Anime-Perfect Mizuki Cosplay from One-Punch Man is Ready for Track Day

A cosplayer brings to life Captain Mizuki, athletic star and heroine of One-Punch Man, with fantastic accuracy in her version of monster-slaying star athlete.

One Punch ManMizuki, the star track hero, looks unfazed by the competition in a new race-ready fan cosplay.

Nerdy cosplayer Nereid is out to win with her iteration of the athletic wonder formally known as Captain Mizuki. The costume is simple, as is her source material: a physically fit hero sporting a spandex track. Despite the hero’s humble premise, the costume covers all the important details that make it unique, such as a high red-haired ponytail, a single white stripe in the spandex along with the letters “MZK” on the side, a band-aid over her cheek, several athletic medals hanging from her neck, and a look that would make most monsters think twice before challenging her to a match. The background also fits, with the hero on a sports background.

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in the world of One Punch Man, monsters and heroes come from a variety of origins, including natural disasters coming to life, unknown species emerging from the depths of the earth, once normal individuals become extraordinary due to mishap, mutation, or willful experimentation . In her case, Captain Mizuki is an extremely talented athlete but is technically still a normal human being. Her B-Class hero ranking reflects her power and her status in the hero association as being less powerful than A-Class and S-Class heroes well above average.

Captain Mizuki is first introduced in Chapter 95 of One Punch Man along with many other lesser-known heroes of Class A and B. These heroes are summoned by the Hero Association to help combat the imminent threat of a never-before-seen force of organized monsters known as the Monster Association. They are chosen to support the S-Class heroes as they execute their next potentially final move against the monsters and their unknown machinations.

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As a B-Class hero, she is considered face-level weaker than the overtly superhuman A-Class and S-Class heroes. However, Captain Mizuki proves to manga readers that her medals aren’t just for show, as she leaves monsters in the dust.

While a third season of the One Punch Man The anime has not been confirmed, if it arrives it may be the season in which Captain Mizuki makes his animated debut.

One Punch Man was originally written by artist ONE as a webcomic, and has been redone and illustrated by Yusuke Marata. the One Punch Man The anime currently has two seasons with a total of 24 episodes.

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