5 Cool Studio Ghibli Locations You Can Visit In Japan

Hayao Miyazaki, the genius behind Studio Ghibli, is famous for his love of visiting places in Japan to inspire his animations. From the sleepy seaside towns of “Ponyo on the Cliff by the Sea” to the gigantic mansions of “The Secret World of Arrient,” the environments and cities are as many characters in their stories as any of the living humans or flying pigmen. .

We have talked before about the Studio Ghibli locations that you can visit in Japan. But there are more places people can visit to experience Ghibli, some of which are almost identical to Miyazaki’s movies.

Miyazaki has been famous for his vagueness about the inspirations for Ghibli movies. When asked about the locations of his films, he once cryptically said, “…the forest that has existed within the hearts of Japanese people since ancient times.” In this follow-up to the previous post, we have identified five more areas in Japan that inspired him.

1. My Neighbor Totoro


The green hills of Sayama and the Kawagoe Line are serene, but don’t expect a cat bus. Photo: iStock/Gyro

“My Neighbor Totoro” is often considered Miyazaki’s masterpiece. When the Japanese poll site’s research panel asked fans what his favorite Studio Ghibli movie was, he garnered nearly a quarter of the vote.

Part of this popularity is due to its natural environment almost too perfect to be true. In fact, the animation is inspired by the Sayama Hills area of ​​Saitama, outside of Tokyo. The site has often been a tribute to Miyazaki fans, as you can not only see the areas featured in his most famous anime, but you can also see the area where the legendary anime artist grew up.

Being so close to the big city, it has been necessary to maintain funds for the maintenance of the area as Tokyo draws ever closer. Miyazaki himself is responsible for preserving the natural environment and is supported by the Totoro no Furusato Foundation.

2. Castle in the sky


Tomogashima Island has its share of adventure. Photo: iStock/yoko_ken_chan

While “Castle in The Sky” and “Totoro” enjoy the love of the public, on the other hand, “Ponyo” is often (unfairly in my opinion) misaligned as one of Ghibli’s minor animations. While it lacks the epic scope of “Princess Mononoke,” “Ponyo” is a relatable animation, and much of this is down to its location.

From the winding roads to the charming red-roofed houses and fishing ports, Ponyo and Sosuke’s fictional home always feels like the kind of special place where magical adventures can happen.

One of the most memorable scenes is when Ponyo runs through the city towards the lighthouses. The red-roofed huts he runs past are a popular attraction in Hiroshima’s Tomonoura, where Miyazaki’s crew stayed for months during the film’s initial production. As a result, the city is faithfully recreated in the animation, and as a bonus, the Tomonoura (Hiroshima) lighthouse can also be seen at a couple of key points.

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