A single Sailor Moon cosplayer brings the nine explorers to life

The Sailor Senshi come together as a single talented cosplayer portraying the nine female explorers from the classic shojo series Sailor Moon.

The entire solar system is represented in a new set of sailor moon cosplay

Cosplayer and content creator Jahara Jayde uploaded photos and videos of her numerous sailor moon costumes to his Instagram. The cosplayer played the main nine Sailor Scouts in 2021. She started making her way through the show’s cast with a perfect recreation of the fiery Sailor Mars, before heading to the outer planets with Sailor Pluto and Sailor Jupiter. Jahara Jayde has now cosplayed all eight of the planetary Sailor Scouts, as well as their leader and the series’ titular heroine, Sailor Moon. The only explorer she hasn’t portrayed is Sailor Moon’s daughter from the future, Sailor Chibi Moon.

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“I learned a lot about myself, overcame a number of insecurities, and improved my skills in a variety of areas by making these scouts,” the cosplayer said in the description of a video reminiscing about the nine scouts. “Would you believe that at one point I said I can’t dress up a sailor scout because I’m not cute enough and I don’t look good in his skirt style? Sometimes I still look at these pictures and feel that way. But I’m so glad I did this!” she wrote.

More Jahara Jayde cosplays can be found on her Instagram profile. In addition to the cast of sailor moonThe talented and versatile cosplayer has also played multiple versions of Nintendo’s Princess Zelda. The legend of Zelda franchise, as well as many other iconic anime heroines, such as Dragon Ball Z‘s Android 18 and Murderer of demonsThe beloved insect Hashira Shinobu Kocho.

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Live performances of the Sailor Scouts will also be featured in a new Japanese stage play based on the series, which will air worldwide in early 2022. In addition to the stage adaptation of the classic shojo series, production company Japan 2.5 D Stage Mundial will host performances from the naruto and my hero academia theater plays.

sailor moon was created by artist and writer Naoko Takeuchi and was first published in Japan in 1991. The anime adaptation was one of the first shojo shows to be localized and broadcast outside of Japan. The series is regarded as one of the most influential shojo and magical girl series of all time and remains popular to this day. The most recent anime adaptation of Takeuchi’s manga, sailor moon eternalwas released as a Netflix exclusive in 2021.

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