10 Reasons Why Attack On Titan Is The Best Anime Of All Time

attack on titan it has gradually earned its position as the best new generation anime ever since its debut in 2013. Since reaching this mark, fans have started placing the series in conversations with the best anime of all time.

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series like naruto one piece and Death Note They have at some point won the title of best of all time. Today, attack on titan it earns this title by refusing to give in to genre tropes that would slow down its immaculate pacing. This series is bringing anime back to the level of international fame it reached in the 90s.

10 Mikasa brings a reliable female force to the anime genre.

Mikasa could be about to win the award for best girl: that title belongs to Nobara Kugisaki from jujutsu kaisen fame – but she wins attack on titan some extra points by taking on the role of hero when Eren goes rogue. Few shonen anime offer their supporting female characters the chance to shine like Mikasa does.

The mighty Ackermann was near the top of attack on titanpower scale of the entire series. Even after embarrassing herself by falling in love with Eren or being forced to enter the battlefield with the Titan Shifters, Mikasa never lost her place at the top of it.

9 Attack On Titan’s Viewership Surpasses All Other New Gen Anime

eren running forward attack on titan

attack on titan‘s viewership numbers are unheard of in the anime world. This new generation series makes Dragon Ball‘s international following seems like nothing more than a trail of smoke leading to attack on titan‘s explosive release.

By settling in a westernized world and playing with the dystopian zombie genre, attack on titan it attracted thousands of viewers who may have never given anime a chance. Also, Hajime Isayama mastered the plot twist and made power-scale discussions more than just online gossip.

8 Attack On Titan doesn’t waste a second on unnecessary padding.

armin and his big eyes

To win the title of “Best anime of all time”, a series like attack on titan It has to be better than the Big Three. naruto bleach and One piece they are anime staples that have earned the right to be called the best anime as much as any other series.

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Unfortunately, all three series are full of filler that detracts from the main plot. While this works for a series like One piece that has more to do with the journey than with the final destination, it paralyzes the rhythm of Bleach and naruto. attack on titan you never have to worry about getting bogged down with padding because you don’t have any.

7 No anime does plot twists like Attack On Titan

Eren goads Grisha into killing the Reiss family in Attack on Titan.

attack on titan it treats plot twists differently than most anime, to great effect. While most anime series alienate new viewers by including plot twists that won’t be established until the later flashback, attack on titan draws viewers in by setting up his twists and giving fans a good reason to believe in an ever-increasing scale of power.

The world of attack on titan it’s really bleak. Death is normal and people show their insecurities more often than their strengths. When the protagonist is revealed to have the ability to transform into a Titan, fans are willing to accept the twist and suspend their disbelief because it means their protagonist is still alive.

6 Eren Jaeger is the most “leading” protagonist in anime history

Eren as the attack titan

No anime protagonist since Light Yagami has managed to confuse fans into questioning the definition of “protagonist” as much as Eren Jaeger. In the world of fiction, the word protagonist is often used as a synonym for the word hero, but attack on titan takes a more precise approach to the word.

On attack on titan, the word protagonist is used as accurately as possible. Eren is the only character that consistently drives the plot forward without hesitation. Without the complicated moral code of a hero, Eren can move the plot forward faster than any other shonen protagonist to date.

5 Attack On Titan Combines Dystopian Fiction With Historical War Fiction

eren and reiner attack on titan

When attack on titan first debuted in 2013, it wowed fans with a fresh take on the dystopian genre of fiction. The world fans have plunged into tells the story of a town trapped behind three concentric walls, each one warding off the threat of giant zombies and lawlessness.

As the series progressed, it morphed into a completely different genre of fiction. Season 3 and 4 open attack on titan in the world of historical war fiction. attack on titan managed to dominate both genres while gratifying fans of action-adventure and mecha anime.

4 Death is real in the world of Attack on Titan

Sasha hiding a meat roll with a hungry expression

Aside from the rare occasions Titan Shifters take bullets to the head, death in attack on titan it takes itself much more seriously than in the average anime. While some may see this as a detriment to casual fans, it is nonetheless one of the reasons attack on titan it is so nice

Sasha’s story is the best example of the finality of death in Attack on Titan. As the resident food-obsessed character, Sasha embodies the light-hearted experience that most fans look for in an anime. When she dies in the line of duty for her, fans are forced to accept the stakes in this world.

3 Titan Shifting Turns Attack On Titan Into A Redesigned Mecha Anime

Cart titan carryina a machine gun on his back.

The mecha anime genre has a long history of gratifying anime viewers. Neon Genesis Evangelion, Code Geass, and Gurren Lagann are three popular anime that fall into this genre. Another anime that technically falls under this genre is attack on titan.

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Although there are no literal wicks in attack on titanthe Titan Shifters control their giant titans like Asuka and Shinji from Evangelion. When the fans realize that attack on titan is an anime that could be considered action-adventure, dystopian fiction, war fiction, and mecha, it’s clear how brilliant this series is.

two Attack On Titan Season 4 Turns The Flashback Trope Into A Plot Device

Grisha as a child

attack on titan takes a unique direction when using flashbacks. Most anime use flashbacks to add context to their power scale, draw action sequences, and explain a plot twist. When Sasuke first uses Chidori in narutothe flashback that follows fulfills all three of these roles.

The flashbacks in attack on titan are used much more sparingly. When they do finally appear, they offer crucial plot information, making them as valuable as gold in the eyes of viewers. These flashbacks take on even more weight when Eren turns them into a tangible plot device in season 4.

1 Attack On Titan’s Power System is as mysterious as it is powerful

mikasa looking towards titan eren aot

Just like the titans that broke through the walls of Shiganshina, the energy system in attack on titan it’s a complicated beast to tackle. Isayama decided to slowly share information about the Titan’s power, making them almost impossible to understand until the final season.

In addition to the simple yet diverse power of the nine sentient titans, there is the power of modern artillery and the blood of the Ackermanns to reckon with when breaking down. attack on titan‘s power system. This diversity allowed Isayama to create complex action sequences, while the simplicity of each power made it easy to follow.

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