Attack on Titan: How Floch Became a Fearless Soldier

The latest episode of Attack on Titan is proof that Floch has completely transformed from a selfish coward to a courageous fighter.

Of all the characters in attack on titan, Floch Forster is possibly the most developed. When he first introduced himself to Floch, he openly admitted that he was a coward. When the Beast Titan attacked his squad in Shiganshina, he panicked and initially wanted to give up. When Erwin first told his troops about his plan to make a suicide charge against the Beast Titan, Floch suggested that they abandon Erwin and flee. Floch is firmly presented as a characterless coward who will choose his own life over that of others.

That version of Floch no longer exists. In the last episode, “Flashback”, Floch fearlessly faced off against several Titan Shifters, Marley Soldiers, and highly trained Scouts, only to stop them from intervening in Eren’s plan. Unlike before, Floch has shown great courage in the face of danger and a willingness to sacrifice for a cause. How exactly did Floch go from a frightened coward to a brave leader of the Jaegers?

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Where did Floch’s fear come from?

Anime Attack on Titan Scared Floch

To understand Floch’s character it is important to understand exactly where his fear comes from. During the Beast Titan’s attack on Shiganshina, Floch was not only afraid of dying. He was afraid of dying a meaningless death. This is one of the reasons Floch agreed to participate in the Shiganshina mission in the first place. He wanted to be a hero like the other Scouts. Floch breaks down when the Beast Titan attacks because he knew he was going to die and his death wouldn’t change anything.

Floch only accepted the charge of suicide against the Beast Titan because Erwin convinced him that his death would be pointless. All of his comrades who had died before that point gave their lives for a reason. It was up to them to do the same by sacrificing their lives. Erwin’s speech motivated Floch to be brave in the face of death.

Erwin’s skills as a leader and his ability to motivate others inspired Floch. He advocated for Erwin to be spared over Armin because he believed that he was the only person who could guide them into the future. Erwin’s tactics may have been considered immoral or unethical, but they were effective. Floch believed that only a “devil” could lead them to salvation.

Floch wants to be like Erwin

Floch prepares to execute Yelena in Attack on Titan

The events of Shiganshina completely changed Floch as a person. Erwin’s actions became the standard that he tried to live up to. Since Erwin was ruthless and willing to make sacrifices, Floch tried to do the same. During the invasion of Liberio, he tried to cause as many casualties as possible, both soldiers and civilians.

Floch also respects others who are willing to act with the same amoral savagery that he believed Erwin did. After seeing Eren’s conviction and willingness to kill anyone to protect Paradis, he became a loyal follower. He was willing to follow any of Eren’s orders without hesitation because he believed that Eren was the “devil” he was looking for.

Floch believed that Erwin’s will lives within Eren. He would gladly betray his commanders, stage a coup against the government and kill people who used to be his friends if he thinks it will save Paradis. It doesn’t matter how heinous the act is because each atrocity confirms Floch’s belief that he is acting as Erwin would.

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floch is still scared

Floch announces that he knew of Eren's true plan all along in Attack on Titan.

The fear that paralyzed Floch in Shiganshina is still within him, but it has grown in scope. He is no longer afraid of dying a meaningless death. He is afraid that Paradis and the Eldians will have a meaningless death. Floch, along with the rest of the Jaegerists, truly believes that wiping out the rest of the world is the only way to ensure Paradis’ freedom.

Floch still dreams of being a hero like he was when he joined the Scouts. These fears for Paradis and his dream of being a hero have pushed him to become the person he is now. Just as Floch is about to destroy the ship, he thinks about how this will make him a hero of the new Eldian Empire. Floch was willing to sacrifice anyone, including himself, to protect what he believed to be Paradis’s only chance of survival.

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