5 One Piece Devil Fruit Powers We Wish Were Real (And 5 We Never)

One piece it has a lot of strengths, but fans love its unique energy system. While Devil Fruits are not complex or painstaking compared to hunter x hunter‘s Nen, fans are captivated by its unique features.

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Whether it be a Logia, Paramecia, or Zoan, fans are in awe of One pieceThe unique ability to introduce hundreds of different devil fruit powers with specific and interesting abilities. While some Devil Fruits are uniquely suited to the One piece world, many would be perfect for fans in real life.

10 Wish Were Real: The Ope Ope No Mi Is Warps Reality

One Piece: How Trafalgar Law's Macabre Ope Ope Fruit Works

The Ope Ope no Mi is one of the most valuable and desired Devil Fruits in One piece. Currently in the possession of Trafalgar Law, the Ope Ope no Mi is a Paramecia-type that grants the ability to do almost anything within the confines of a small range.

It is easily one of the most versatile abilities in One piece and it could find any number of real-world uses. You could think of this devil fruit as a slight form of reality warping, making it an incredibly attractive option to have in the real world.

9 I would never want: Jake Jake No Mi is good for nothing

Jacket-Jacket not Mi

The Jake Jake no Mi is one of the strangest and most useless devil fruits in One piece. Introduced in the Dressrosa arc, the Jake Jake no Mi was used by Kelly Funk along with his brother Bobby Funk.

The Devil Fruit allows its user to turn into a jacket that can be worn by others. The user can then control the person wearing their jacket form. It’s a really complicated form of possession that requires a willing participant, greatly reducing its uses. Overall, a very disappointing devil fruit.

8 Wish Were Real: The Hie Hie No Mi is the most practical Lodge

Aokiji on his bike on the frozen ocean looking at a storm and a volcano in the distance

There are many devil fruits in One piece They have great destructive power. But in real life, combat is far from being an everyday thing. While it’s good to be prepared and have some firepower just in case, the Hie Hie no Mi also allows for a certain level of practical use.

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Employed by former Admiral Aokiji, the Hie Hie no Mi allows its user to create and control ice at will. While it is an exceptionally powerful weapon, its main use in real life would be for things like ice water. With this power, Aokiji was able to freeze a large amount of ocean for easy travel.

7 I would never want: The Gura Gura No Mi is too destructive

Whitebeard from One Piece Standing

The Gura Gura no Mi is one of the most powerful Devil Fruits in the world. One piece history, belonging to the second strongest pirate, Edward “Whitebeard’ Newgate. In One piecethis is considered a fruit strong enough to destroy the world with its ability to create earthquakes.

While Whitebeard used the devil fruit to great effect, it’s hard to imagine a scenario where creating earthquakes would be useful in the real world. It’s a devil fruit perfectly suited for world domination or heroism, but for the average person, it can be a waste.

6 Wish Were Real: The Tori Tori No Mi, model: Phoenix is ​​flight and healing

One of the greatest desires of humanity is to fly. Fortunately, there are more than a handful of Devil Fruits that offer that ability. When deciding which flying Devil Fruit is the best, it’s hard to ignore the healing abilities of Tori Tori no Mi, Model: Phoenix.

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This Phoenix Devil Fruit allows its user to transform into the mythical creature to take flight or heal from any injury. With Phoenix Devil Fruit, Marco was able to rise to Commander of the Whitebeard Pirates 1st Division, showing how valuable his ability can be.

5 I would never want: Hito Hito No Mi would have no effect on humans

Tony Tony Chopper Human Human Fruit

The Hito Hito no Mi is the human fruit used by fan-favorite Straw Hat Chopper. Chopper was just a normal reindeer when he discovered the Hito Hito no Mi and suddenly gained access to a variety of different human forms. It is a devil fruit responsible for one of the most beloved characters of fans in One piece.

But when eaten by a human, Hito Hito no Mi does nothing. While some fans theorize that it grants enlightenment, no canon supports that belief. So to the average person, this devil fruit is nothing more than a disgusting fungus.

4 Wish Were Real: The Giro No Mi Giro is incredibly versatile

The Giro Giro no Mi may seem underwhelming at first, but its true power lies in its unorthodox uses. Wielded by Viola on the Bow of Dressrosa, the Giro no Mi Giro grants its user the ability to enhance eyesight. Its most obvious use is as a pair of binoculars, allowing Viola to see up to 4,000 km away.

But when focused correctly, Viola was able to use the Giro Giro no Mi as X-ray vision. Additionally, Viola can use the ability to read a person’s mind and even transfer her own memories into her imagination.

3 I would never want: The Sube Sube No Mi is just boring

Alvida from One Piece

One piece it’s vast and creatively ambitious, which is why it’s always weird when a run-of-the-mill devil fruit is introduced. Sube Sube no Mi is a Devil Fruit used by Alvida that grants the ability to become smooth and slippery.

This makes Alvida immune to many physical attacks. But in real life, most people would have a hard time finding a use for it. Common people don’t usually risk swords, and therefore the ability to sneak around slashes isn’t particularly relevant.

two Wish Were Real: Doa Doa No Mi is Underrated

The Doa Doa no Mi is one of the more forgettable Devil Fruits, having been used in Water 7. Possessed by CP9’s Blueno, the Doa Doa no Mi allows its user to create a door out of anything it touches.

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The tricky aspect of this devil fruit is defining “touch”. Blueno can create gates in the air from long distances, showing that “touch” can be a very flexible prerequisite. In essence, Doa Doa no Mi is a form of teleportation.

1 I would never want to – the Beri Beri No Mi isn’t even useful in the anime

The Beri Beri no Mi was a Devil Fruit used by a random Marine named Very Good. This devil fruit allowed Very Good to become a “grape human”. What that means exactly is a bit hard to say.

Based on the anime, it appears that a Grape Human can transform into a barrage of small orbs that can be very difficult to smash with a blunt weapon. While that’s largely useless in the real world, it’s pretty much useless in One piece as well as. Swords are too common.

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