9 Anime Heroes Who Were Ruined By The Sequel

It’s no secret that sequels are notorious for spoiling plotlines, characters, and franchises by making drastic changes that don’t necessarily make sense. There may be large, unprecedented pitch shifts; there may be characters whose new designs or characterizations don’t make sense compared to their previously established traits.

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Heroes are sometimes “nerfed,” with power downgrades that don’t line up with previous installments. The history of anime characters being ruined by subsequent installments is a long and disappointing one.

9 Shino Aburame is more ridiculous in Boruto

Adult Shino in Boruto

Shino Aburame was a character whose design in boruto markedly contrasted its design in the original naruto Serie. He started out as a quiet character who, despite sometimes stoically delivering humorous lines, maintained an overall serious demeanor. He was not outgoing, and largely stayed in the shadows at naruto.

However, for borutoAburame is a goofy teacher, loving stuffed animal toys, something no one would have foreseen for him when he was first introduced in the previous series. On top of that, Aburame’s quiet strength was replaced by a zany eccentricity that went against his entire original build.

8 Naruto was nerfed in Boruto

Adult Naruto in Boruto

boruto it didn’t do justice to the familiar Naruto Uzumaki that fans knew and loved. First of all, his appearance was a lot less cool than his original design or his father’s design, which is something that can be said for a lot of the returning characters in boruto. However, he was also nerfed in terms of his powers and abilities throughout the show.

While it makes sense that Naruto was supposed to take a plot step back to give the new generation their time to shine and that Naruto was so strong that most villains were inconsequential without them weakening him, there were plenty of other ways. of addressing the problem. situation. Ultimately, his character was tarnished by the changes.

7 Jotaro Kujo weakened in Diamond Is Unbreakable

On stardust crusadersthe third installment of jojo’s bizarre adventure, Jotaro Kujo was practically unstoppable. He was always one step ahead of his strategy, and Star Platinum, his Stand, felt nearly invincible with his speed and power. So when the events of diamond is unbreakablethe fourth installment, arrived, it was disappointing to see Jotaro disabled.

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Not only did Jotaro fail to stop Red Hot Chili Pepper, but he also almost got killed by a couple of rats. Josuke Higashikata, the protagonist of diamond is unbreakableHe not only had to save Jotaro but also cure him of his mistakes.

6 Joseph Joestar from Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure is less impressive as the series progresses

Joseph Joestar looks worried in a comical way

jojo’s bizarre adventure squandered the use of Joseph Joestar. While his aging played a part in his diminished strength throughout the multi-series, Joestar was tricked by a good Stand. Fans first met Joseph Joestar in the second part of JJBA, Battle tendencywhere he was a super fighter and genius who used Hamon.

However, when the show changes the power systems in the stardust crusaders and moving into Stands instead of Hamon, Joestar receives one of the weakest Stands in series history. Joestar doesn’t even use Ripple again, despite having both Ripple and Stand.

5 Avatar Aang looked a little bad through the lens of the Legend of Korra

110 aang adult aang adult

Avatar Aang was known for being selfish, irresponsible, and overly carefree in the original. avatar the last airbender series, but those were traits he struggled with and mostly grew up to be able to mitigate. Aang ended the series as a highly respected individual, accomplishing the great feat of stopping the 100 Year War while remaining true to himself and his Air Nomad ways.

Unfortunately, Aang receives little attention in the sequel series, the legend of korra. Aang has become a bad father or at least a neglectful father who had too high expectations. On top of that, Korra ends up having to deal with a lot of the political messes that Aang left behind.

4 Toph looks careless in The Legend Of Korra

old mole

the legend of korraToph Beifong’s version of Toph Beifong was a serious misstep in its treatment of the character. Not only had she been reduced to a sullen woman who lived in the swamp, keeping to herself even though the world needed her, but she didn’t treat her daughters particularly well either. In fact, a big character plot point for Beifong’s daughters is that they struggled to forgive her mother for how harsh she was on them.

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They also struggled to live up to their expectations even though Lin followed in her mother’s footsteps as a cop and Suyin built an entire city of metal benders.

3 Lelouch’s resurrection in the Code Geass sequel was too much

Lelouch laughs at himself in Code Geass Lelouch Of The Resurrection

Lelouch Lamperouge’s narrative arc had a great story, full of twists, turns, and mysteries. There were factional intrigues, dangerous political chess games, and dynamic battles. So when Lelouch died at the end of Code Geassit was a poetic way to wrap up a series where the main character’s myth and legend as Zero were bigger than his life as Lelouch.

That’s why bringing back Lelouch Code Geass Lelouch of the Resurrection it flopped, and the sequel was not as remembered as the original. There was a purpose to what happened in the original series, and it seemed like the sequel did its original goal and spirit a disservice by bringing it back.

two Shinji Ikari gets worse with each installment of Evangelion

Shinji receives your congratulations in Neon Genesis Evangelion

Shinji Ikari ruined his own character. Throughout, Shinji made himself a nuisance by harassing and sexually assaulting characters like Asuka and Rei, and constantly whining instead of taking definitive action. However, as more and more sequels and adaptations were added to the Evangelion franchise, Shinji had more time to misbehave, which made fans like him less and less.

Eventually, he proved that his entire character was irredeemable, ruined in the eyes of many fans. Shinji never really had a chance, but successive adaptations instilled this fact.

1 Cowboy Bebop’s New Show Makes Spike Feel Less Cool

Spike takes one last shot at Cowboy Bebop.

While the cowboy bebop The live action series is not a true sequel as it largely reproduced the events of the previous series with new twists, it is a spiritual sequel to the anime. Unfortunately, not everyone was pleased with the new adaptation, feeling that the live-action iteration ruined Spike’s cool factor. The Netflix version made a lot of unnecessary changes to his character.

Something about anime, especially its “cool guy” figures, makes the medium especially difficult to translate to live action. For some fans, the adaptation was adequate or even good, but for other fans, it fell flat.

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