10 Seinen Anime That Would Make A Great Slice Of Life Series

More often than not, seinen stories are associated with intense action, gore, sex, and anything that counts as R-rated. As fun as these hardcore stories can be, the seinen demographic isn’t averse to something more laid back.

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Seinen’s Slice of Life anime exists, but that’s not stopping fans from re-imagining their favorite edgy anime into something more carefree and relaxing. Even better, some of these anime have already laid the groundwork for their viewers.

WARNING: Spoilers ahead.

10 Kill La Kill can function as a show of the school life of a delinquent

Ryuko is bored in class in Kill La Kill

Before demolishing the first impressions of the audience and revealing himself as a cosmic war for humanity, kill the prey It seemed like a simple battle anime set in an eccentric school. Even with this plot twist, life at Honnoji Academy was still well written and explored, so some wished the entire series would focus on Ryuko’s time at school.

If ever kill the prey dropped his turn at the midpoint and toned down his explosive action, it could still work as a school life anime anime. Even without Life Fibers, Ryuko’s war against Satsuki, her friendship with Mako, and discovering the truth about her father are more than enough to tell a good criminal coming-of-age story.

9 Coppelion can double as a post-apocalyptic field trip

Ibara and her friends check the map in Coppelion

In the post-apocalyptic world of coppelion, Tokyo has become a dangerous nuclear wasteland that only the genetically modified teenagers known as Coppelions can traverse. Naturally, the Coppelions have superpowers, but normal humans fear them and ostracize them. Coppelion it’s an action-packed anime that still might have worked if it wasn’t.

With by Coppelion desolate scenery and existential enigmas, Coppelion can be reworked into something like Girls Last Tour. Instead of fighting other superpowered high school students and a mechanical spider, Ibara and her friends could explore the remnants of Tokyo and learn more about themselves as they explore the mostly abandoned capital.

8 Hellsing (2001) can work as a series of supernatural works

A SWAT member gives information about Seras in Hellsing.

First hell The anime was more of a work anime than a war against Nazi vampires. This was because, unlike the manga and its faithful OVA adaptation ultimate hell, the series was more interested in the lives of the enforcers of the Hellsing Organization. Specifically, the life of the immortal Alucard and the newly vampirized Seras.

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For all your faults, hell actually did a better job of exploring their characters than the manga or the OVAs. Furthermore, he emphasized the purpose and operations of the Hellsing Organization as a real organization. It could be said that hell It would have been better without its overarching conspiracy and if it was a work story set in a gothic world.

7 Drifters can function as an avant-garde historical crossover

Nobunaga and Olminu argue in Drifters

Upon death, military figures from different eras of world history find themselves in a fantasy realm where they are forced to do battle. This is the story of vagabonds and while its premise perfectly sets up a battle royale, it could be used for something less action-packed. If Drifters was more of a slice of life anime, it would be like a spiritual successor to Today’s menu for the Emiya family.

On Today’s menu for the Emiya family, Masters and Servants just cooked and dined instead of killing each other. a more mundane vagabonds could follow a similar plot but, to differentiate it from the relaxed Destination spinoff, could tap into the bloodlust and conflicting ideologies of Shimazu Toyohisa, Anastasia Romanova, and more for comedy.

6 Dorohedoro can work as a look at life in a dark urban fantasy

Caiman and Nikaido meet for the first time in Dorohedoro

Dorohedoro offers multiple locations that are equally full of detail and life. The main setting is The Hole, the abandoned slum world that is home to humans. The second is the Sorcerer’s World, an opulent realm exclusively for magic users. Both kingdoms are at odds with each other and total war is about to ruin both worlds.

However, life on both planes is pretty carefree when humans and wizards aren’t at each other’s necks. Each world has its unique culture and residents (such as Caiman and Nikaido) who just want to live in peace. If I didn’t have a war, Dorohedoro it would be a perfectly gritty series about life set in a never-before-seen world.

5 Black Lagoon can work as a glimpse into living in a criminal paradise

Shots of Rock and Revy Down at Black Lagoon

life in the black lagoon Lawless Roanapur is dangerous, but its inhabitants don’t spend every day shooting each other in the face. For the Lagoon Company, day to day consists of making ends meet or getting drunk at the Yellow Flag. The same goes for the other outlaws, who have their own lives and jobs in and out of the underworld.

the black lagoon amazingly localized main arches usually began as unassuming jobs that spiraled out of control, like how escorting Greenback Jane exploded into a wild chase. If ever the anime scaled back these action-packed events and focused on things like Rock and Revy’s relationship, it could still work as a real-life story set in a criminal haven.

4 Cowboy Bebop can work as a day in the life look at bounty hunters

The crew is shocked at Cowboy Bebop

On cowboy bebop, the only thing more fondly remembered than its beautifully animated fights and shootouts is the boredom between rewards. When Spike, Jet, Faye, Ed and Ein weren’t tracking down the latest wanted criminal, they were either complaining about Bebop’s bickering or doing nothing at all.

It was in these interactions that their the best development arose. At times this was shown through serious conversations, while at others his comedic banter revealed more about them than expected. cowboy bebop the characterization is so well written that it could still work as a slice-of-life anime if I were to tone down or remove its action.

3 Ghost In The Shell May Work As A Mundane Examination Of A Cyberpunk Future

Section 9 is reported in Ghost in the Shell Stand Alone Complex

The most interesting aspect of ghost in the shell it was not his action or political conspiracies, rather it is set in a world that encompasses all aspects and implications of transhumanism. Self-aware artificial intelligence and full-body cyborgs are not something to be achieved or feared; they are an uninteresting part of everyday life.

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the ghost in the shell franchise played with this, as seen in the dark scenes or arcs of the movies. Independent complex. The latter even explored Section 9 life (or lack thereof) beyond their black ops missions. A new version of the life of Major Motoko Kusanagi and the existential reflection would be as attractive as Patlabor’s worldly look at mecha piloting.

two Blade Of The Immortal (2019) Can Work As A Thoughtful Period Piece

Manji looking for Rin in Blade Of The Immortal

A central theme of Immortal Sword is that revenge is hollow and how the characters would be better off without it. Manji openly tells this to Rin when she hires him, but she chooses to defend her honor and avenge her family. Had Rin followed Manji’s advice, the anime might have taken a different and more philosophically charged direction.

Immortal Sword It didn’t really examine the implications of Manji’s immortality, but a life retelling of his trip through Japan with Rin might take care of this. no revenge, Immortal Sword it could be a character study for the immortal Manji and the mortal Rin, whose differing views on life would shape their relationship over the years.

1 RIN: The daughters of Mnemosyne can function as a chronicle of the lives of immortal people

Rin tries to refuse vodka in RIN Daughters Of Mnemosyne

Rhine he is infamous for taking full advantage of his seinen liberties. For example, it is the decades-spanning story of two immortal private investigators who get caught up in many murders, sex, and clandestine organizations. Having said that, Rhine He was arguably at his best when he delved into the everyday lives of his immortal characters.

As immortals, Rin and Mimi constantly adapted to the changing world while keeping a low profile and small social circles. This was despite his desire to belong and enjoy mortal things like love and family. A series focused solely on this would make a significantly edgier companion to something like To Your Eternity.

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