8 Anime Villains Who Really Delivered

It’s not unusual for anime villains to turn themselves in, be it to the hero, the authorities, or even competing villains. Many villains take on an antagonistic role because of their ideology, but when there are cracks in that ideological complex, they realize that their efforts are misguided or vain. In these situations, they give up and hand over their fate to their opponents.

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Other times, the villains are forced to face the fact that the squad is simply gone and they have nowhere to go or nothing else they can do. They are surrounded or beaten. Therefore, there is no other option but to surrender.

8 Itachi handed over his fate to his brother in Naruto: Shippūden

Sasuke and Itachi meet for the first time after the attack.

It had always been Itachi Uchiha’s plan to eventually die at the hands of his brother. The shadowy rulers of Hidden Leaf Village forced him to kill his entire clan, and he carried the resulting guilt for his entire life. To ensure that Sasuke could grow stronger, protect himself, and finally end the pain of his burden, Itachi planted the seeds that would cause Sasuke to dedicate his life to avenging the clan on him.

At the end of the series, Itachi and Sasuke have a final showdown, during which Itachi is killed thanks to extenuating circumstances along with Sasuke’s assault. However, Itachi gave up his life and his Sharingan so that his brother could continue.

7 Light Yagami turned himself in to the police as part of his plan in Death Note.

Light Yagami from Death Note imprisoned and under surveillance

Light Yagami turned himself in to the police as part of their plan, but he had no intention of staying in jail. He knew that in order to rid himself of the suspicion that he was the serial killer, Kira, he would have to lose his memories of the Death Note and turn himself in. Without the memory of him, he had a clear conscience and was able to prove his innocence to the authorities.

After being freed, he was able to retrieve both his memories and the Death Note, and his plan had worked just as he had designed. He helped make the Death Note seem like a completely impossible weapon in the first place.

6 The Legend of Kuvira of Korra surrendered to the heroes after Korra saved her

avatar korra

Kuvira was the last villain of the legend of korra, and he had the backing of an entire army equipped with impressive technological advances at his disposal. For a while, he looked like he was going to beat Avatar Korra, and even bested her during her first duel. However, she hadn’t taken into account the power bending.

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Korra risked her life to save Kuvira from an energy blast that resulted from her own mistakes. Realizing that Korra was more powerful than she had thought, Kuvira gave in and allowed Korra and the rest of the team to stop her (although she pleaded not guilty in court).

5 Isabella gave herself over to demons in The Promised Neverland

fiancee isabella ever

Isabella, or Mama, was the main antagonist of the first season of The Promised Neverland. Like the children she raised, she once lived on a meat farm, but she only managed to escape by vowing to become a mom tasked with raising new groups of children. However, something changed when she saw her children do what she could not do, which was to escape from the farm.

When he realized that his children had what it takes to do the impossible, he decided to sacrifice himself to help them, taking part in a mission that could only end with his death, although the manga and anime had different endings.

4 Izaya Orihara was captured to fool his tormentors in Durarara!

Izaya makes a quiet threat in Durarara.

Izaya Orihara, the information broker, was one of the antagonists in the anime who allowed himself to be captured by the opposing villain as part of a plan. He allowed himself to be tortured, but used a trick to make the villains, led by Shijima, believe that he had the wrong person. In the ensuing confusion, he and his gang were able to terrorize the opposing group.

Izaya was known for his tricks, schemes, and brilliance. He had a charisma that allowed him to talk his way out of any situation, even with those who hated him.

3 Gentle Criminal tried to save La Brava from guilt in My Hero Academia

Gentle Criminal impresses La Brava in My Hero Academia

When Gentle Criminal and his sidekick, La Brava, tried to crash the UA high school festival, Deku was prepared to do whatever it took to stop them. He wasn’t going to let anything ruin a good time for Eri and her friends after everything they’d been through with Overhaul.

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When Deku finally beat them, the villains were surrounded by UA heroes who acted as security for the event. They were forced to turn themselves in, though Gentle Criminal went to great lengths to make the heroes think La Brava was innocent, as he cared deeply for her.

two Sasuke Uchiha gave himself up to the hidden blade in Naruto: Shippūden

sasuke with aura

Sasuke Uchiha was so obsessed with getting revenge on Itachi that he committed many terrible crimes. He tried to kill his friends, used the power of the Cursed Mark, attacked the Five Kage and even hurt his allies if the situation called for it.

However, at the end of the series, Naruto Uzumaki faced him one last time, after spending years trying to bring Sasuke back to the side of good. In the end, they came to a stalemate, but Sasuke decided to hand over his fate to the very people he betrayed.

1 In Castlevania, Hector gave himself up to Isaac and his army.

Hector made a series of terrible mistakes in Castlevania. He betrayed Isaac, another master forger, and Dracula by helping with Carmilla’s hit, only to become her prisoner. He later fell for Lenore’s deception. However, when Isaac broke into Carmilla’s castle, Hector decided enough was enough.

He turned himself in hoping to buy Lenore’s safety, but neither Lenore nor Isaac was interested in Hector’s plans or wishes. Oddly enough, Isaac wasn’t interested in killing both Lenore and Hector. However, in the end, Lenore took her own life by walking out into the sun and Hector, surprisingly, was left alive.

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