10 Things Only Manga Readers Know About The Series

Black Clover is one of those anime series that takes a while to get going. For several episodes, he is basically a clone of naruto and Fairy tale crushed together. But once it gets going in the Royal Magic Knight exam, it makes for a solid anime series.

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But as the series continued for over a hundred episodes, it ran into a sadly familiar problem: It ran out of source material. However, after the anime ended, the manga continued. After almost wrapping up its latest arc, there are a lot of things anime fans are now missing out on.

10 Mereoleona makes an incredible comeback

black clover fans love Mereoleona Vermillion. She is the self-confident lioness who taught Noelle the importance of believing in herself and she shattered Yami and Yuno’s characters to take them to training. The last time everyone saw her, she was fighting to defeat five different elves that inhabited the bodies of other high-ranking Magic Knights. But when she reappears in the manga, she masters a new form that allows her to become one with Mana. With that power, she single-handedly holds off a giant demon.

9 Charlotte harnesses the power of her red rose

Charlotte harnesses the power of her red rose

Charlotte Roselei is the captain of the Magic Knights who has always felt like she was holding back. Mainly because when she had a curse placed on her, she was given the power of the Blue Rose and she lost the power of the Red Roses from her. But while she was in battle with someone who was a curse master, she revealed a new power. Charlotte now has the ability to wield both her Blue Rose magic and her original and more powerful Red Rose magic. She is now effectively twice as strong as she was before.

8 Langris redeems himself by helping Yuno.

Langris redeems himself by helping Yuno.

The last time everyone saw Langris, he was threatening the life of his own brother. He couldn’t deal with being the head of the family while Finral was off to do whatever he wanted. He had fallen pretty far, but this latest arc goes a long way in helping him redeem himself.

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While Yuno is in a battle with Zenon, Langris makes his entrance and promises to help Yuno in combat. With the help of Langris, Yuno is able to last long enough to test a secret technique he had been training to use and briefly defeat Zenon.

7 Julius Novachrono is working on a way to restore himself

Black Clover _ Lumiere _ Julius _ Wizard King

Julius has shown the ability to survive attacks that would have killed him at the cost of several years, making him younger. But he is also not willing to give up and accept being weaker. One of his allies has developed a way to help him age ten years, giving him back his powers and the ability to fight at the level he did against Patolli. But that power isn’t something he can sustain for long, and even in the midst of combat the ability fades, turning him back into a child. Still, it probably won’t be long before he develops the ability to make this change in power permanent.

6 What is the supreme magical power of heroes

What is the supreme magical power of heroes

The Ultimate Magic power is introduced at the end of the anime. All the Black Bulls are taken to the elven forest and introduced to the elven allies. There, they learn that having learned the Mana Method, they are able to borrow magic from nature itself to empower themselves. Not only the Black Bulls, but also Mimosa, Leopold and Secre can learn to master Ultimate Magic. This is hinted at in the last episode of the anime, but it is never shown what these abilities actually are.

5 What Noelle’s Last Powerup Looks Like

What Noelle's Last Powerup Looks Like

Noelle gains the power of Ultimate Magic, but achieves something else during her training. She obtains the power of Saint Stage magic, a special type of magic that can harm demons. Noelle uses Undine’s spirit magic to give her a new upgrade: the Saint Valkyrie dress. With this power, Noelle can fight against the demon that took her mother and, with the help of her brother, she can defeat this powerful monster that tried to ruin her family.

4 Nacht’s relationship with his brother

Vice Captain Night Story

The anime never explains Nacht’s relationship with his twin brother Morgen. Nacht is known to be in a relationship with Yami, but they never get a chance to dig into what happened to make Nacht the person she is now. The manga explains that Nacht’s attempt to become a demon summoner resulted in him summoning a demon too powerful for his family to control.

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Only his brother Morgen was able to save Nacht from what happened, although it was at the cost of his life. Afterwards, Nacht decided to become a Magic Knight to make up for what happened and stop the arrival of demons on Earth forever.

3 What is Yuno’s true grimoire

What is Yuno's true grimoire

Yuno’s battle against Zenon is won, but not without Yuno gaining a new power. Zenon harnesses a new power that makes him seem even harder to beat, but Yuno discovers a new ability. His grimoire of Wind is the power of the elven child within him. His own self grimoire is actually the power of star magic. This new power allows him to create stars that can do everything from attacking to defending him with shields to allowing him to teleport. With this power, Yuno is able to defeat Zenon and catch up with Asta’s new power.

two Why did Yami form the Black Bulls?

Why did Yami form the Black Bulls?

The Black Bulls are the loudest group of all the Magic Knights. They’re also by far the most effective, as Yami has taken in so many powerful mages that they just wouldn’t fit anywhere else. And unsurprisingly, that was Yami’s goal from the start. Yami spent much of his youth being ostracized for being different, and he wanted the Black Bulls to be a place where strange mages like himself could find a home. His strength comes from the desire to be strong enough to keep those mages at bay. This has definitely worked in favor of the Clover Kingdom, as the Bulls have done more than their fair share.

1 Yami and Nacht finally working together

Yami and Nacht finally working together

Nacht is the vice-captain of the Black Bulls, but he literally never appears in the anime. He appears at the end of the queue, but he wasn’t there before. Because of that, they have never shown him and Yami doing anything together. But the manga has shown the two teaming up to fight a dangerous new opponent. Unsurprisingly, they not only work well in battle together, but are also great at emotionally supporting each other.

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