Attack On Titan: 9 Best Things About Mikasa Ackerman

The real hero of attack on titan It’s not Eren Yeager or Levi Ackerman. Mikasa Ackerman won this title by sacrificing her own desires and facing the combined might of the Foundation, Assault, and Warhammer Titans.

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Mikasa has never had a problem winning fights or winning the hearts of fans. Since the very first episode, she has carried her weight as a captivating supporting character and a canonically strong woman. Her contributions to the world of attack on titan they are so big that narrowing them down to the best of the best is a difficult task to undertake.

9 Mikasa’s Ackerman blood makes her an incredibly reliable soldier.

Levi Mikasa Ackerman Attack on Titan

A crucial part of any Shonen anime character’s popularity is their combat ability. To see the best example of this, take a close look at another next-gen hit, jujutsu kaisen. Everyone loves Yuji from JJKbut Gojo became a star because of his confidence and strength in combat.

Mikasa Ackerman is no different. She may not share Gojo’s outgoing personality, but everyone loves her for the strength of her. This strength is gained in part from years of hard work, but much of it comes from Mikasa’s Ackerman lineage.

8 Mikasa’s story makes her sympathize with oppressed people

jean and mikasa attack on titan

As a descendant of both the Ackerman and Hizuru clans, Mikasa knows what it means to be a victim of persecution. Her ancestors were persecuted by the Eldian royal family that ruled the Isle of Paradis, making her an outcast among outcasts.

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Due to her history, Mikasa is able to keep an open mind when approached by disenfranchised characters like Onyankopon and Kiyomi Azumabito. There isn’t a single character Mikasa can’t empathize with, making her a powerful and reliable ally.

7 Mikasa inherited the same stoic personality that Levi has.

Levi and Mikasa sit stoically at a table

Mikasa’s Ackerman blood makes her a true force to be reckoned with on the battlefield. Even when faced with the power of an intelligent titan, Mikasa remains strong both physically and mentally.

The mental side of Mikasa’s strength comes from her stoic approach to life. At the end of the series, there is no pain that can derail her sense of justice. Even losing Eren is just another setback she can get over.

6 Mikasa never strays from the truth.

Mikasa prepares to fight Annie in Attack on Titan.

Mikasa’s honesty is entertaining and admirable. In the first episode, she talks about Eren so that Carla and Grisha are aware of her son’s future plans. While Eren would prefer to keep her plans a secret, Mikasa brings them out into the open so the truth has room to breathe.

Despite her loyalty to Eren, Mikasa chooses the truth. This moment foreshadows Mikasa’s future, where she can remain loyal to herself as the organizations she once was a part of fall into darkness.

5 Mikasa is one of the most loyal characters in Attack On Titan.

Attack on Titan Hange Comfort Mikasa

Mikasa’s loyalty is easily one of her best attributes. Throughout the series, Mikasa helps Eren by lending him his sword. Mikasa even remains loyal to his companions when the head of the Azumabito family approaches her.

As queen, Mikasa would have been guaranteed a life of luxury. Still, she denied her right to the crown by sticking with her friends. Regardless of the situation she finds herself in, Mikasa manages to fight for the right cause because she remains loyal to truth and justice rather than her own wishes.

4 Mikasa is the queen of Hizuru

Mikasa meets her relatives.

One of Mikasa Ackerman’s best moments comes in season 4 of the anime when she finally meets the head of the Azumabito family. During this meeting, Mikasa discovers that his ancestors were part of the Hizuru royal family who settled in Paradis with King Fritz of Eldian.

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This revelation makes Mikasa the sole heir to Hizuru’s throne. While this may not mean much in terms of AOTThe plot of, it’s good to know that Mikasa is both a literal and figurative queen.

3 Mikasa fights for the people

Mikasa standing on top of her first killed Titan - Attack on Titan

Mikasa Ackerman is a woman from the village. Although most of the characters in AOT ignoring the lives of bystanders killed by selfish and greedy, Mikasa never misses an opportunity to defend these people.

When faced with the greed of Dimo ​​Reeves during the Battle for Trost District, Mikasa drew her sword in defense of the people of Trost. Even Mikasa’s friendship with Eren can be explained as a result of his boundless empathy for those in need of protection.

two Mikasa always puts justice and truth above her own interest.

mikasa raining blood

attack on titan is a unique anime in that it prioritizes realism over emotion when planning its war. anime series like naruto and black clover work hard to give fans a sense of hope. On the other hand, Hajime Isayama spends all his time figuring out how to destroy fans’ hope for him.

Still, for all the despair running rampant through the pages of Isayama’s critically acclaimed manga series, there is still Mikasa Ackerman. Mikasa is the stoic beacon of hope and justice that fans needed when all hope was lost. He may not be All Might, but he’s the closest thing fans will get to a show like attack on titan.

1 Mikasa’s timing is impeccable

Mikasa may not be perfect, but her timing is. When Eren invades Marley, she manages to coordinate an attack on the Warhammer titan without even talking to Eren about his plans. Many fans attribute this to the dramatic nature of the anime, but Mikasa deserves some credit.

If it wasn’t for his flawless timing, Eren would have been captured, killed, or defeated more times than fans could remember. His only mistake was not taking care of Eren before his brain was lost at the thought of global revenge. That’s a mistake she bears all the brunt of throughout the final arc of the series.

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