10 Saddest Anime Funerals, Ranked

No fan wants to see their favorite character die and seeing his funeral only adds to the pain. Death in anime can be a rare sight, as some characters have heavy plot armor to protect them, but when a character dies, it’s usually heartbreaking. Funerals in anime are often even rarer than character deaths.

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When a character dies, the anime usually continues with the plot and skips the funeral scene. Therefore, when an anime shows the funeral scene, it brings back all the pain from when the character first died. Seeing other characters cry only adds to the pain that fans see.

10 After changing the past, Hinata still has a funeral in the present (Tokyo Revengers)

tokyo avengers is a popular anime series in which Takemichi Hanagaki has the ability to travel back in time to his high school days, where he plans to change the past in order to save his girlfriend Hinata’s life in the future.

After thinking that he successfully solved everything in the past, Takemichi returns to the future and visits Hinata, but later on, she dies once again, this time in front of his eyes. During her funeral, Hinata’s mother gives Takemichi the necklace she gave him in high school.

9 Rin Okumura cries for the only person who truly cared for him (Blue Exorcist)

The blue exorcist Rin at his father's funeral

As a son of Satan, it’s no surprise that most people tend to stay away from Rin Okumura. However, the only person who never treated him differently was his adoptive father, Shiro Fujimoto. Fujimoto truly loved Rin so much that he even sacrificed himself when Satan tried to possess her body to kidnap Rin.

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The next day, Fujimoto’s funeral takes place. After the funeral, Rin stays there mourning the loss of the only person who truly cared for him. Fans can really see how much this death has affected Rin.

8 Sayaka Miki’s true death is a mystery to her mother (Madoka Magica)

Sayaka's funeral in Madoka Magica

In an anime about a magical girl, death is something fans wouldn’t assume will happen, but in Puella Magi Madoka Magica everything is possible. Sayaka Miki was a magical girl whose soul gem became too corrupted, causing her to become a witch, meaning the other magical girls had to get rid of her.

After the traumatic experience, Madoka and the girls attend her funeral, where Sayaka’s mother asks if she knows anything about how Sayaka died. Madoka lies and says no.

7 Ezra has a vision of what would happen at his funeral (Fairy Tail)

Fairy Tail Crazy Natsu at Ezra's funeral (1)

In episode 41 of Fairy tale, Erza has a vision of her funeral at the Fairy Tail Guild. At his funeral, Natsu is angry and in denial about his death, while Lucy, Happy and Gray are completely depressed at the loss of his dear friend.

After seeing how devastated her friends are over her death, she is shocked. Erza didn’t want the guild to be sad about her death, she wanted them to have a smile on her face. Before she can see the rest, Natsu snaps Erza out of her vision.

6 Kazuto unites the gangs and ends the rivalries with his funeral (Clannad: After Story)

Clannad gangs at Kazuto's funeral

At Clannad: After Story, Yukine Miyazawa’s brother Kazuto was involved in a motorcycle accident and was rushed to the hospital. Unfortunately, he did not survive and passed away.

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At first, Kazuto’s gang didn’t want the news of his death to get out, but when the other gangs found out about his death, they decided to end the rivalry. At his funeral, Yukine, Nagisa, Tomoya and all the gangs come together to pay their respects to Kazuto.

5 Yusuke Urameshi did not spare so many people to cry at his funeral (Yu Yu Hakusho)

Image of Yu Yu Haksusho's funeral

From good to first Yuyu Hakusho, Yusuke Urameshi is hit by a car after saving a boy who ran into the street. Yusuke wakes up as a ghost and then decides to attend his own funeral thinking that no one cares about his death.

However, in reality, his funeral has a large turnout and his usually drunk mother is surprisingly devastated. Even her old childhood friend is completely devastated by the news of her death, refusing that it is true. This funeral scene hits fans with how real the emotions are.

4 The Straw Hat Pirates Ship Viking Style Going Merry (One Piece)


In episode 312 of One piece, the Straw Hat Pirates have an emotional funeral not for one character but for their ship, the Going Merry. During this episode, the Going Merry suddenly breaks under the weight of the crew, so the crew decides to send the ship off with a Viking-style funeral by setting the sea on fire.

As it is on fire, the ship apologizes and thanks the crew for always cherishing it, all while Luffy and the crew mourn and say their goodbyes as well.

3 Survey Corp members say goodbye to the iconic Sasha Braus (Attack On Titan)

Funeral of AOT Mikasa and Sasha

attack on titan he’s not new to character kills, but funeral scenes are hard to come by. In Season 4, fans got to witness the death of potato-loving Sasha Braus at the hands of Gabi. During Sasha’s funeral, members of the Survey Corps were not the only ones present.

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Surprisingly, an Eldian-hating Marleyan cook named Niccolo appeared completely devastated at the news of his death. Conny makes things worse for fans by claiming that Sasha was her twin and now feels like he lost half of himself.

two A funeral for all fallen Shinobi after the Fourth Shinobi World War (Naruto)

Naruto cast at Neji's funeral

Naturally, death and war go hand in hand. During the Fourth Shinobi World War in narutoHis fans had to witness the death of the beloved character Neji Hyuga. During the war, to prevent Hinata from sacrificing herself for Naruto, Neji decides to sacrifice himself so that they both live.

After the war, a funeral is held for all the fallen shinobi who lost their lives fighting and fans got to witness their usual bubbly characters in grief over their lost comrades.

1 Maes Hughes’s daughter does not understand what is happening at her funeral (Fullmetal Alchemist)

Funeral of Full Metal Alchemist Maes Hughes

Maes Hughes is possibly one of the best characters in full metal alchemist who was sadly removed from the fans. In episode 25, Maes Hughes was fatally shot by Envy, who had taken the form of his wife. Her death was extremely traumatic for fans, but what made it worse was her funeral in the next scene.

At the funeral, Maes’s daughter is too young to understand what is happening and Colonel Mustang sheds a few tears at the thought of his deceased friend. Maes’s ghost even makes an appearance and says goodbye to Ed.

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