AnimeJapan 2022 News Roundup – News

Announcements of new titles and licenses

starmyu The anime’s staff gathers to opus colors 2023 tv anime

Aniplex reveals images of A-1 engage kiss Romantic comedy anime with teaser

Dr. Stone: Anime Ryusui Special releases in July

from that game company Sky: Children of the Light The game gets an animation project

New cast and crew announcements

black summoner Anime Reveals Teaser Video, More Cast, July Premiere

Yu-Gi-Oh! Go fast! The anime features Natsuki Hanae and Ai Fairouz

The Prince of Tennis II: U-17 World Cup Anime Video Reveals 5 New Cast Members, Theme Songs, And July Debut

Guide The anime introduces Yōko Hikasa, reveals a new image for the second part

KanColle Anime Season 2 Sneak Peek Reveals Staff, 8 Episodes Will Run In November

my master has no tail Anime Promo Video Reveals More Cast, October Premiere

Haruna Mikawa, Kana Hanazawa join the cast of ‘When will Ayumu make his move?’ animated

Black Rock Shooter: Breaking Dawn Anime Announces 4 More Cast Members

Mariya Ise and Nobunaga Shimazaki join the cast of Vampire dies in no time second season of the anime

In the heart of Kunoichi Tsubaki Anime Promo Video Highlights All 38 Characters From The Show

chained soldier Anime Adds 3 Cast Members

“I am no longer a hero” Anime Video Preview Ending Song

Spriggan Anime trailer reveals June 18 release on Netflix

real estate Anime Reveals More Cast, Second Key Image

reincarnated as a sword Anime Video Reveals Staff, October Premiere

keys cousin doll Anime Video Reveals More Staff, Song

The Seven Deadly Sins: The Grudge of Edinburgh Anime Movies Reveal Cast

ultraman Season 2 anime spotlights Maya in character video

New videos, images, songs, dates

keys cousin doll Anime releases in July

Legend of Mana: The Tear Crystal Anime Reveals TV Format, Debut In 2022

‘Is it wrong to try to pick up girls in a dungeon?’ Season 4 anime premieres this summer

fanfare of adolescence The new promotional video of the anime Horse Racing is broadcast

Tatsunoko Pro The Legend of Heroes: Sen no Kiseki Northern War anime reveal visual

Shadow Eminence Anime Reveals New Promo Video, October Premiere

Mahō Shōjo Magic Destroyers TV Anime Unveils Visual and Teaser Trailer

WATATEN!: an angel flew to me Film Features Title Song Artist, Opening Early Fall

The rising of the shield hero 2 Anime Reveals New Video, Visual

luminous witches The video of the anime reveals its premiere in July

Anna Suzuki performs the new opening theme for Waccha PriMagi! animated

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stone Ocean The second part of the anime is streaming on Netflix this fall

SIGN! New anime promotional video introduces the second part of the show

‘Science fell in love, so I tried to prove it’ Opening and ending sequences of season 2 of the anime seen in videos

The quintessential quintuplets Preview of the film in the second trailer

the [email protected] Millions Live! Franchise Unveils Full Animated Music Video

from netflix vampire in the garden Anime presents new trailer, debut on May 16

house of shadows The trailer for the second season of the anime hints at Robed Nobleman

Date A Live IV Anime Video Highlights Nia, Previews Ending Song

uncle from another world Anime Video Reveals Theme Songs, July Premiere

Shikimori is not just a cutie The second video of the anime reveals the titles of the theme songs

kamuy golden Anime Video Reveals October Premiere For Season 4

Nanoha Creator Masaki Tsuzuki extreme hearts anime video preview

Ghost in the shell: SAC_2045 Anime Season 2 Trailer Reveals Insert Song, Debut May 23

2nd Sword Art Online Progressive Streamed anime movie teaser video

The AnimeJapan 2022 event will be held from March 26-29 this year, as a hybrid in-person and online event.

The public days of the show were held on March 26 and 27 as an in-person event at Tokyo Big Sight in halls 1-8 of the downtown East Tower. The working days are being held on March 28 and 29, and will be only online.

The public days of the event usually offer exhibition booths, merchandise sales and stage events for the general public. Business days allow buyers and licensors to hold discussions with anime company representatives.

AnimeJapan 2021 also took place last March as an online event. The event was originally planned as a hybrid in-person and online event, but staff later canceled the in-person portion due to the novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic and ongoing state of emergency. AnimeJapan 2020 was completely canceled in March 2020 due to COVID-19 concerns. AnimeJapan 2019 was the last time the event was in person rather than virtual.