5 Unforgivable Mistakes Sakura Made In Naruto (And 5 Times She Redeemed)

of naruto Sakura Haruno is undoubtedly one of the most divisive characters in the entire animanga. The first part of the series sees her as practically useless, resulting in the constant ridicule she faces from the fanbase.

The second part of the series, however, sees her become much more useful than she was in the first part. Her combat skills have improved greatly, as have her medical ninjutsu skills and general prowess.

Here are five unforgivable mistakes Sakura has made in narutoand five more moments where she redeems herself.

Failing To Destroy The Rinnegan, And Sakura’s 4 Other Big Mistakes In naruto

1) Hesitating to kill Sasuke

naruto shippuden he sees Sakura go alone in an effort to kill Sasuke. However, she doubts her at the last moment, giving her ruthless and efficient opponent a chance to counter her. She almost died in the process, making this literally her most fatal mistake of hers.

2) He didn’t use combat skills to the fullest.

After training with Tsunade during the time jump, Sakura returns. naruto shippuden being incredibly strong, and also skilled in taijutsu. While he makes great use of these talents early on, they eventually fall by the wayside in favor of more medicinal roles, such as during the Fourth Great Ninja War.

3) He didn’t destroy the Rinnegan

When he found himself on the front lines in the Fourth Great Ninja War, he apparently couldn’t help but make the wrong decisions. One such decision is choosing not to destroy Obito’s Rinnegan before Madara can retrieve it. This becomes a huge problem, as the Legendary Uchiha becomes much more powerful after retrieving the second Rinnegan.

4) Do not help against Zabuza

One of Sakura’s first mistakes in naruto he arrives during Zabuza’s fight, where the rest of Team 7 fight with pride and defiance. Meanwhile, she stands on the sidelines completely dumbstruck with fear, unable to fight back and help her teammates.

5) Making fun of an orphan in front of an orphan

Finally, one of Sakura’s most iconic and universally disgusting mistakes is the infamous orphan scene. Basically, she makes fun of Naruto with Sasuke because he is an orphan, not realizing that her conversation partner is also an orphan. This offends him greatly, causing him to end the conversation at that point due to her callousness.

Saving Sasuke and 4 other moments that are the most redeeming of Sakura in naruto

1) Saved Kankuro from the poison

by Shippuden The premiere arc is the Kazekage Recovery arc, which sees One Tail Jinchuriki Gaara kidnapped by Akatsuki. In the process, Kankuro is poisoned by one of the group members, and the poison is strong enough that the local medical ninja cannot remove it. Fortunately, Sakura’s medical skills save the day and her life.

2) Fight with Sasori

Sasori’s fight is undoubtedly one of Sakura’s high points and the most iconic moments in the entire series. Here she displays all of her power, as well as her incredible sense of adaptability by allowing Lady Chiyo to control her like a puppet. For both her fans and her enemies, this is without a doubt one of Sakura’s shining moments.

3) Saved Sasuke from another dimension

During Naruto and Sasuke’s final battle against Kaguya, Sakura mainly plays a supporting role during the fight. One of her most important contributions is teaming up with Obito to rescue Sasuke from an alternate dimension. While her Rinnegan plays a big part here, it was her chakra reserves and her skill at chakra transfer that really got the job done here.

4) Key hit on Kaguya

Later in the fight against Kaguya, Sakura’s role becomes more offensive as Team 7 nears the final moments of the fight. As her two teammates run towards the Otsutsuki matriarch, she begins to run up and away from them. However, just in time, Sakura lands on her with a fantastic blow, holding her immobile long enough for her teammates to seal her away.

5) Manually maintained Naruto’s heartbeat

Ultimately, one of Sakura’s smartest and most shocking moments of redemption was manually beating Naruto’s heart as he died. Her role and participation in the war was incredibly essential at this point, and she had to take advantage of any chance that she would survive. Her quick thinking and her medical ninjutsu skills here saved both her life and the war effort simultaneously.

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Edited by Siddharth Satish