10 Things That Make One Punch Man Season 1 Worth Rewatching

One Punch Man released in the winter of 2015 to great acclaim among anime fans. The series quickly rose to fame and established itself as one of the most popular series in the medium. The anime returned for its second season in 2019 to a more lukewarm reception due to a change in animation studio, but the series still boasts an impressive overall IMDB score of 8.8/10.

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With Season 3 of the anime projected for release later this year, it’s the perfect time for fans of the series to return to its glorious first season and relive some of Saitama’s best moments. From his hilarious introduction to Genos to his memorable battle with Lord Boros, there’s never a dull moment with the man who’s a hero for fun.

10 The series doesn’t take itself too seriously.

Saitama looks happy.

One of the main reasons One Punch Man works so well is that it never takes itself too seriously. Unlike anime where the comedy feels completely contrived or out of place, One Punch Man makes it work because the premise itself seems so ridiculously inconceivable that it seems more like a parody.

The comedic timing is impeccable and never feels less than appropriate to the situation, especially given the nature of the series’ protagonist and the relationship he has with other characters. For this reason, One Punch Man fans can return to the series for years to come and still enjoy the gags as if they were seeing them for the first time.

9 A brilliantly diverse collective of heroes

silver claw

It was established early on that Saitama is the strongest hero in existence. He makes light work of mysterious enemies by crushing them with a single blow. However, that doesn’t negate the variety of diverse heroes that exist in the hero collective and how they help establish One Punch Man It’s worth going back to season 1.

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Tomohiro Suzuki somehow manages to make other heroes of the Hero Association interesting even though they have to compete with the unstoppable Saitama. Each formidable hero possesses a wide variety of abilities to use against their foe, helping to ensure that many battle sequences in the series are brilliantly entertaining.

8 A wide variety of mysterious beings

Saitama rescues Mumen Rider from the Deep Sea King.

on the surface, One Punch Man seems very limited by its premise. After all, Saitama is pretty much unbeatable, so how do you really build interest in this overpowered character? impressively enough, One Punch Man does a fantastic job of challenging Saitama with monstrous threats, each one seeming more powerful than the last.

As a result, the viewer wonders which of these destructive forces will ultimately be the enemy that breaks Saitama’s sweat. Though a second viewing won’t present fans with the same anticipation, it’s certainly worth rewatching just to see the different exchanges Saitama has with these mysterious creatures.

7 top notch animation

Genos in the middle of the battle with Saitama

One Punch ManThe second season of received a lot of criticism for its art style when JC Staff took over animation duties from Madhouse Entertainment. This is less of a blow to JC Staff and more of a testament to the great quality of animation that fans of the series had grown accustomed to in Season 1 of the anime.

Although the animation style in season 2 isn’t bad, it just doesn’t quite encompass the aesthetically pleasing visual appeal of its predecessor. Definitely seeing again One Punch ManThe first season of is a chance for fans to revel in the splendid battles that span its 12 episodes.

6 A Necessary Exploration of Public Adulation and Condemnation

Saitama, arms crossed.

another thing that One Punch Man it does this excellently by surveying public opinion of the heroes associated with the Hero Association. Some heroes are welcomed with open arms, while others, like Saitama, are met with ridicule and doubt due to their outward appearance.

The series highlights how easily public opinion can be manipulated and how often those opinions are based on physical appearance or popularity rather than work ethic and production. Despite his best efforts, Saitama is still shunned and questioned by society simply because he doesn’t resemble the prototypical hero.

5 An endearing auxiliary character: Mumen Rider

Mumen Rider and Saitama travel to the danger zone

One Punch Man is packed with interesting characters that range from highly entertaining to downright hilarious. But one of the anime’s supporting characters adds additional depth and substance to the series through a more charming and sympathetic approach to characterization.

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Mumen Rider is a necessary contrast to the many other more gifted and capable heroes, as he represents a compelling portrayal of someone who possesses a tremendous heart and an endearing desire to help the underdog. Rider challenging the Deep Sea King is somehow as admirable as it is hilarious.

4 Master and Disciple: Saitama and Genos’ Relationship

Saitama and Genos

The relationship between Saitama and Genos is incredibly entertaining and fabulously dynamic, mainly due to the disparity that exists in their public personas. Saitama is usually calm and unflappable in response to events, while Genos, by contrast, is serious and determined, always worried about the possible ramifications of a world-ending attack.

Consequently, fans are treated to a variety of splendidly funny moments involving One Punch ManThe central characters of . For returning viewers, it’s just as enjoyable to see how Genos and Saitama’s relationship develops over the course of the first season on second viewing as it was on the first.

3 Saitama’s unrestrained and unpremeditated verbal attacks

Saitama defeats the Deep Sea King

Among the reasons one punch man Saitama’s fantastically funny verbal exchanges with the monsters he encounters throughout the season are worth rewatching in 2022. While everyone else in the vicinity is scared or worried about the consequences of this mysterious being’s arrival, Saitama is calm and unimpressed.

It’s still insanely funny to watch Saitama interrupt his opponent’s boastful claims of superiority before crushing him with a single punch. This is especially amusing when Saitama tosses the Deep Sea King into oblivion after nonchalantly touching his ear and telling the Deep Sea King to hurry up and fight him because it’s raining outside.

two Season Finale: Strongest Hero

lord boros

In addition to a plethora of laugh-inducing one-liners from Saitama and hilarious run-ins with a myriad of mysterious beings throughout Season 1, fans are treated to fantastic fight sequences involving Saitama’s disciple, Genos, or another. member of the Hero Association. The season 1 finale finally shows Saitama in a battle that’s more demanding than he’s normally used to.

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Although that’s not saying much, as Saitama still gets rid of Lord Boros with relative ease, it’s worth revisiting the episode just to see the gorgeously animated confrontation play out, as Lord Boros literally levels Saitama with every possible chance. attack variations you can gather before the final. he defeats at the hands of Saitama.

1 The Extremely Lovable and Hilarious Protagonist: Saitama

Saitama with his arms crossed

Clearly, there are a number of factors that help make the first season of One Punch Man Immensely entertaining, but none more apparent than City Z’s resident hero, Saitama, witty and one-punched. At times, the brilliantly funny leading man gives the series incredible replay value.

if nothing else, One Punch ManThe first season of manages to stand the test of time because its main character is so comical. Throughout its 12-episode run, fans are treated to a plethora of laughs and memorable moments worth revisiting.

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