A fatal attack against Lucifero, Licita’s past with Asta becomes clear

After last week’s break, black clover Chapter 328 returns this week with the continuation of Asta’s fight against Lucifer. The raw scans released today focus on Licita de Liebe’s fight and memories. The chapter is 15 pages long and there are no rumors of a break for next week.

The official chapter comes out on April 3 and can be read on Manga Plus, Viz, and the Shonen Jump app.

[This article contains spoilers for Black Clover chapter 328]

black clover Chapter 328 Raw Scans Elaborate Licita And Asta’s Relationship: Lucifero Suffers A Heavy Blow

black clover, ch. 327: Asta continues his valiant fight against the relentless Lucifer! Read it for FREE from the official source!

In the last chapter, Asta and Liebe entered the True Devil Union, allowing them to unify into one entity. Asta wished to avenge Licita, whom he still believed to be Liebe’s mother. After freeing Nacht and Yami from Lucifero’s clutches, Asta used the remaining five seconds of Devil Union Mode to expel Lucifero.

According to the spoilers, black clover Chapter 328 is titled “all the way/always”, which is a reference to Licita’s speech in the chapter.

black clover chapter 328 raw scan

According to the raw scans, Asta continues to fight Lucifero. Meanwhile, Liebe’s memories of Licita talking about Asta are shown. Readers had no idea how Liebe knew that Asta was Licita’s son, nor did Tabata directly confirm this fact before. black clover chapter 328.

In the flashback, Licita is shown talking to Liebe about her son. She tells him that she had a child Liebe’s age and that he had to take her away for the child to survive. Due to Licita’s nature of stealing the mana and life force of every creature near her, Asta’s life would have been in danger if he continued to keep him with her.

The raw scans make it unclear if Asta can see these memories, but he fights Lucifer in Licita’s honor. Asta overpowers Lucifero and the Demon King realizes that the child is Licita’s son.

As Asta goes through Lucifero’s body diagonally, Liebe remembers Licita saying that even if she can’t be with her son, she will always love him (the word she uses is “zutto”, which means “all the time”).

Asta pierces through Lucifero’s body, seemingly cutting out his heart. As Lucifero falls, Asta and Liebe separate from Devil Union and appear before him, telling him in unison that they will live and be happy, fulfilling Licita’s wish.


black clover chapter 328 finally confirms that Asta is indeed Licita’s son, and his parentage could explain his lack of mana. A panel suggested that Licita might have left Asta at the door of the church in Hage, the same way Yuno stayed there.

Many fans have theorized that Lucifero’s heart is not inside his body, but inside Yami. Some also suggest that because Lucifer is the King of Demons, he cannot be killed as easily as normal demons. Either way, readers seem reluctant to believe that Asta could have defeated Lucifer so soon and so easily when the latter was named one of the final bosses of this arc.

I have a feeling that maybe in the vein with Zenon just coming out of nowhere and impaling Yami when we thought things were good will happen here with Liebe/Asta. I imagine Adrammelech will take action here, but it’s not clear what that is or maybe something else. 🤔#BC Spoilers

Hopefully the official translation will give everyone a better idea. How Licita gave birth to Asta when her body absorbs all the life force is a question that could be answered in this chapter.