attitude doesn’t fit the tone of The Promised Neverland

Emma says goodbye in the promised neverland

Emma was a kind, compassionate, and generally very nice character in The Promised Neverland. However, there were many things about Emma that made her amazing. She wanted to change the entire world on her own, and while that’s not a strange concept in anime, her attitude and goals, as well as the dark nature of the show, seemed bogus.

Many fans began to feel that the character of Emma did not fit or make sense in the context of the show, especially after the events of the show’s second season. The ending especially felt like a weird and lucky convenience rather than a believable plot point.

two Brock’s obsession with women became too embarrassing in Pokémon

Pokemon brock comes to nurse joy

Many anime characters are obsessed with love and flirting with other characters. It’s a source of comic relief for a lot of anime and is something of a trope. However, sometimes the characters take it too far and become creepy or annoying.

Brock’s obsession with Nurse Joy, Officer Jenny, and other women in the Pokemon The anime became both. His persistence felt creepy and his constant antics of trying to ask them out made fans nervous, especially re-watching the anime today.

1 Jotaro Was Too Patronizing For Some Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure Fans

jotaro without friends

Jotaro Kujo was another cool character who was incredibly smart to the point of always having a plan. He could always be trusted to find a way to get through situations where the other characters couldn’t. However, fans received many red flags from Jotaro in stardust crusadersand they just kept going.

It started with Jotaro’s mistreatment of his mother and her classmates. Then, he switched to his condescending tone towards characters from elsewhere, like Koichi Hirose or Josuke Higashikata in diamond is unbreakableand left her daughter to dry in stone ocean.

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