10 Reasons Hunter X Hunter Is The Best Anime Of All Time

Despite his hesitant pace, Yoshihiro Togashi hunter x hunter it remains one of the most popular anime series ever made. Both the manga and anime have been commercially successful, in part due to their unorthodox pattern of storytelling.

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Critics rate hunter x hunter as a shonen anime, but insist that the narrative often breaks with tradition by delving into alternative genres, including thriller and speculative fiction. hunter x hunter has been called “an almost random collection of psychological outings, battles, puzzles, and tricks. Yet even this vivid summary fails to comprehend hunter x hunterThe ability to generate a new mythology out of thin air.

10 Includes a wide variety of interconnected characters

Characters are often treated like expendable pieces on a chessboard. Many anime take on new characters through a force-feeding process, introducing them only to add narrative volume. These individuals are confined to their own subplots, interacting with others within their local groups and with no one else.

hunter x hunter don’t make this mistake; on the contrary, the rich variety of characters that populate its world are in constant contact, whether direct or indirect. The collaborations and conflicts of these characters give rise to a dynamic story.

9 The protagonists are left aside in favor of relatively minor characters.

anime like bleach, naruto, demon slayerand even Togashi’s first great manga Yuyu HakushoThey focus a lot on their protagonists. Ichigo Kurosaki, Naruto Uzumaki, Tanjiro Kamado, and Yusuke Urameshi are followed wherever they go.

This protagonist-centric formula works exceptionally well, or it wouldn’t be so common. Compared, hunter x hunter it repeatedly shifts the focus away from Gon and Killua, instead focusing on relatively minor characters. These include Netero in the Chimera Ant arc, Kurapika in the Yorknew City arc, and Hanzo in the manga-only Succession Contest arc.

8 Its villains are believable and, to some extent, relatable

Villains in anime are generally narcissistic, greedy, and incredibly overpowered. all for one in my hero academiaGOD in JoJo’s Bizarre Adventuresand frieza in Dragon Ball fits perfectly into this recurring trope.

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This does not mean that hunter x hunterThe antagonists of are less flawed, but their flaws make them relatable to the audience, unlike Father in FMA: Brotherhood. Hisoka vacillates between cautious neutrality and outright villainy, Illumi’s motivations are rooted in Killua, and Meruem’s emotional evolution is a major factor in her character development.

7 A wide spectrum of combat strategies keeps things fresh

hunter x hunter it doesn’t waste its potential on useless power-ups in the midst of battle, a seemingly incurable artifact of the shonen anime genre. Dragon Ball he is particularly known for his repetitive and lengthy fight sequences.

hunter x hunter He avoids this problem altogether by designing a complex power system known as Nen and building an almost inexhaustible spectrum of strategies and techniques around this core ability. Nen has dozens of apps, each with its own set of flexible rules, allowing characters to manipulate the system to their advantage.

6 It’s not easy to predict the outcome of a Hunter X Hunter battle.

Anime attacks and explosions defy the basic rules of scientific logic, but they are almost always outlandish. Unfortunately, these battles sometimes venture too far into hyperbolic territory, consequently wreaking havoc with viewers’ suspension of disbelief.

Several of Saitama’s fights in a hit Man lampoon this cliché, indicating its ubiquity. The frenzy of combat is essential to the narrative of shonen anime: the range of dramatic momentum during hunter x hunter battles reveals that multiple outcomes are possible considering the myriad of factors involved.

5 Each arc flows smoothly into the next

Anime arcs tend to have distinct plotlines, but move between adjacent arcs with negligible consistency. On the other hand, Murderer of demons and attack on titan are two examples that remain narratively consistent until the end.

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hunter x hunter falls somewhere between the two extremes. It flows seamlessly from the Hunter Exam arc to the Heaven’s Arena arc, connecting the two stories to the unofficial Zoldyck family arc. Similarly, the Yorknew City, Greed Island, and Chimera Ant arcs are succinctly linked.

4 The narrative does not shy away from complex emotions

Shonen media is marketed towards teens and tweens, which explains why an overwhelming fraction of anime protagonists are between the ages of twelve and eighteen. The emotional palette in shonen anime is limited to excitement, curiosity, anger, love, happiness, and other associated feelings.

However, hunter x hunter he refuses to paint a one-dimensional picture for his audience: he extracts every ounce of emotion from his characters, no matter how sinister or macabre. Gon goes on an unusually dark journey in response to Kite’s death, forcing Killua to mediate her uncontrollable rage.

3 Somber moments are balanced with frivolous humor

hunter x hunter it has more pessimism than most shonen anime. People are killed, enslaved, tortured, and subjected to countless forms of suffering, none of which are hidden from the audience. At the same time, the show lightens the mood by incorporating carefree moments into the story.

The art style follows the standard anime trend: Killua develops catlike facial features when he’s being mischievous and steam comes out of Gon’s ears when he’s frustrated. hunter x hunter extends this comedic depiction to some villains, notably Hisoka, proving that no one is immune to the universal power of humor.

two Its world is extremely diverse and accurately detailed

the known world in hunter x hunter it has about the same surface area as the real Earth. This means that the actual planet is incomprehensibly vast, perhaps even larger than Jupiter. As such, the so-called Dark Continent stretches the limits of the imagination to the limit.

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It contains countless undocumented species and beings, many of which are supposedly stronger than the strongest hunters. Togashi has finally ventured into the Dark Continent in the penultimate arc of the manga, although there is still much to explain.

1 The animation is warm, luxurious and completely exhilarating

Anime has come a long way from the profitable animation style of shows like Captain Tsubasa and Saint Seiya. Even in the modern context, hunter x hunterThe animation of has received praise from all quarters, critical or not.

Furthermore, the 2011 manga adaptation is far superior to the original 1999 anime: refreshing CGI, intricate character designs, and bracing action sequences blend together in a vibrant cocktail of light and color. On the aesthetic front, hunter x hunter He is up there with the best of his contemporaries.

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