Batman: 10 Anime Characters For Catwoman Fans

the bat Man DC’s comic book series features a dazzling array of iconic characters, from the Dark Knight himself to famous villains like the clown Joker and everything in between. For example, Batman has allies like Barbara Gordon/Batgirl and Robin to back him up and sometimes gets help from the cunning Catwoman as well.

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Selina Kyle is an anti-hero who dons a black cat costume during her adventures as a thief, and is popular for her tumultuous relationship with Batman and her cunning and mischievous ways. She is part hero, part criminal, and all fun, and there are many similar characters from other universes, such as those in Japanese anime. These characters have a few things in common with Catwoman, often in unexpected ways.

10 Yoruichi Shihoin really is a cat-woman (bleach)

Yoruichi frowns.

In almost every aspect, retired Soul Reaper Yoruichi Shihoin is the Catwoman of Bleach, even if she doesn’t rob the rich in Gotham. Like DC’s Catwoman, Yoruichi is an agile and stealthy melee fighter who tends to operate alone, though she can also work as a team when needed.

Yoruichi also shares Catwoman’s mischievous charm as a cunning and independent heroine who lives life and fights on her own terms. And if that wasn’t enough, she can actually transform into a black cat with a male voice. In his Captain days, he alluded to his feline nature in subtle ways to complete the theme.

9 Nezuko Kamado is the speedy ally of Tanjiro (Demon Slayer)

sparkling nezuko

Most other anime characters don’t mirror Catwoman as closely as BleachYoruichi Shihoin does, but many other characters have vaguely the same role in their own stories as Catwoman does anyway. bat Man comic books. One example is the lovable but deadly Nezuko Kamado, sister of shonen hero Tanjiro Kamado.

Like Catwoman, Nezuko is a melee fighter with razor-sharp claws and an agility-based fighting style, plus she has the advantage of being a powerful demon. Nezuko is also a rebellious hero, as she is technically the enemy of humanity, but she means no harm.

8 Kohaku is Senku’s agile ally (Dr. Stone)

Kohaku (Dr Stone)

Kohaku might not have a cool hero costume, and she’d be totally lost in cities like Gotham. But she fills a similar role in dr stone what catwoman does in bat Man comics, she being Senku’s loyal but independent-minded ally who can take care of herself. She is the number 1 hunter and warrior of the Ishigami village.

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The comparison is even better when Batman and Senku Ishigami are compared, as they are both resourceful heroes who use clever gadgets and schemes to take down strong foes like Bane and Tsukasa Shishio. Catwoman and Kohaku definitely feel very similar in that context.

7 Thorfinn Karlsefni is an angrier Catawoman (Vinland Saga)

thorfinn karlsefni

Thorfinn Karsefni should remember vinland saga fans of a variety of fictional characters who rely on speed, agility, and knives to fight, and might even include Catwoman, despite their aesthetic differences. Thorfinn would feel silly wearing a cat suit, but otherwise he is uncannily similar to Catwoman, and would highly respect her abilities.

Like Catwoman, Thorfinn is a quick and agile fighter who reluctantly fights alongside a stronger and more influential character, Askeladd. vinland sagait’s Batman. Thorfinn and Catwoman are also pragmatic opportunists and could get rid of their strongest allies if they see fit.

6 Touka Kirishima is a complicated antihero (Tokyo Ghoul)

touka kirishima

Like Catwoman, the ghoul Touka Kirishima is a nimble, self-reliant rogue who can easily navigate an urban jungle while also being a loose ally to the hero, in this case, book buff Ken Kaneki, the ghoul. one-eyed However, Touka tends to eat human flesh instead of stealing jewelry.

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These two characters have a lot of overlap in their personal lives and fighting style, and that includes their bond with the main character. Touka didn’t always get along with Ken, but they were definitely attracted to each other and in the end, they were happily ever after.

5 Souei is a ninja ogre (That time I got reincarnated as a slime)

Souei close-up

Rimuru Tempest, the isekai hero, needs a wide variety of allies on his side to protect his kingdom from monsters, and not all of them rely on brute force like Milim and Benimaru do. Among the ogres is the ninja-like Souei, who is cunning, aloof, and cool as Catwoman.

Souei should appeal to fans of Catwoman or fans of any stealthy ninja hero, as she can pull off advanced moves to surprise Rimuru’s enemies and look cool while doing it. He only plays a supporting role, but he’s loyal to Rimuru, and that’s what he counts the most.

4 Lisanna Strauss has her Catwoman moments (Fairy Tail)

The similarities between Catwoman and Fairy Tail mage Lisanna Strauss are most obvious when Lisanna uses her animal-themed Take Over magic to turn into a battle-ready catgirl, complete with a tail and ears on her head. She doesn’t need a superhero costume: her body becomes the costume.

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Lisanna plays a supporting role in the story, much like Catwoman, and also has a positive relationship with the hero. In this case, Natsu Dragneel. She is also agile, fast, and deadly in combat, much like a jungle cat. However, she is not the type to steal jewelry.

3 Himiko Toga is a twisted Catwoman (My Hero Academia)

himiko toga happy mha

Usually, it’s the roguish heroes or anti-heroes that might remind fans of the Catwoman anime, but sometimes, the villains count, too. An example is Himiko Toga, a member of the League of Villains who changes shape., who, like Catwoman, has a complicated relationship with the protagonist. It’s complicated, to say the least.

The comparisons continue to Himiko’s fighting style, where she relies on agility, speed, and deception to get the upper hand on her enemies, much like Catwoman. She is also a criminal who wouldn’t think twice about breaking into a vault to steal all the gold and jewels inside if Tomura Shigaraki ordered her to.

two Tamaki Kotatsu as Catwoman On Fire (Fire Force)

Tamaki Kotatsu, as a member of Company 8, would never dream of stealing jewels, but he shares Catwoman’s basic fighting style. She is a well-trained young woman who emphasizes agility, speed, and hand-to-hand combat, and after training with Benimaru Shinmon, she became stronger than ever for the battles to come.

Tamaki has a clear cat theme with his third generation pyrokinetic powers, forming ears and a tail with pink flames in combat. Her durability may be low, but, as Catwoman, she can gain an advantage if she takes her enemies by surprise in an urban environment with many hiding places.

1 Bell Hydra is the cunning ally of Staz (Blood Lad)

bell hydra

The dark but charming anime series blood boy it’s great for a scary Halloween night, and it also features some characters that would be right at home on comedy. bat Man cartoons. That includes the blonde Bell Hydra, a demon girl who can use portals like a pro.

Like Catwoman, Bell is the antihero’s loose ally who has a tumultuous personal relationship with him, but they get along reasonably well. Hydra is a clever and witty supporting character who can help Staz at times, but only if she gets something out of it too. She is an independent partner, not a subordinate to be bossed around.

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