10 Times Jean Was The Best Character In Attack On Titan

With a show like attack on titanIt’s hard to pick a favorite character. Many of them have qualities worthy of the title, like Armin, who is always the voice of reason, or Mikasa, who is as cool as she looks. But when it comes to character development, there is one Scout whose growth has been something to behold.

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Jean Kirstein’s first appearances in attack on titan it showed him acting flippantly like a self-centered boy, but over the seasons he has become a strong leader, earning the respect of his fellow Survey Corps. It’s no wonder the internet’s favorite horse boy is a fan favorite on attack on titan.

10 When Jean tried to praise Mikasa she failed.

Jean blushing for Attack on Titan

Jean’s failed flirtation is truly an iconic moment of attack on titan season 1 and a stellar introduction to his character. After stumbling over her words to compliment Mikasa’s long hair, she received a dry thank you. Embarrassed, she watched as she left with the boy she had been arguing with over dinner.

As Jean watches Eren and Mikasa walk away, she hears Eren telling Mikasa that she should cut her hair or it might get in the way while they fight. Mikasa quickly accepts this. This scene is a blow to Jean’s ego and sets the tone for this trio’s character dynamic for the rest of the show.

9 When Jean tried to stop Sasha from eating all the meat

attack on titan

During a special celebration, the Survey Corps treats its scouts to a special meal. The big surprise is the meat, something they never get to enjoy. Sasha, being the foodie that she is, drools uncontrollably. While everyone is excited, Sasha is especially excited. It would be fair to say that her reaction is wild, as she dives for the large chunk of meat and begins to devour it.

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Jean and Connie try to stop her from eating the special food that is supposed to be shared, and they try to hold Sasha down and remove the meat. Unfortunately for Jean, this comes at a price as Sasha begins to bite her hand. The poor boy only wanted his fair share of her, but he got bitten instead. However, even after this, he and Sasha are still the best of friends.

8 When Jean and Eren kept fighting even after being exhausted

attack on titan

The tension between Eren and Jean never really goes away like attack on titan keep going. The two seem to bicker whenever they can, each believing they are right. This leads to a very funny scene between the two in the dining room. After getting into a line where Eren calls Jean “horseface”, the two start hitting each other.

Everyone watches, cheering for the fight. Armin considers stopping him, but Mikasa tells him not to. Since neither Jean nor Eren is willing to give up, the two continue until they feel like throwing up. Fortunately for them, Captain Levi shows up and quickly kicks their butts and sends them to bed.

7 When Jean decided to join the Scouts instead of the deputy for Marco

marco sitting with jean attack on titan

After losing her best friend to a Titan, Jean’s attitude drastically changes. Instead of wanting to take the easy route and join the Military Police, he considers joining the Survey Corps.

As Erwin calls for those who wish to join the MP to leave, Jean struggles with her choice. But with the memory of his friend’s death still strong in his mind, he knows what he has to do. As Erwin asks those who remain to dedicate their hearts to him, Jean seems terrified by his decision. But it is this choice that saves many lives as the show progresses.

6 When Jean kissed his hand on the first Scout mission

attack on titan

As the team sets out on their first expedition outside the walls, Jean kisses her hand. It’s a detail viewers could have easily missed, but for those who caught the moment, it was powerful.

The reason the moment is so emotional is that it is the hand in which Jean held Marco’s ashes. This shows once again how much Jean cared for his friend and that everything he does is to honor Marco’s sacrifice, knowing that a part of Marco will always be with him. he.

5 When Jean convinced Marlo and Hitch to be on her side

attack on titan

During the Royal Government arc, some of the scouts have gone rogue after learning the truth about the royal family. After Eren is kidnapped by the Eldian government, Levi leads the core members of the Survey Corps on a mission to rescue him. The government has MPs Marlo and Hitch looking for these rogue members to bring them back. But instead, they are caught and captured by Levi. He then says that they should get rid of them, but after learning the truth about his friend Annie from him, Marlo says that he wants to join them.

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Levi, not believing Marlo, refuses and orders Sasha to tie them up. Jean steps in and asks if he can do it instead of her. After leading Marlo and Hitch away, she pretends that she is going to kill them and asks Marlo why she would want to join them. After Marlo confesses that she feels she joined the wrong regiment and throws the knife at her. Jean believes Marlo, and the latter realizes that this was a test and that Jean never planned to kill them.

4 When Jean checked on Armin after he had to shoot someone

armin and jean

During a fight with Kenny’s squad, Jean and Armin steal a car to escape. In the process, Jean is cornered by the original driver and nearly killed. Armin saves Jean by shooting the driver, marking the first time he has killed another human being. This has a severe impact on Armin’s mental state, causing him to throw up.

After the fierce battle, Jean comforts Armin and thanks him for saving her life. This heartwarming moment once again shows fans the true nature of Jean’s character beneath the cold facade.

3 When Jean hit Reiner

Jean attacks Reiner in Attack on Titan

In the final season, the truth about Marco’s death is finally revealed. While sitting around a campfire, Jean asks Reiner what Marco’s last words were. After Reiner tells her that it was a plea for them to “talk about this”, Jean loses control and starts attacking Reiner. Reiner, guilty for what he has done, takes it.

Though many viewers have come to understand and even like Reiner, fans can’t help but feel some sort of cathartic closure over Marco’s death when Jean sleeps with him.

two When Jean didn’t shoot Onyakapon

Floch reveals that he knew of Eren's plan all along in Attack on Titan.

After the Yeagerists take control, Floch announces that he will shoot the traitors Yelena and Onyankopon for opposing the Eldian Empire. Floch tells Jean that he must execute Onyankopon, reminding her of the power and freedom that he will have once the world is destroyed.

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Jean is scared as she contemplates what to do, remembering all the sacrifices she has made for her people. He points the gun and fires four shots. But, to Floch’s dismay, the bullets have hit the ground. Jean is unwilling to give in to the Yeagerist. Jean shows his strength of character, showing how much he has grown since the attack on titan‘s start.

1 Every time Jean acted as a leader during stressful missions

jean holding a gun attack on titan

Along the attack on titan, Jean has always been one of the bravest characters. It has a quiet power over him that is often overlooked. But when extreme situations arise, he is always the first to organize a plan and execute it.

Due to this, numerous lives are saved. Marco once told Jean that he wasn’t a strong person so he could understand how weak people feel. This empathy is what makes Jean a great leader. Jean has carried that message through every battle, making him one of the best characters in all of attack on titan.

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