10 Times Haikyuu Broke Our Hearts

haikyuu is one of the most popular sports anime of the last two decades. With four seasons and hundreds of manga chapters, haikyuu has consistently displayed phenomenal skill in writing exciting athleticism, powerful character studies, and a classic Shonen Underdog story. Fans follow the trials and tribulations of the Karasuno volleyball team as they try to prove themselves as national contenders.

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But in the difficult journey of sports, teams often have to go through many failures before they taste true success. Along the haikyuuThe fan story has been hit with moments that absolutely devastate and break hearts. But even the sad moments prove how spectacular this anime is.

10 Hinata lost in the first episode

hinata shoyo chapter 1

The first episode of haikyuu It begins with a prologue match between the two main characters of the series, Hinata and Kageyama. Both high school students at the time, the two faced off in a match that was particularly favored by Kageyama’s team.

The game ended with Hinata having an impressive display of her athletic abilities but still unable to secure many points due to inferior equipment. While the stakes for this match were low, fans couldn’t help but be heartbroken as Hinata realized that only winners can continue to play.

9 Hinata and Kageyama got violent during training

Hinata and Kageyama arguing --Haikyu!!

There is more to sports anime than just the tournaments and matches. Some of haikyuuThe best moments of are in the middle scenes, where the characters train or recover before their next game.

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One of the most tragic scenes occurred at the beginning of season 2 when Hinata and Kageyama began to fight violently during a training session. Each character was struggling with complex feelings towards their growth as a team, making it hard for fans to feel like any one of them was necessarily wrong.

8 Ohgiminami learned to give it all

Ohgiminami Team

One of the best lessons haikyuu can give a viewer is the importance of testing. Even when the odds are against you and your opponents are talented demigods, it’s always good to go ahead and do your best.

This theme is often best shown through some of Karasuno’s weaker opponents. Ohgiminami was a team that Karasuno fought as first-round opponents in the Season 2 tournament. While they never got a chance to fight, Hinata inspired the Ohgiminami players to give it their all in a way fans couldn’t help but get excited.

7 Yamaguchi yelled at Tsukishima

Yamaguchi yells at Tsukishima

haikyuu is an exciting example of athleticism in anime, but it wouldn’t be nearly as popular without its large cast of well-rounded and deep characters. Karasuno is not just Hinata and Kageyama’s volleyball team, but a group of individuals, each with their own motivations and complex emotions.

One of the most intricate character arcs was underway as fans watched Yamaguchi call out Tsukishima and berate his best friend for refusing to go all out for volleyball. It’s a harrowing scene that shows two characters immersed in their contrasting journeys and a natural conflict that arises from it.

6 Karasuno lost the last match of the first season

karasuno loses to aoba johsai crying eating

Many sports animes follow underdog protagonists and haikyuu no different The Karasuno team is often said to be a fallen champion, no longer possessing the skills to present a good challenge to competitive teams.

From the start, Hinata and the team had to prove themselves despite that reputation. But with the odds stacked against them, it made sense that they would lose a few games along the way. The most emotional came at the end of season 1, where Karasuno suffered a crushing defeat at the hands of Aoba Johsai.

5 Wakunan were tragic secondary antagonists

During haikyuu, Karasuno faces a ton of different and unique opponents. Each opponent brings a new identity and style of play, so it’s only reasonable for fans to develop favorites.

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While fans are expected to grow fond of some of the usual rivals, haikyuu he even manages to attract fans for his unique teams, like Wakunan. Wakunan only had one match and posed no significant threat to Karasuno, but his post-game meltdown had fans in tears with the Wakunan captain.

4 Asahi asks for a draw during his first game back.

Asahi during the Haikyuu practice match

While fans are quick to remember haikyuuThe highlights of various tournaments, it is not uncommon for even practice matches to carry heavy emotional weight. Early in the first season, Karasuno attempted to persuade his ace Asahi to return to the team after a traumatic loss to Date Tech.

Asahi hesitated, fearing that the pressure of a difficult game would never be on her shoulders again. But during a friendly practice match, fans broke down in tears as they watched Asahi call for spikes over and over again, determined to score a point no matter how many blockers got in the way.

3 Daichi is almost seriously injured

Daichi gets injured Haikyuu

Sports can be a dangerous hobby for growing students. No matter what the sport, it’s not uncommon for athletes to get injured, making it a fairly regular story arc in a wide variety of sports anime. But Daichi’s injury against Wakunan could be one of the most harrowing examples.

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After colliding with his teammate, Daichi was left unconscious on the ground for an extended period of time, terrifying fans that there could be serious injury. While Daichi did end up on the mend, this was a moment fans would remember forever.

two Fans cried when Aoba Johsai lost to Karasuno

Aoba Johsai's team courtside

Sports anime fans are used to the emotional resolution of main characters losing a hard-fought match. Whether it’s volleyball or boxing, the protagonists lose all the time. But haikyuu he has the rare ability to draw fans even towards opposing teams.

Unlike many sports anime, haikyuu he has his spectators rooting for the teams on both ends of the pitch. Even when Karasuno achieves victory in Season 2, fans had to bask in tears after the loss of Aoba Johsai before they could celebrate.

1 Yamaguchi cries after giving up during a service

Yamaguchi Sad Haikyuu

Yamaguchi may not be Karasuno’s best player, but with hard work and diligent practice, he managed to carve out a small role for himself on the team even in their most intense matches. Yamaguchi became an excellent emerging server that they could trust.

But early in his training, he lacked the confidence to play that role, and he chickened out in a match against Wakunan. The fallout from that decision was heartbreaking for fans, as they watched Yamaguchi tear himself apart with guilt in an isolated bathroom.

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