8 Times Bardock Was The Best Dragon Ball Character

Akira Toriyama’s signature shonen series, Dragon Ball, made waves upon its initial debut in the 1980s. Its success and fandom have only grown more intense in the three decades that have followed. There are hundreds of episodes and hours of content to explore throughout the course. Dragon Ball franchise. Goku’s continuing quest to become stronger and protect the world from danger remains the same, but the The scope of anime has gradually expanded. satisfactorily.

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A great cast of supporting characters round out Dragon Balls plaster, and goku’s father, bardock, is an important figure of the past. Bardock’s appearances have been limited to flashbacks and video games, but the Saiyan has still accomplished some amazing things over the course of the series.

8 Lead a hopeless revolt against Frieza and his forces

Bardock leads the Saiyan revolt

The Saiyans have a notorious reputation throughout the universe, but much of the animosity they face stems from years of manipulation by the Saiyans. Frieza and his armed forces. The Saiyans are sent across the galaxy to carry out Frieza’s hard work and conquer planets in the tyrant’s name. Most of the Saiyan population, including King Vegeta, is unaware of Frieza’s true intentions, but Bardock experiences an epiphany that shows him the light.

Bardock makes no secret of what he learns, and wastes no time leading a Saiyan revolt against Frieza. Famously, Frieza vaporizes the entire Saiyan population, along with his home world, but Bardock can at least come out knowing the truth and that he did the best he could.

7 Defy the Heeter Force’s orders and save Granolah’s life.

Manga Dragon Ball Super Manga Bardock Takes Granolah

for most Dragon Balls run, Goku fills a very special role as a Saiyan who overcomes his violent roots and can become an empathetic hero. This pacifism is a major part of what makes Goku unique. However, in the Dragon Ball Super manga, Granolah The Survivor Saga establishes that Bardock also had his moments of kindness towards strangers.

Instead of blindly following Heater Force’s orders To wipe out the remaining grain, Bardock risks his life to protect an innocent young Granolah. Granolah ignores this rescue until her adulthood, but Bardock’s act has major consequences for the ongoing battle against the Heeters.

6 Send Goku to Earth

Anime Dragon Ball Super Broly Bardock Gine say goodbye to Goku

It is remarkable how a single action can reverberate infinitely and cause major chain reactions throughout the universe. Bardock doesn’t think twice when both he and Gine decide to send a child Goku to Earth as a means of preventing him from destroying him. Cruel fate that awaits the rest of the Saiyans on Planet Vegeta.

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Bardock’s selfless act manages to save Goku’s life, but he is also responsible for the blow to Goku’s head that causes his memory loss. All of these ingredients culminate in Goku’s meek nature, which allows him to team up with Bulma and become Earth’s greatest protector.

5 Team Bardock Dominates Competition In Kanassa

Anime Dragon Ball Team Bardock Fight

One of the first substantial looks at Bardock that Dragon Ball Z provides takes place in the character’s showcase, Bardock – Goku’s father. The anime special fills in many of the more obvious blanks surrounding Goku’s father during his final days, but it also highlights the Saiyan warrior’s fighting skills.

The Bardock team features a different roster in different Dragon Ball text messages, but Bardock is always their leader and does most of the heavy lifting. Bardock – Goku’s father shows Bardock and his team of five dominate your opposition on the planet Kanassa.

4 He witnesses glimpses of his son’s future successes

Anime Dragon Ball Bardock Divine Vision Goku Frieza

Dragon Ball He faces some natural difficulties in getting Bardock and Goku to spend time together, as Bardock passes away when Goku is just a baby. Bardock – Goku’s father equips Bardock with a rare precognitive ability that gives him crucial insight into the future.

Bardock witnesses much death and carnage in these prophetic visions, but he also gets a temporary glimpse of his adult son’s defeat of Frieza. Bardock is on the brink of death, but his unfortunate fate hurts a little less since he knows his child will keep the universe safe.

3 Get your wife off the battlefield

many of Dragon Balls Saiyans successfully form families and sire their own hybrid offspring with humans. Saiyan culture dictates that the warrior race is so focused on conquest that romance is very much a foreign concept to the species. Saiyans mate primarily for reproductive purposes. Against this innate conditioning, Bardock truly forms an affinity with Gine and is able to respect and honor her in a way that evades most of the population.

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Gine used to be a member of Bardock’s squad of capable mercenaries, Team Bardock. However, Bardock finally gets his wife out of harm’s way after he begins their relationship. Not only does this keep Gine safe, but it could also be instrumental in the birth of her children, Goku and Raditz.

two He uses his great ape form to defeat Gas.

dragon ball super The anime concludes with the multiversal Tournament of Power, but the series’ manga has extended the ongoing storyline well beyond the end of the competition. Goku’s final challenges against Granolah, and later against Elec, bring Bardock back in colossal fashion.

Bardock previously faced Elec, and the member of the Heeter Force he still seems to be in shock from their past encounter. The circumstances behind how Bardock managed to overcome this persistent threat remains to be seen. Still, Goku’s victory against the villain seems to be tied to him following in his father’s footsteps and accessing this same power.

1 He turns Super Saiyan and defeats Frieza’s ancestor.

ice cream vs bardock

Dragon Balls the handling of his Super Saiyan transformation has changed in major ways. What was once a superlative and rare achievement has gradually become a foregone conclusion for any new Saiyan who enters the scene. Bardock has the disadvantage of being a character in the past that greatly precedes Goku’s initial transformation into Super Saiyan.

That said, the series creatively gets around this hurdle with the special dragon Ball: Bardock Episode, which sends Bardock through time to confront Frieza’s ancestor, Chilled. Not only does Bardock transcend time and space, he also attains Super Saiyan status, which leads to some curious implications regarding Dragon Balls Canyon.

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